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  1. Examination of Mashkova
  2. Do you trust our experts?
  3. Why different prices for examination?
  4. Petr Konchalovsky Foundation - examination of works
  5. 30 years of Picasso, Chagall, Warhol's fake, especially the "autolithographies" ...
  6. Antonio Canaletto
  7. Very brief history of forgery
  8. Many Aivazovsky
  9. Which artist is the forgery?
  10. Connoisseurs - endangered species
  11. Why forbid photography pictures with flash?
  12. On examination of works of Leonardo da Vinci
  13. Fake oil Anatoly Zverev. How to distinguish? One of the techniques
  14. Should I disclose the details of expertise?
  15. Physicists have discovered an unknown portrait by Van Gogh
  16. Let's fake?
  17. Palette IK Aivazovsky. On the basis of the reference collection of paintings
  18. Restitution
  19. Fakes Russian Avant-Garde
  20. Picture Oscar Rabin
  21. Painting Korovin
  22. Tell me on Krasnopevtsev
  23. Questions of attribution of pictures ...
  24. Help determine authorship!
  25. Seeking an expert on Roerich
  26. Regular fraud
  27. Who can be an author?
  28. Who can be an author?
  29. Well QUITE forgery! For QUITE Starter
  30. Help identify the author (s)
  31. Opinion about the author
  32. 'll Show on the examination
  33. Kabakov warn about counterfeits
  34. As the wolf nor the feed ...
  35. Pictures Aron Buch
  36. Dialog Masters and Art Consulting
  37. Help in identifying the author.
  38. Examination of Russian avant-garde painting
  39. Good article on the attribution ..
  40. Examination of art treasures from the standpoint of antiquarian
  41. Investigation of the technological features of the picture
  42. Expertise in Kiev (Ukraine)
  43. Bronze Archipenko
  44. Examination sculpture
  45. eBay - supplier of counterfeit
  46. Hau Edward Petrovich
  47. Russian bronze
  48. Fake paintings of Van Gogh
  49. The question of the cost of examination.
  50. Microscope to study painting
  51. Expertise in St. Petersburg
  52. New technologies in determining the authenticity of paintings
  53. "Last Day". Mysteries pastels V.E.Borisova-Musatov
  54. V.E.Borisov-Musatov World Library Network
  55. The question of signature
  56. Can you believe this expertise?
  57. Riddle
  58. Tell me about Grabar
  59. Sketches of bags 30-ies of the twentieth century
  60. Please help me understand
  61. Index of Western experts
  62. Orlov Pimen Nikitich
  63. Painting Tamara Kharchenko (?)
  64. Razyskivayu Collectors
  65. David Burliuk? Or Burlick?
  66. Help identify the author
  67. Determining the authenticity of paintings
  68. Tell me
  69. Sculpture "A guy in a sleigh." Vasily Grachev. Forgery?
  70. Examination of the western painting 18 century
  71. Advise
  72. Fake for Gelos
  73. Starotserkovnaya book
  74. Lithography or ...
  75. Are you familiar with these monogram?
  76. Old photo
  77. Yu Yu Clover (senior)? Your opinion
  78. Examination of painting. Is it safe?
  79. Jawlensky
  80. Why eagle odnogolovy?
  81. Russian Porcelain
  82. Questions expertise porcelain, earthenware (Interview with Reinhard Jansen)
  83. Question on painting SV Gerasimov
  84. Painting Mani Mavro
  85. No you do not understand
  86. Painted Cards
  87. Another unknown
  88. Who is the author of the Crimean landscape
  89. Information about the artist NP Murneke
  90. Who is the author of country landscape
  91. Works Zinaida Serebryakova
  92. Watercolor with Eastern scenery, 1874
  93. Product counterfeiting and investigation in the State Tretyakov Gallery
  94. "Sherlock Holmes" Please help me identify a pattern in the film
  95. Artist Ivanov helped to identify
  96. Helped establish the authorship of the monogram
  97. Painting artist Anatoly Verigo
  98. Who is the author of the winter landscape?
  99. Another unknown
  100. Maybe those who have work Mordovin
  101. New methods of examination of paintings
  102. Help find the author
  103. Help identify the author's portrait on the signature
  104. Your opinion?
  105. Portrait of an unknown
  106. Lord portraitists - a question for you!
  107. Dejneka and V. Rozhdestvensky
  108. Abstract Burliuk
  109. Two scenes from the Gospels
  110. Portrait of an unknown, 1847
  111. Unknown
  112. One of a hand painted picture?
  113. Who knows about the author? Charming Man portrait of a child!
  114. P Smolin
  115. Whose sketch for "aristocrat"
  116. How to prepare for the examination?
  117. Perhaps a portrait of Boris Pasternak
  118. Nude
  119. Expertise
  120. Vasily Andreyevich Tropinin
  121. Rostral column
  122. Tell me, please
  123. Help identify the author (s)
  124. Help identify the signature
  125. LCR, look, please
  126. Tell me author
  127. Why do artists do not sign their work?
  128. Question odessite
  129. Help restore the signature
  130. Question to experienced people
  131. Krasnopevtsev it?
  132. Gryshchenko it?
  133. Watercolor B. Kustodiev
  134. Beware of fake
  135. Somov?
  136. Contribution to the history of forgery. Kustodiyev by an unknown artist
  137. Secrets Faberge
  138. M. Blumenberg
  139. Who is the author
  140. Artist Leonov
  141. The question of the primacy of the expert
  142. Please express your opinions
  143. Examination and sale of Soviet book graphics
  144. Counterfeit Art Futurist Botha Osvaldo (Osvaldo Bot)
  145. Cyril Syzransky, look, please
  146. What to say about this Makovsky
  147. For fans Ebeya and falshakov
  148. Help to read the signature
  149. 'll Show on the picture
  150. Help evaluate the painting "Morning in Little Russia" and identify its author
  151. Again Serebryakova?
  152. Please help on paper
  153. Puzzle-Who is this??
  154. Helped to identify the author
  155. Please help: how and who better to order the examination?
  156. Tell me appraiser porcelain, ceramics ages 18-19
  157. This is not Stozharau!
  158. 'll Show where you can see the signature of Jean-Baptiste Pater
  159. Help with authorship
  160. Russian landscape with river and the church
  161. Russian landscape on plywood
  162. Ufa painter?
  163. AI Zykov
  164. Helped explain the origin of the picture
  165. A fake Russian avant-garde quantitatively exceeded the original
  166. Aivazovsky or not?
  167. The inscription in German?
  168. Painting Larionov
  169. Please help identify the author
  170. Please help me find the author's picture
  171. Duet
  172. Michael Ryasnyanskii did not write this
  173. The museum was able to prove ownership of paintings Rembrandt himself
  174. Where can I find an expert appraiser?
  175. Help with identification
  176. Icon of the tour of St. Sergius'
  177. Icon and Kuzma Sergeevich
  178. Two Portraits
  179. It is necessary to estimate
  180. Stamp on the canvas
  181. Faberge?
  182. Job Beggrova: lithograph? autolithography? watercolor? tinted lithograph?
  183. "Linguistic" engraving?
  184. Please help us with the dating of engravings by Chetesov?
  185. A French court sentenced eBay to a fine of 80 thousand euro for trade in counterfeit
  186. Who will help with the author's signature
  187. Attribution cross
  188. Who can this be?
  189. Drawing paper, charcoal?
  190. Portrait of Alexander Pushkin
  191. Krasnopevtsev or not?
  192. Help deal with the signature
  193. Authenticity K. Rudakov?
  194. Tell me on Baksheeva B.
  195. Barbara Bubnov
  196. I advise you to look
  197. Artist Mikhail Shvartsman
  198. There is such a Ukrainian hut
  199. Very strange Burning Bush
  200. Company "G"
  201. Russia's antique dealers have their own guild Appraisers
  202. Goncharova??
  203. Expertise. Now in Ukraine!
  204. Leonid Shishkin Gallery: "Examination of the new phase"
  205. Fakes ... Fakes ...
  206. Samples signature Puni
  207. DD Burliuk
  208. Warning This is not Zakharov!
  209. Tell me please
  210. Who can assess and determine now
  211. Footballers
  212. "Unknown" from SOVKOMA
  213. Mikhail Shemyakin: Fakes spoil my artistic image
  214. Vasilkovsky
  215. Show you a picture of the clover?
  216. What can you say about these works. Buy?
  217. Silver ladle - a fake?
  218. Examination signature
  219. Who is an expert on Purygin?
  220. Deineka
  221. Valentin Sidorov?
  222. Painting Magpies - to buy?
  223. Portrait of an unknown, n /s
  224. Painting the Ukrainian theme
  225. Again, portrait, again, N /A
  226. Two glasses - silver, enamel
  227. The court found unlawful arrest exhibition Alexandra Exter France
  228. 2 Landscape
  229. Samples of signatures Zverev, AM Gerasimov, LA Gudiashvili etc.
  230. A new method for recognition fakes
  231. How to value the works Vrubel MA
  232. The unknown artist
  233. What to do with counterfeiting
  234. Beware of scam!
  235. Defining character
  236. Who is depicted in the portrait?
  237. And can really range Domenichino?
  238. Malyavin or not?
  239. Grabar? Name? Year? Any information on the work
  240. Shishkin
  241. Sistine?
  242. Expertise and attribution of works of fine art and DP
  243. More a "Madonna and Child" - who is the author?
  244. What landscape
  245. Collaboration with a gallery in San Francisco
  246. I can not determine the artist
  247. Old acquaintance
  248. The former owners of undervalued 500 times Titian paintings have filed a lawsuit against Christie's
  249. Ultraviolet allowed scientists to see the frescoes by Giotto
  250. Italians will check the authenticity of the Odessa Titian