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По умолчанию Customs gives the go-ahead

On the eve of the summer season, the Federal Customs Service of Russia reminds fellow citizens, what are the rules in the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Recall, July 1, 2010 came into force on a single customs code of the three countries, implying the free movement of goods between the states and uniform rules governing the foreign trade when they are exported to third countries outside the Union. tourists, primarily relate to claims related to smuggling through customs of personal belongings, as well as cash currency and traveler's checks. Head of department of special customs procedures for the FCS of Russia, Alexander Morozenko outlined key requirements. Under the new rules, within the Customs Union allowed the importation of goods for personal use, the total cost of less than 1500 euros, and weight - 50 kg. If these figures are exceeded - the citizen is obliged to pay customs duties and taxes amounting to 30%of the cost of goods, but not less than 4 euro per 1 kg. Go to the declared items recommended to attach proof of purchase, otherwise its value will be determined by customs officers from catalogs or through the evaluation of examination.
 Passenger declaration form is slightly different from that used previously in Russia: in addition to the basic form, it has an extra, which states the amount of cash. Incidentally, the currency of both domestic and foreign, can now be exported without restrictions and permits. However, the amount in excess of $ 10,000 is subject to compulsory declaration. In some cases, Customs may require to specify the purpose for which stipulates very large sum of money, as well as their origin.
 Mr. Morozenko have some products and their quantity, are not considered as items for personal use in the household. For example, fish and seafood (except for crayfish, lobster, shrimp), weighing more than 5 kg of sturgeon caviar - more than 250, the last rule defined by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (SITES) and applies to all member countries.
 Favorite items of personal consumption of Russians - Alcoholic drinks and beer - can be carried free of duty no more than 3 liters per person aged 18 years. Tobacco products are duty free, if not more than 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars. Or their total weight does not exceed 250 grams per person full age. Not be able to "impunity", that is duty free, take out precious stones and metals worth more than $ 25,000.
 Deputy Head of the customs office airport "Domodedovo" Rudolph Zimin said that control over all persons crossing the border to carry out spot. "Reaching the total control of all passengers is impossible. Only through Domodedovo be more than a half million passengers a month "- said Mr. Zimin. He noted that Russia has used one of the most loyal of norms on import and export goods - 1500 euro, while in the EU - 380 euros.
 Alexander Morozenko noted that the main problem at the border remains the lack of knowledge or unwillingness of our fellow citizens to ask the customs regulations. "Tourists going abroad, often driven with an expensive personal items. Upon returning home, if not confirmed their temporary export, these things should be included in the rate of import duty. Usually, it is shocking people, but nothing can change "- lamented Mr. Morozenko and wished the Russian people more attentive to the declaration of baggage allowance. He spoke about the progressive innovation, simplifying the procedure of passage controls at the border. Now you can complete a declaration in electronic form - directly on the site of FCS, and then print the form and submit to the customs. Forms have been translated into English, German, Finnish, already solved the problem with the translation into Chinese.
Natalia Panferova, RATA-news  
It's good to know every tourist

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Have the regulations been updated in the meanwhile? I think they got a little bit more acceptable when concerning imports.
Alexandra from Customs training

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Have the regulations been updated in the meanwhile? I think they got a little bit more acceptable when concerning imports.
Customs training
Customs Coaching
I didn't get any response and it's been almost a year.

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