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Good day!
My workshop deals with the restoration and binding of books, restoration of paper (as in unit, or as separate sheets). Work mainly with Antiques (rare books) @- from 17th century or younger. Can if not all, the lot @- as the hands of the right place grow. Antique dealers usually order either the styling of the cover under the original of the time (instead of lost), or a copy of the original binding. Collectors usually order the restoration of worn or partially lost roots, tinting (skin restoration, when that faded and lost color). Sometimes, if the materials and budget of the customer, make a new cover out of old materials: on the cover is marbled paper 18-19 century, the skin of the same time, is hand-stamping @- and get edition with a new binding, which is almost indistinguishable from the binding of his time (even materials).
If necessary, carry out the restoration unit and separate leaves: fungus removal, wet cleaning, pressing sheets, shipping losses on the sheets, remaking the bloc, the restoration of the endpapers in place of a lost paper of the same century, and edition.
Embossed on the Antiques do either imitation gold or genuine gold.
For some, much-loved customers, provide services that reprint editions, or even a facsimile execution.
Prices @- adequate work, although customers believe that they are low. The term of order @- 1-2 month (often there is a queue of orders), customers (some of the books passed to the customer, the other immediately from the client.) @ - an average of 2-4 weeks. For complex orders (publications in Quatro and more, a large amount of restoration) @- the period of performance of the order 2-3 months.
The workshop is in St-Петербурге.
Website @- http://russbook.net.

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