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Logistics history of fine art

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Viktor Adamowicz

 Socio-psychological construction of the Cultural epochs

History can be viewed from two perspectives. One, as a collection of individual events and facts, which are innumerable, and that, as nails are driven into the fabric of social consciousness, resulting in the world is seen as an orderly pile of objects and start to feel that human thinking objectively. And another, as a movement of thought on the stairs of cause-effect relationships, steps which space and time. Each position is valuable in its own way, but in this case, chose the latter, because the breath of thought, penetrating through the era and generation of human civilization, the most consistent goal.

The beginning of this story is in the middle of the development of human consciousness, or rather the global turn of thinking, transition culturological thought of human development not only of European society, but also the entire civilization.

So, in the XIII century, there was a change in the minds of Europeans: you can take it from an era of mythological consciousness, characterized by metaphysical conceptions of the world and created a new formation - the era of rational and logical mind.
Figuratively speaking, the earth ceased to stand on three pillars. It took a rethinking of the entire system of the universe, ie began the scientific study of nature and society. Actually this situation and put forward, the European idea in the forefront in the world.
Before the art was set goal - how can more accurately depict the visible world.
It is believed that the origins of Dante stood with his great poem "The Divine Comedy", a recognized innovator in the painting is the famous Italian painter Giotto. This is the brightest representatives of the forerunners of the Renaissance, called - Protorenessans.
During the Renaissance notion of world order was very original. It was believed that the land is located in the center of the universe, and revolves around the sun. A man - the center of the universe, king of nature, the crown of creation. The man is beautiful and all around must be great, as in the beautiful garden, and the wretched and disgusting has no right to even be near him.
The artists, inspired by fresh ideas with great enthusiasm to learn new techniques picture of reality, first appeared a direct perspective, instead of the reverse - the great discovery of that time advanced students human anatomy with the tenacity of true scholars, they penetrated into the physical phenomena of nature. The concepts of the artist and scientist were synonymous, and is not much different from each other.
Protorenessans, kvadrochento - Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, Renaissance, Mannerism - a period called today - the Renaissance, which lasted over 300 years. This is the era of the triumph of the beautiful, strong, all victorious Man with a capital letter, not recognizing anything miserable, weak and ugly. But ..!

But all good things come to end, often quite unexpectedly. Idyll violated, strangely enough, a great discovery, which laid the foundation for a new world order, which went down in history as the Galileo-Newtonian system of the world. It turned out that the sun moves round the earth and the earth - around the sun and the sun, just not the biggest star in the infinitely vast black box space. What's really nothing to talk about the little man - this is dust on the soles of the creator, the sand, an ant, for whose life can not give a penny. What kind of greatness can say where you saw the king of nature, what a crown of creation? A person is guilty too because he was born, as conceived in sin. Only his soul has some very insignificant, meager chances of getting into paradise. But for this the soul must work, must be cleansed from the hated, steeped in the filth of the body. And if you do not have enough strength, then it will help the Holy Inquisition, the Inquisition can only help to save his soul, as weak and insignificant people. And if the body does not heed the voice of the Almighty, the flame of vengeance will overtake him still on the ground that the liberated soul ascended to heaven with the smoke of the fire of the Holy Inquisition. Man - this is the dust, the most insignificant piece of the great and terrible, huge, black space. In which the Lord God, sometimes only at the mercy of the greatest highlights one or another corner of his gloomy and gigantic creations, more akin to an unprecedented size coffin than a blooming garden.
Thus began a great new era in art - the Baroque. Deep black background on paintings and a solitary candle, illuminating only part of the face, cold shining among the dim outlines the grim situation, disappears in the darkness of a hostile space.
In the arena of art there was a new type of artist. The great Caravaggio, who has spearheaded the Baroque in his scenes, however, as in life characterized by unbridled energy. Several times he fought a duel and was sitting in prison. Caravaggio dared to abandon what had been created before him. Rebel innovator made a revolution in painting. Genius - a blessing for the spirit, but often a drama in everyday life, many of his contemporaries seemed vulgar of his paintings, and some masterpieces were rejected by the customers for the shock of tradition and decorum. But the originality of the paintings, their undeniable artistic merit attracted to his best-educated and was an expert in the art of Roman patrons.
Baroque ruled svyshe150 years and has given the world many great names from Korovadzho to Crespi and Rembrandt, the last special attention to design and detail of a black background, finding in its subtle beauty.
In a society of mature change ...
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