Просмотр полной версии : Exhibitions and events

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  1. 24 th Antique Salon. Exchange of views
  2. Biennale
  3. How to buy at foreign auctions?
  4. How to sell the painting at foreign auctions?
  5. Spa in Moscow
  6. not too much there for the museum?
  7. changes in the Ministry of Culture: Prospects?
  8. Updated rating of the most expensive living artist
  9. Art Moscow
  10. C 17 on May 18 in Russia will be "Night at the Museum"
  11. Night at the Museum: The first pancake is always lumpy?
  12. Payments to artists and their families in sales
  13. Fine Art in the arena
  14. Reconstruction GMII
  15. exhibition of Hitler's watercolors
  16. Results of Fine Arts
  17. Auction house Dorotheum in Manege
  18. Kibovsky AV new head of Rosokhrankultura
  19. Again, begin to produce Faberge eggs (real)
  20. Russian medal - the Order of the most expensive in the world!
  21. Balthus exhibition in Martigny
  22. Exhibition of Futurism in Pushkin
  23. The exhibition Jeff Koons in Versailles
  24. "Rembrandt Laughing" was a genuine self-portrait
  25. Subject with useful links
  26. Moisey Feigin. Information on the new exhibition
  27. Restitution dopiruyut Art Market
  28. Gallery Proun "show schedule Jules Pascin
  29. Andrei Erofeev dismissed from the Tretyakov Gallery
  30. Aidan Gallery exhibition of "Movement"
  31. Exhibition in Tsaritsyno
  32. Exhibition of early works Sveshnikov
  33. Art Market influences on the geography or the geography affect the market of art?
  34. Five theories explaining why on the art market can not collapse
  35. Exhibition "unofficial art in the USSR 1970's"
  36. Brief history of one of the exhibition and the controversy that erupted around
  37. Louise Bourgeois Retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum
  38. Horror stories, which happened with the heir Vasarely
  39. "It's antique" finishes? Heavy laced story ...
  40. Collection of works by Dmitry Nalbandian
  41. Metropolitan Museum of Art bought the drawing Lucas van Leyden
  42. The new director of the Department of Contemporary Art
  43. British Museum: a year of records
  44. Shvydkoi became the representative of the President for International Cultural Cooperation
  45. Nicholas Serota will become a consultant Dasha Zhukova?
  46. Zimmerly Muzeum. Norton Dodge Collection. Who was?
  47. Case antique finished. 9 years of strict regime colony
  48. The Hermitage has opened an exhibition of the Renaissance artist Garofalo
  49. Interview with Simon de Pury, head of auction house Phillips de Pur
  50. Prices reach peaks, customer confidence decreases
  51. Director of the Center. Sakharov, resigned
  52. Exhibition Van Gogh and Monticelli in Marseille
  53. Picasso: the artist under the influence
  54. Money loves art (calmly, it's just a title!)
  55. Autumn ... Auction time
  56. An exhibition of book illustrations of "The Magic Saw 2008"
  57. Artist Nicholas Polissky represents Russia at the Architecture Biennale
  58. Edward Belsky in Gallery VOLGA
  59. Results of Competition Audience Award at the Museum ART4.ru
  61. Parviz in the House Nashokin
  62. "My collection of" art-gallery
  63. "Winery" is accused of pornography for exhibits Biennale
  64. In September, the restaurant Yakimono (Yakimono) will show the artist Arseny Vlasov
  65. art to the masses
  66. Paris Biennale
  67. Once we offered savages beautiful beads
  68. Moscow - a new stronghold for artists
  69. Gagosian Gallery at the factory "Red October"
  70. The first retrospective of Emil Nolde (1867 -) in Paris
  71. Penza Museum
  72. Method unleashing the potential of young artists
  73. ART-VOLGA Pleso
  74. Collector Raymond Johnson
  75. Baron Eduard von Pfalz-Fein collector of Russian art .. ..
  76. Exhibition graphics Alexandra Pomanskii Gallery "Ark"
  77. The exhibition of Timur Novikov at the Hermitage
  78. In Perm, opens the exhibition "Russian poor"
  79. Exhibition Yuri Cooper
  80. Careless owners have removed the monument
  81. Exhibition Andrea Mantegna in the Louvre
  82. Daria Zhukova as the new Russian art
  83. The first effects of the crisis
  84. "Conversations about the beautiful" in the gallery " 'Eritazh"
  85. "He refuses to adapt to the market!"
  86. As for direct sales in Sovkome?
  87. Lecture series "From the art of XX century - to the present: modern, avant-garde and Modernity"
  88. Tiles with socialist realism (from an exhibition in Izmailovo - Bridge Tower, October 2008)
  89. Design, contemporary art or decoration of interiors?
  90. Simon de Pury: on the art market are not cold brokers
  91. Norman Rosenthal: I am for beauty, but not vulgarity
  92. The exhibition at the Pompidou Center Futurism
  93. Collection Lobanov-Rostovsky
  94. October 17 - October 31, Museum ART4.RU (Moscow) - Project "Exhibition prices"
  95. Exhibitions in Paris
  96. Top-list of the Expert Council on 25 Rossiyskogo Antique Salon
  97. Interesting sales orders, coins and medals at the European auctions
  98. Exhibition of paintings by Kandinsky for a world tour
  99. Tim Nave
  100. ARTnavigatsiya 2008 Ekaterinburg
  101. Masterpieces by Brueghel and Rubens at Buckingham Palace
  102. Vladimir Andreenkov exhibition of paintings and sculpture.
  103. "Three Lives" Oscar Rabin
  104. In the Ukrainian House rages Festival Airshow China 2008 "
  105. What museums are filled with bins of Ukraine
  106. An amusing article about contemporary art at Winzavod
  107. Special Issue Saatchi
  108. Alexander Sukhanov "Saatchi.
  109. Art between the provocation, and cynicism
  110. "In Bukhara fly a kite" Volkov, N. Karahan, R. Falk and others
  111. Exclusive! Stella Kesaeva opens a museum!
  112. "Tea rabbit" put up for auction
  113. Give us a million!!
  114. Everything is going according to plan, Russia's art market
  115. Who saw the exhibition in the House Nashokin?
  116. Curious portrait Bukowskis in Stockholm
  117. Exhibition Vyacheslav Stekolschikova (to the 70 th anniversary of the wizard)
  118. Turner exhibition at the Pushkin
  119. Marat Gelman goes to work in the Perm Museum
  120. Opened exhibition Sergei Nechitailo
  121. The exhibition "Gustav Klimt and Kunstschau 1908"
  122. Exhibition of book illustration in CHA
  123. Exhibition of the Union of Russian Artists "
  124. Where to look for contemporary art in Berlin
  125. Exhibition Arkady Plastova
  126. Recreated the legendary Union of Russian Artists
  127. Visitors to the museum ART4.RU No, the museum is closed
  128. Regional Exhibition "Ural X".
  129. Issued catalog Nukus Museum of Fine Arts Savitsky
  130. This week is, what to see, not only in Miami (ART ARENA 2008)
  131. Exhibition Plastova Arkady
  132. Andy Warhol. MOTION PICTURES
  133. Invitation to the exhibition of the Union of Russian Artists to participants ArtInvestment
  134. Eternal values become cheaper ...
  135. Art does not smell
  136. Exhibition of Icons from the collection of V. Bondarenko
  137. Sergei Vinogradov: a wonderful exhibition
  138. IV Antiquarian Book Fair
  139. There is an idea associated with the art
  140. The first issue of ART AUCTION Russia
  141. New masterpiece of epistolary genre
  142. Hermitage. Shortage and crisis
  143. Foreword by Nicolas Sarkozy to the catalog of the exhibition "Picasso and the old masters"
  144. Tatyana Nazarenko - winner of the award "Triumph"
  145. The most influential personalities of the world art community
  146. Crucifix by Michelangelo
  147. Branch of the auction house Phillips de Pury & Company will appear in Russia
  148. Christmas art market in America. Time Collector
  149. Presents "Artists Makovsky"
  150. Draft Eugenia Antufieva Objects Protection
  151. Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Jersey City
  152. Igor Markin - how to fade gallery business ...
  153. Gallery Antique Auction "Krostbi"
  154. Exhibition "Russia. Twentieth century in photographs. 1900-1917 "
  155. "As it was in photos. Vladimir Lagrange
  156. Restorer discovered an unknown work of Holbein
  157. Picture Gallery. Brodsky II in Berdyansk
  158. Balabanov "Morphine"
  159. The exhibition on Diaghilev would become the main project in 2009 in the Tretyakov Gallery
  160. The exhibition Jeff Koons at Versailles called pornographic
  161. Igor Shelkovsky Exhibition in Paris
  162. British Royal Collection
  163. The exhibition-event "The mystery and splendor of pastel in Paris
  164. Upcoming Exhibition in Paris
  165. Michael Kugach
  166. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  167. Paintings and drawings by Taira Salakhova in the fund "Catherine"
  168. Vladimir Thelin Gallery ART PRIMA
  169. Azerbaijan museum curator disfigured now for $ 1.2 million
  170. The Odessa Art Museum ...
  171. Why art lost its taste
  172. Masterpieces of Petrov-Vodkin in Samara
  173. Central House of Artists (CHA) opened an exhibition "Artists' Union of Russia.
  174. 45 important Old Master artworks
  175. The collection of Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah in Moscow
  176. Exhibition "Advertising and the Art-Technology - 2009"
  177. Petrov-Vodkin in Samara
  178. Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg
  179. Germany wants to return the paintings from the Art Museum in Simferopol
  180. Aachen Museum got a new director
  181. Vladimir Tryamkin in Galleries on Clean Ponds
  182. Saratov museum give a picture from a private collection
  183. Fair Antiques and Fine Arts in Brussels
  184. Exhibition of Eric Bulatov in Berlin
  185. Exhibition Gallery Sovkom, artist Vetrogonsky VA (1923-2002)
  186. Cancellation "Moscow International Art Fair"
  187. Exhibition of the GRL in the gallery "Elysium"
  188. New Art from London
  189. Lansky Exhibition Gallery Eritazh
  190. Exhibition Giorgio De Chirico in Paris
  191. The most famous antique street in Rome - Via del Babuino ...
  192. The phenomenon of Turner?
  193. Collection of paintings by Ilya Repin
  194. Exhibition LN Smorgon in St. Petersburg
  195. Exhibition "Dialogue". All-Russia museum of decorative and folk art
  196. Only autumn
  197. "Return of the boomerang" Zurab Tsereteli
  198. Miracles. New Art from London (continued)
  199. Treasury of the World. Jewelry Art of India in the era of the Mughal
  200. Masterpieces of Russian Icon Painting XIV - XVI centuries
  201. The exhibition of Igor Sapunkova in the hall "Creativity"
  202. Exhibition Gryshchenko VP Gallery "Konoser"
  203. Exhibitions in Kiev
  204. Valery Cloth
  205. Pablo Picasso in the London National Gallery
  206. Gallery of Elena Zenin fielded posters 50's, painting 20-30-x and sovr. artists
  207. Ivan Prokofiev Exhibition opens in St. Petersburg
  208. Gallery "Vellum", exhibition of works by Anatoly Kaplan in Antique Salon
  209. XXVI Russia Antique Salon
  210. Florence Biennale (Carried over from the topic of "New Realism, France)
  211. New issue of Art Auction
  212. Exhibition of drawings "From Durer to Klee" in GMII im. Pushkin
  213. "Flowers - the remnants of paradise on earth", Tretyakov Gallery
  214. Century Diaghilev's ballet seasons
  215. Marvelous old world (Collection of reprints of children's books)
  216. Found intravital portrait of Shakespeare
  217. TEFAF
  218. Found a stolen painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder
  219. Oldtimer Gallery in Crocus-Expo "
  220. In Kiev will be a retrospective of Damien Hirst
  221. The destruction of monuments of history and culture
  222. Right to the existence of these photographs was challenged in court
  223. Art Market between hell and purgatory
  224. "Spring Mood" in Les Oreades on Kutuzovsky
  225. XII Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2009"
  226. Art Paris 2009
  227. Came out a new study art market
  228. Book marvels at the Hermitage
  229. Raphael to Renoir: Exhibition of paintings by famous artists from the collection of Jean Bona
  230. Moscow Biennale in crisis
  231. Yale University is trying to protect the painting of Van Gogh
  232. And as you this news
  233. "Music Room" in the gallery Les Oreades on Kutuzovsky
  234. Offer
  235. Turner Prize: the scandal as an effective way to promote contemporary art?
  236. Guild of Antiquaries of Ukraine: presentation and exhibition
  237. Named the most popular museums
  238. Gallery Cinema. Alex Vaulin "Decade. 10 years for 10 days. 8-17 April 2009
  239. Exhibition Alexander Melamid
  240. Damien Hirst again in Kiev
  241. Wassily Kandinsky exhibition at the Pompidou Center
  242. April 11 gallery "Mistets and ANN Gallery represent
  243. CSR "Soviart": Kiev, st. Andrew's Descent, 22-A
  244. Good news: in Kiev, found the stolen paintings in Zhytomyr
  245. Sweet museum in Moscow
  246. Rescued Treasures of Ancient Thrace, in the Museum of the East
  247. Bulgarian art gallery "Zurab"
  248. Exhibition puzzle in Paris
  249. "Objective art", as mathematics
  250. Odessa Museum of Contemporary Art - a year!