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The third myth artrynka. Glory waits for my death ...?

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Glory awaits my death - whispered Judas threw the noose around his neck and fell down. "
It must be the same dream this dream! But enough of Judah - all the same common name, although it has a thousand excuses and helpers. Let us consider shocking, but all accepted the statement, time-proved not only to the artist: "waiting for the glory of death", "recognition comes after death." This is the most pernicious of modern creative individuals myth, made-up under the historical truth. Artists are comforted and stoically endure hardships in the hope of a brighter future, and many collectors and people in general business from the arts, building plans and hopes for this, at first glance, the argument is absolutely right: that's to be held, and then it ...! There is some truth, but, by and large, is it? In fact, this mechanism is triggered if the current, supposedly proven story?
A cursory glance at the pricing works of art in modern artbiznese to see a bright feature unpretentious mechanism, namely: something has got into the language of Charles Saatchi and the price, shriek, jumped up to heaven, or decided to Francois Pinault to buy something fabulous for the price and the cost of all the works of the author on many of the summer is stable and that the like of which has established Pino. What can we say about certificates Sotheby's and Christie `s. - A win-win lottery tickets, liquid stocks, check for immortality. We can say that they, the certificates themselves are works of art and have to spit on everything that stands behind them, or lying, whether a cigarette butt or a blank canvas - all it does not matter, because everything will be OK, as the matrix. And since there is no objective criterion, in our time, can not be, the cultural public opinion at a loss and he had no choice but to obey such an unconscious will, as a necessary reality and accept it. By the way, Charles Saatchi (Charles Saatchi), in their responses to the "30 questions to Charles Saatchi, published on the website ARTinvestment.ru http://artinvestment.ru/news/artnews...interview.html, showed that all was well aware, and in general my dear man, if not the largest and most predatory sharks artrynka. It is possible that due to, a true understanding of modern artrynka he became the brightest star. Finally, its responses Saatchi I, quite unexpectedly, found confirmation of my complaints about the current state of painters, expressed in the article "dramatization of the entire culture» http://forum.artinvestment.ru/blog.php?b=2035, located in his diary on ARTinvestment. I can not resist the temptation not to quote from his text: "The fact that the pictures write all of the forty-five artists nominated for the Turner Prize in the past 10 years, raises questions not about a crisis in painting, and what we curators ...
NB Since writing this note [passed a few years], and several award ceremony Turner. Of the 16 nominees are two painters.

On the surface creeps unprepossessing, but very powerful principle: - Some sharks world artrynka simply dictate its will around the world. And the world applauds them, elevates them to the rank of gods, heroes of our time. They created a great brand, which runs a large capital. They created a new "cottage" for the capital, the new virtual palace with a magnificent lawn to play in the world of business golf.
Capital tends to fly all the time in the golden future, where to look. And to find a more favorable space than a virtual one, at the moment, impossible. There is not any obstacle, except for personal views and mythologizing. Also, with the help of capital myths to create the most easily and quickly. Throw a large amount - that is the myth. And own myth - the best armor, the most secure safe, the most secure investment and big business is not only feels, but knows. Already famous modern paintings are listed by the bankers, are taken as collateral.
So shark artrynka not wait for death accidents artists, they shape the celebrities here and now, without departing from the cashier of the world naivete or cold-blooded calculation.
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