Просмотр полной версии : Import / Export

  1. Documents for export
  2. Import antique knives
  3. EU: importation and exportation of cultural property
  4. Articles on the import and export of cultural property
  5. From France with antiques
  6. Imported cultural values be allowed to export from Russia
  7. On the illegal movements of works of art
  8. Friend Discuss Administrative regulations
  9. I propose to discuss a law on the import and export
  10. Removal of copyright works of applied art for sale
  11. As in England, respect the right of private ownership of art
  12. Possible changes in the law on the import of cultural property
  13. The import of Ukrainian citizens in Russia of antiques
  14. Customs Cultural Property
  15. On the Export and Import of Cultural Property
  16. Import Antiques in Poland
  17. Need advice
  18. Auctions and courier services. Please
  19. In Miami, was detained a cargo of art
  20. The State Duma has drafted amendments to the law on "Import-export"
  21. Government of Germany will continue the transfer of cultural property
  22. The State Duma adopted the bill on the export of cultural property from Russia
  23. Freight /customs clearance
  24. Help Board
  25. Tell me
  26. Duma has changed the law on cultural property
  27. Tourists forced to declare even underpants
  28. Mail Denmark - from Copenhagen to Kiev
  29. Smuggling of antiques: that being taken through the Ukrainian border
  30. Forwarding /customs clearance
  31. Crimean border guards confiscated Russians rarity edition of Anna Karenina
  32. Import to Russia to sell silver jewelry with enamel
  33. Transferred from the EU in Moscow
  34. Phonebooth
  35. The picture was not going to give the owner
  36. How to take out their work?
  37. "Art in Motion"
  38. Polish Customs seized a parcel with Renoir
  39. New rules MPO
  40. Import to Russia goods bought abroad
  41. Kibovsky (Rosokhrankultura) about the import and export
  42. A striking example of the idiocy of the law on import or export of cultural property
  43. Peculiarities of national import or absurdity of the Ukrainian legislation
  44. Temporary import
  45. Archive Vasari goes to Russia
  46. How to legally withdraw old engravings from Europe?
  47. DHL and the age pattern
  48. Prompt reliable company perevozschika
  49. New rules and tax codes (Ukraine)
  50. Shipment of cultural property by international courier to Ukraine
  51. Mail does not reach Russia
  52. 8 Марта открытки и не только
  53. Customs gives the go-ahead
  54. Moving across the border Russia-Ukraine
  55. Figure 4 Benoit at Sheremetyevo customs office
  56. автокосметика
  57. Import pictures in Ukraine not more than 50 years?
  58. I stole the picture Makovsky "ravine"
  59. Sending pictures by mail
  60. Removal of old paintings from the U.S.: the procedure and cost?
  61. Changing the mode of entry
  62. Import Books
  63. Ships from Russia
  64. Shipping sculptures
  65. Do I always have an expert present at the airport?
  66. The Verkhovna Rada of up to 10 times raised the bar duty-free
  67. Limit the cost for mailing in Ukraine
  68. The issue of export of Russian paintings of the old N /x
  69. Who has the experience
  70. Question by KC
  71. The import of modern paintings.
  72. Import of pictures in Italy
  73. 10 tons of antiques Brest customs officers seized
  74. The import of the exhibition of paintings in Germany
  75. Importation of expensive paintings at auction in London
  76. A couple more questions on the importation and traffic activity pattern
  77. Import /export of paintings in the European zone.
  78. How do I send a picture in the U.S.?
  79. Export and temporary export of paintings over 100 years.
  80. The temporary import increased to 5 years
  81. Tax after the sale of imported pictures as KC
  82. Importation of rare books by UPS
  83. Bring to Russia to sell.
  84. Poland tried to take from Moscow
  85. Question - lost painting in the mail.
  86. Providing subject matter abroad for receipts evidencing the transfer of funds.
  87. Removal of modern painting
  88. Import pictures and customs clearance
  89. Permission for export from Poland
  90. Are there nesuny?
  91. Import a copy in the mail
  92. Eh report back on the import of antique tables, while fresh in the memory
  93. What legislation applies to the import /export of cultural property?
  94. Russians may limit purchases on foreign Internet auctions and stores
  95. transportation pictures from Ukraine to France for an exhibition
  96. Bring the work of the contemporary artist from Ukraine
  97. Export pictures xx years 1970-80. Please help advice
  98. DHL, FedEx and UPS stop delivering goods to residents of Russia!
  99. Removal of several works from Ukraine to France
  100. As you are sending work abroad?