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Ivan Kosynin - the forerunner of the European surrealism or the prophet antisyurrealiz

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In the history of Surrealist art there are many more pure or blank pages. Even greater uncertainty shrouded era, which could be called the time protosyurrealizma. Although this trend taken to date 1924-70-ymi years, its roots artists of surrealism have searched in the masters' works far away in space and time: such as Bosch or Goya.

In 1527 in Milan, birthplace of the great painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Breaking all laws of his time painting, Arcimboldo worked in a completely unique manner in which clearly traced protosyuyurealisticheskie trends. In 1590, the artist creates his most famous work "Vertumn" ("Portrait of Rudolf II"), where the emperor's face is made up of fruits, vegetables, fruits and flowers. After the death of his paintings Arcimboldo asked a whole trend in European art of the XVII century. Artists from Italy, France, Holland, Austria, Spain and other countries have written in accordance with principles open Arcimboldo, of which confirmed the collective name of "archimboldeski.

That's Giuseppe Arcimboldo opened the first page of the art of surrealism. However, neither the artist nor his descendants over the next four centuries, this had no idea. This happens when the Spaniard Salvador Dali surrealism resound powerfully in the world, putting an end to the definition of this style.

Based on the achievements of Arcimboldo and Dali have to admit that in the early twentieth century worked in Lviv artist, whose work can be regarded as the first germ of European Surrealism, at least, by external signs. The name of the artist - Ivan Kosynin.

Most of his contemporaries that name does not say anything. Probably, this is the fate of ordinary persons, distributing the energy of his talent to people without regard for the perpetuation of their own pedestals.

Ivan Kosynin received an excellent musical education at the Lviv and Warsaw conservatories, as well as in Italy, France and Belgium. Already in 1923 he formed the violin virtuoso and composer, with a dizzying toured in Western Europe, the USA and Canada. But another part of the soul Kosynina was filled with music graphics and painting.

The most fruitful period of Kosynina as an artist came in the years 1907-14. in Lviv, where he creates a series of paintings in oils and watercolor techniques, and illustrates the local magazines ("Week", "Pictorial Ukraine", etc.). It is here that we find a manifestation of the avant-garde style - from Symbolism to Futurism and Surrealism. Whether it was deliberate forming shapes of the author, or random finds, now hard to say. But the fact that some papers are reviewed Kosynina moments that, at least outwardly express the idea of the "paranoiac-critical activity, formulated later Dali - a fact undisputed.

In Ivan Kosynina can find all the hallmarks that would later be determined by the product of surrealism: the unnatural connection objects that create new imagery; game visual effects, and the transition from one image to another within a single leaf; hallucinatory fantasies generated by dreams or experiences, horrific phantasmagoria; ignoring the laws of the "real" world view, etc.

However, unlike Dali and his followers who considered their top creations of human genius, I. Kosynin, objectively assessing their creativity "surreal" direction, believing that his art work is one step, standing on which people can get closer to an absolute understanding of their aspirations.

After many decades of Ivan Kosynin again appears before us as one of the most prominent Ukrainian artists of the twentieth century and as a forerunner of European surrealism. Or perhaps - as a prophet "antisyuyurealizma. Only subsequent studies provide answers to these questions.

More about Ivan Kosynine read here:
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