Просмотр полной версии : Insurance

  1. Non-insurance cases
  2. What insurance companies insure art?
  3. Insurance inexpensive paintings
  4. Good ownership
  5. Insurance Art
  6. Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky: "We do not believe the insurers'
  7. Fortune published a rating of the most influential business woman
  8. In the United States from the private collection of 13 paintings stolen
  9. Attention, search
  10. Warning
  11. Insurance collections costing less than 400,000 euro
  12. Stealing paintings Andrei Vasnetsov
  13. Moscow detectives found jewelry Ludmila Zykina
  14. The heirs can not share a unique collection
  15. Remuneration 5 million dollars for information about the theft of paintings
  16. Sales of products from precious metals and gemstones individuals
  17. In Britain, acquitted the defendants of extortion for the return of da Vinci paintings
  18. Criminal proceedings for the sale of counterfeit Picasso
  19. Bailiffs arrested icons from the inheritance collector de Bouar
  20. Archive of "degenerate art" seized by the Nazis from museums
  21. Archeology
  22. In England, there were serial thieves antique china
  23. Graphic works stolen in 1998
  24. 40 items have been stolen arts and crafts of China XIX - XX centuries
  25. GONE PAINTING Schwartzman
  26. Abductor drawings Kulibina assessed them at 60 thousand euros
  27. In the Russian museums have missed 242 of thousands of objects
  28. Oleg Tairov: \\
  29. Banks
  30. Found in an abandoned Parisian apartment painting sold for 2.1 million euros
  31. Russia's auction house
  32. Italy has stopped the prosecution of former Getty Museum curator
  33. List of Nazi-stolen property
  34. The State Duma rejected a bill that establishes a tax on luxury items.
  35. From a museum in Makhachkala stolen painting Levitan
  36. In Italy, found a stolen 30 years ago now Durer
  37. Question about lawyers
  38. Scottish police found a stolen 15 years ago, the picture
  39. In Georgia, prevented the export abroad paintings Pirosmani
  40. Christie's got away with an error in attribution Picture Da Vinci
  41. In Germany, found more than a thousand fake sculptures by Giacometti
  42. Pandora's box opened
  43. Thief arrested in Moscow antiques
  44. The plane with Russian icons from the Museum of Andrei Rublev flew from the U.S. to Moscow
  45. Spanish police found a stolen painting by El Greco and Goya
  46. Georgian owners need to return the picture Pirosmani
  47. China. Stealing in the Forbidden City
  48. Exhibit the highest insurance assessment
  49. An exceptional documentary verification Ltd Auction House Gelos
  50. Armenia returned stolen 20 years ago now Aivazovsky
  51. Electrician charged with concealment of 271 works by Picasso
  52. From New York hotel Leger painting was stolen
  53. In an old outhouse in Poland found 300 pictures
  54. Interpol Russia returns the ancient medallion
  55. Found an unknown portrait by Velazquez
  56. France does not let out of the country was stolen in 1818, now Tournier
  57. Aivazovsky painting found put up for auction
  58. The Court will begin December 15 hearing on the suit of the collection of icons De Bouar
  59. In the Bavarian library found a collection of rare coins
  60. 10 kidnapped more than 15 years ago, icons of the XVI and XVII centuries, returned back to the museum
  61. Indian investigators want to investigate the theft of paintings in London Roerich
  62. Secure transaction for buying and selling expensive paintings
  63. The alienation of the exclusive right in the work
  64. Expert: Russian collectors are afraid to insure their art collection