Просмотр полной версии : Restoration

  1. Where to restore the icon?
  2. what are the restoration centers?
  3. The art of restoration - an interesting site, much useful information
  4. Why restorer need iron?
  5. Colloquium restorers in Paris
  6. Picture Frames
  7. Is not an easy job - to restore the works of modern art
  8. Does the cost of restoration of works of art?
  9. Storing Graphics
  10. Value of restorers underestimated
  11. Restoration of the painting - the salvation or destruction?
  12. Restoration icons
  13. Painting Nikolai Ge return to the Tretyakov Gallery exhibition
  14. Tell me with restoration
  15. Standard sizes stretchers
  16. Restoration of porcelain (painting)
  17. Can lacquered?
  18. Was the picture in the restoration?
  19. Restoration at the Tretyakov Gallery
  20. Ministry of Culture awarded the best restorers in Russia
  21. Restoration of the painting. What where and how?
  22. Is the stretcher?
  23. He died a well-known restorer Sawa Yamshchikov
  24. Restoration of oil painting 19 century
  25. Painting on metal, offering advice
  26. Restoration of the frescoes in Novgorod
  27. Restoration graphics
  28. Show you how to clear the frame from oak
  29. Restorers discern a self-portrait of Caravaggio in the decanter
  30. Upakovka
  31. Restoration of the card-table 19th century: how to handle the edge of velvet?
  32. How to restore the marble?
  33. Restoration malachite tabletops
  34. Should restavririvat this picture?
  35. What to do with this work, and whether there is something to do with it
  36. Can you please tell how and what better to wash oil, and how to reinforce the bed
  37. Restoration organizations in Moscow
  38. Fine restoration - bronze
  39. Bulletin for the painting to tiling
  40. Ink stains
  41. Unique vase era of Alexander III returned to the Bolshoi Theater
  42. Restorer porcelain
  43. Tell my good restorer
  44. Restoration of artistic frames, St.
  45. Winter Palace, which may be returned to the historic color
  46. Need help
  47. Rentgenografirovanie
  48. Restoration of the painting in St. Petersburg
  49. Restoration in Nizhny Novgorod
  50. Pull the canvas on the stretcher in Moscow
  51. Maintain or restore your thoughts, please
  52. Improved picture frames
  53. Restoration of gouaches
  54. Restoration of the paintings in Yaroslavl
  55. Executed, can not be pardoned!
  56. That's such trouble, can I recover it?
  57. On a medallion Benvenuto
  58. Restoration of Painting in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  59. History and the Present
  60. Restoration work.
  61. Dear experts, share experiences
  62. Lost picture of Svetoslav Roerich returned to the museum
  63. Discovered under the plaster painting on wood ~ 18 century. Renew or rewrite?
  64. Museum Tropinin reopened
  65. Give advice on technology Restoration
  66. What will be put restorer pastels
  67. Seeking restovratora porcelain in Nizhny Novgorod
  68. Dear experts, what should I do?
  69. Approximate cost of restoration work in Russia?
  70. Restoration Casley
  71. Polishing "fish bone" (?) Pohitonova
  72. "The museum conservators ..." In memory of Sava Yamschikova
  73. About restoration techniques (Separation /Transfer)
  74. Was published unique edition "of Vladimir-Suzdal school restoration."
  75. Restorers found on a fresco by Giotto Devil
  76. After a long restoration has returned to the Hermitage "Annunciation" Cima da Conegliano
  77. Whether it is necessary to restore the frame? Maybe work immediately to the scrap?
  78. Restoration Kasli
  79. Letter of Catherine II, that suggest?
  80. Restoration and its cost
  81. Cracks
  82. Where in Kiev, you can restore the picture
  83. Is it safe to scan graphics?
  84. 17.03.12 - the restoration of the air from the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin
  85. Postcard germany 1938 restoration.
  86. Moist sub-frame
  87. Restoration of the miniatures on bone
  88. Restoration of the paintings in St. Petersburg?
  89. What would it rub?
  90. Fox spots
  91. Restore ceramic vase Help
  92. The restoration of the Soviet poster
  93. Frugal Tips!
  94. Where in Moscow, you can restore the icon?
  95. Linen or cotton?
  96. Restoration shpiatra
  97. A.Lafer, watercolors
  98. Help Board.
  99. Question about cleaning
  100. Restoration of cast iron
  101. Restoration Poster
  102. Choose an antique carpet. Practical advice restorer.
  103. Hall
  104. Advise furniture upholsterer
  105. How to protect graphics on the walls of the house in the Maritime environment?
  106. Strain oil on canvas on cardboard
  107. Tell me?
  108. Restoration of books and graphics