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Pricing policy relationship with the artist gallery

Запись от Валерий Рыбаков размещена 06.01.2010 в 13:36

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Nata Nova sent a link and summary of interesting book -
"Starving" To Successfull (hungry for success) how to become an artist A gallery, tons of e that must be done to gallery wanted to work with you.
In particular, the 6 major mistakes, which makes the amateur painter, presenting itself Gallery:
1. Submission of an insufficient number of works of one subject. Or in other words, the artist must have a theme in this topic
Finished 20-25, similar, odnostilnyh works of the theme in its development and its possibilities in this topic.
2. The lack of performance. The average artist must produce more than 50 works of art galleries in the format year-otherwise unprofitable gallery to work with him. (A Semen Semenovich against!)
3. Works must be submitted to a gallery owner in non-electronic format, as I understand. (we say that the CD is enough, the author does not agree).
4. Incorrect pricing, including the lowering of prices by the artist (Paul rights).
5. Choose the right gallery, working with such as you, works.

The book costs 16 dollars, special price. One chapter can be downloaded free, and it provides free delivery of their councils. True American!
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