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Lost Art

Запись от Olga777 размещена 01.10.2010 в 09:20
Обновил(-а) Olga777 30.01.2013 в 08:54

Leaf through art history and understand that we - other lingering cynics in nothing believers, no waiting in life.
Recently, a leader of one of modern cinema set up a portrait by Rembrandt. Funny.
They say talent rests on the offspring. Our generation is not simply rested talent went into a coma.
Art world ruled by mediocrity. Old news and no longer interested.
We can only make bad copies Great or mock perfect.
Where Giotto, where Titian, Velazquez where? Hey! Extinct as the descendants of mythical Atlantis.
Only the dog pack frolic in the gateway. And it is - modern art.
Pygmies of the art, trying to squeeze out something that is only puzzled laughter in the hall.
Naked prostitute in the dirty toilet - a show for perverts.
To be a Rembrandt, you must be born Rembrandt. Need to be creative all the time, rather than one torn scraps booze between the clubs.
Institutions no longer provide that skill that was. Figure weak, helpless painting.
I'm tired of repeating that the loss of spirituality entails the loss of everything.
We heave discover something different, new and besides flies hung from the ceiling in the head for some reason, do not climb.
Although the new is. That's it. But no one wants to see. Or wait? A good artist - dead artist.
Rembrandt died worth millions. A live?
We are cut off from the past, we are destroying our future. Since THAT What about us? Living corpses the dustbin of history, or ..?
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