Просмотр полной версии : Investing in Art

  1. In that invest beginner?
  2. Question on Nemukhin
  3. Vladimir Yakovlev
  4. Anisfeld
  5. Anatoly Slepyshev: prospects
  6. Lanskoy
  7. Bubble on the art market
  8. Tabenkin
  9. As a consultant for the formation of private collections?
  10. how to invest $ million
  11. When the Russian art market will become civilized?
  12. How to invest $ 100 000
  13. Fine Art from the investment point of view
  14. Soviet, Russian art 1930-1980 years
  15. Legal form
  16. Bid graphics Natalia Goncharovoy
  17. Burliuk
  18. Francisco Infante-Arana
  19. Tselkov
  20. Sergei Yesayan
  21. Boris Zhutovski
  22. How to invest in art?
  23. Investing in creativity Vladimir Yankylevsky
  24. Taisiya Korotkoff
  25. How to unleash the artist
  26. How to invest USD 3000-10000
  27. Art Banking
  28. Prices for contemporary art
  29. Log on Wednesday ... Paintings, artists, collectors
  30. Dymkovo toy
  31. INVESTMENTS IN Socialist realism - building for the Decade
  32. Actual Art. Lena Hades, the new pictures. Azbuka
  33. Reflections collector Ivan Lindsay (Ivan Lindsay) on the Russian art market
  34. Investing in creativity Nicholas Vechtomov
  35. Investment? Maybe!
  36. A good artist - a successful artist?
  37. Artistic royalties
  38. Oleg Lang
  39. The role of art dealer
  40. Photo
  41. Investing in crisis
  42. Price blood dealer, or a percentage of sales
  43. article on the art market with tsiferkami
  44. Art investment
  45. Interview with Shalva Breus (about contemporary art)
  46. Here is a promotion!
  47. 150 of the world's most expensive paintings
  48. The owner of an art gallery "Our artists Natalia Kournikova - about art and not only
  49. Gallery "Triumph"
  50. Rate from the investment point of view
  51. Contemporary Art of Ukraine
  52. T. Ehrmann, head artprice.com, analyzes the Art Market
  53. Art Market: Prospects for 2009
  54. The art market or market of art?
  55. 'll Show please.
  56. Discuss today's prices
  57. Tell me
  58. Interesting explanation of the processes on the art market
  59. The cheaper the picture, the better the buyer
  60. Art or artifice?
  61. Top-10 artists on the auction turnover
  62. A look at art through the lens of economic theory
  63. Investing in art: the profit for the patient
  64. Investment in paintings by old masters
  65. Prices and investments in paintings by old masters
  66. Donald Caspian. The value of art or the value of money
  67. Language Money
  68. Alexander Dadiani. The success story of Joseph Krachkovskogo
  69. How young we were (article in "Art Magazine" for 2002)
  70. In whom more profitable to invest?
  71. The ups and downs of bovine carcasses
  72. How to sell the bear skin
  73. Relationship and mutual obligations between the artist and gallery owners
  74. Museums as a generator of surplus value
  75. Painting Michael Roginsky "Old Houses"
  76. Art and the recession
  77. Museums - Galleries
  78. The issue of literacy promotion
  79. The economic theory of culture in Russia?
  80. Artprice Annual report on trends in the market of contemporary art
  81. The level of liquidity
  82. Investment attraction works V. Titov
  83. Autumn auctions Sotheby's and Christie's
  84. Cooperation with foreign galleries
  85. Is it possible to create and develop the art market without kommodifikatsii art?
  86. How to promote the artist?
  87. Artists, and are you ready for success?
  88. Advise on how the artist to get loose and move
  89. For all the artists participating in the forum
  90. Pricing policy relationship with the artist gallery
  91. Investments in modern art. Interview with gallerists Sergei Popov
  92. Purchase of works by old masters - a safe investment
  93. "Russia's modern abstraction of secondary importance to define"
  94. Ministry of Justice registered the order FSFM - now officially become the art of investment
  95. Investments in the Australian and New Zealand art
  96. How to untwist gallery
  97. What price the artist to appoint for their work?
  98. Gallery business
  99. Call of the Wild
  100. Can a fake without a market?
  101. Is this true?
  102. How to create a good gallery?
  103. Vladimir Ovcharenko of the market of contemporary art in Russia
  104. Components of the art market
  105. Aidan Salakhova - artist and gallery owners in one person
  106. Attractive price?
  107. Investments - Analysis - meaning
  108. Wall, a nail and hammer, as an instrument togovli on regional markets
  109. Money does not smell? (Michael Milken)
  110. Should I participate in these activities?
  111. Family Nahmad
  112. Margin
  113. Full Annual Report Artprice
  114. Investing in junk art
  115. Art won crisis
  116. Where to find the artist of his "prodvizhentsa"
  117. Face of modern painting in Ukraine
  118. Should I participate in RUSSIAN ART WEEK
  119. Collector Peter Ludwig
  120. Single feature ranking
  121. Learn to spin up, gentlemen!
  122. Flea Markets
  123. Investments in modern art
  124. Another way to sell and how to buy contemporary art
  125. Where they sell the stolen paintings?
  126. Artists such as invasion
  127. Corporate collections, reporting on Vesti FM
  128. The 10 most expensive books in the history of mankind
  129. Agent for the artist
  130. Andrew Stepanenko activity RAD
  131. The world's first stock exchange of works of art
  132. 10 reasons to buy the Russian classics
  133. With a Russian well, for a Frenchman ... <!--~ 1 ~ - "))
  134. MICEX on April 13. Start-started
  135. Collector David Yakobashvili ..
  136. "The antique market comes generation iPad»
  137. Paintings and sculptures by reducing income tax
  138. Name (name) Art Galleries - the best way how not to i.t.d
  139. Dali's "Landscape with mysterious elements" of 11.14 million USD
  140. In the UK, have found a rare edition of the sonatas by Mozart
  141. Letters from Princess Diana.
  142. Danish Canadian auction gallery with a 800%margin?
  143. Painting or Gold? That is the question
  144. Sotheby's Mikhail Kamensky, the outcome of the season
  145. Antique Business in Russia
  146. A short course of art agent for "teapot"
  147. Prospects for the Russian market
  148. German artist named prices for contemporary art is absurd
  149. Article about investing in art at RBC
  150. Numismatics
  151. What is the artist
  152. Pictures of profitable shares
  153. Painting Kudrin 4 million rubles
  154. 2011 /$ 1.7 billion - Modern Art
  155. "Forum of Russia 2012" Investing in art
  156. Painting or gold, the online experiment
  157. Instead of antiquity b /a product of high life?
  158. Stone-cutting art
  159. Promotion of the sculptor
  160. In what stores put pictures on the implementation?
  161. Scammers are on the alert ...
  162. Analysis of the profitability of RBC
  163. Taxation, artists, hacks, and other individuals, INN .. .
  164. 70's, 80's - perspective?
  165. First steps. Questions to the knowledgeable.
  166. Part Sale ARTinvestment
  167. Taxes in the art business in 2013
  168. Pottery.
  169. Glass bottles with the words of the Russian Empire
  170. New (art) MMM
  171. Landscape painters, Impressionists
  172. Art Nahmad family business: The Art of the transaction
  173. 30-50 thousand, help advice
  174. Alexey Ananiev: Investing in art would benefit only the financiers
  175. Beginning of the 20th century, where you can find information
  176. The subject of investment - Hartmut Ritzerfeld
  177. Art as a commodity: Paradoxes and patterns
  178. Investments in modern Ukrainian art
  179. T.N.Yablonskaya
  180. Investments in maritime paintings artists
  181. Russian art market for contemporary art in terms of marketing
  182. Manifesto art investor (active <! - ~ 1 ~ ->)
  183. Olympic coin of 1 thousand rubles in Sochi sold for 430 thousand rubles
  184. Art should stock up on time!
  185. Forgive help
  186. What else affects the profitability horizon?
  187. The works of the 60's were the most popular on the art market
  188. Francis bacon did not disappoint Phillips