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Запись от kazerov размещена 12.03.2015 в 20:58

on TV 'Minister of sport' about putting rules TRP "will attract any means available" and "with the successful completion of one day to leave" ...

in shock ... because at us in Russia it means some of the money enterprise, instead of the wage Fund will be spent on the plant thing and all , khosh not khosh , hunt jump to jump and do push-UPS instead of rest . so to say a health form to save , in order to plow and plow to 63 in the intervals between the jumps ... and if you rule the TRP will not let you do to relax is not necessary .

"any whim for your money","self-fulfillment at the expense of others" - dummy .
the loss of money and free time here so far what is your TRP . I hope we're wrong .
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