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'Sicken WE CAN Swede "

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I think the theme of Friday's column Michael Kazinika, at the height of tourist season, more than actual.

WHAT WE CAN Won Swedish

 I have so much and so proudly tell the Swedes about the greatness of Russian culture, that my friends encouraged me to carry them to St. Petersburg.

In my group there were several doctors, two writers, two journalists, a university professor, photographer, two ladies-pensioner, a former naval officer and his wife, a teacher and five representatives of the university youth.

I drove them in his element in his city. I was happy.

And the route is not reflected at all traditional. Something we should see and hear with my friends: to visit the studios of artists, go to the back door in one of the theaters, to go visiting some interesting Petersburgers.

Especially for us in a small room with a decent piano, a few musicians staged a concert delights.

I just swell with pride when I showed them the Hermitage Impressionists.

- How much?

- A simple, yet France versed, whether they are worthy of the artists, the Russian with his instincts bought from them under the noses of these
fabulous work.

- And what a Rembrandt! Best! The most profound work.

- Such was the taste of buyers.

But even greater shock experienced guests in the Russian Museum. It was nice to hear from them that here they have found so much depth and originality, it's hard to imagine. We have made a joint conclusion that the world is very unfair for the works of brilliant Russian artists of the XIX century.

And of course, the experience of meeting people: actors, artists, art critics. How many of these Russian temperament, when they talk about their culture, their city!

I was in seventh heaven! All that I spoke about the greatness of Russian culture, confirmed! Nothing preuvelichil.Tak to ride and ended ... a complete triumph. If it were not for one episode.

Once, when we decided to walk all the Nevsky Prospekt (from the Admiralty and up to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery), in the Anichkov Bridge, I noticed that the Swedes about something whispering. I tried to convey to them the meaning of the Russian jokes "rumor-mongers of the frost. But they are clearly in no hurry to share with me something very secret.

Finally, the naval officer dared:

- Michael! For several days we listen to the conversations, I, as you know, once studied Russian. Something forgotten, but still ... What are these words, all of which have always been saying? We rummaged through dictionaries, but these words have not found.

- What's the word? Let me translate.

And they showed me the paper on which the Swedish scruples were written these words. Moreover, pronounced them aloud almost without an accent.

I was not myself. What? Gateway? It is not necessary - they would know. They'll ask for some Russian in Sweden.

And as I looked them straight in the eye, firm voice, the guide said that that's the word for male reproductive organs, and this is - female. This phrase indicates a desire to enter into intimate contact with the mother of his interlocutor. This is what - different directions, which are invited to go to the interlocutor. And this is - a rough symbol of women of easy virtue. My Swedes were dumbfounded.

- Michael ... but what a great ... ... ... Russian culture ...

And at that moment I began a quiet hysteria. I took them away from people who, unfortunately, louder and it seemed to me more often than usual, continued to send each other on all fronts, and croaked:

- And if you so! First, the 17 th year later - the Civil War, then collectivization, then the Gulag, and then the 41 th - 45 th, then again Gulag ... What would you have left on after such a selection? And about censorship you heard? And the serfs were you?

No person would be nothing left! None of the people that would not have survived.

And we will in this century, and Shostakovich, and Prokofiev, and Bulgakov, and Pasternak, and Akhmatova ...

Swedish people are sensitive.

You would have heard how they comforted me. And Serov, and Vrubel and Kuindzhi and Kustodiev. And the Hermitage and Russian museum. And Shostakovich.

I was hurt. And you, my dear?

Friday Mikhail Kazinikom. "Evening Petersburg" 18 June 2010
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