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Secrets of the alphabet. The "Method"

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Secrets of the alphabet. Natural principle " method - Informing the written Word ." Part II

     In the evening, Father Basil began to consider photography icons illustrating texts of books with bookmarks . He immediately noticed that all the icons on the gray-haired Methodius depicted bareheaded , and Cyril - the younger , and his head is always covered . Methodius something "open" , and Cyril " closed " - flashed the thought .

Methodius ( bareheaded - Clear)

Kirill ( head covering - Closed )

     Even when it became dark, Methodius in bright clothes were clearly visible, and Cyril had almost with a magnifying glass to look at . Next to the outdoor Methodius as he was draped , already tied to the site . Once the sheet with the alphabet and indicates whether all the issues in front of the icon , or one methodologist Methodius .

     Basil felt that his whole appearance Cyril wants to say , "Here ! Letters showing you ignoramuses and Bole will not tell anyone ." But , a lot of things to know. No wonder that it was called the Philosopher . " Guessed " - internally threw Cyril Basil and suddenly downright physically felt it wakes Odysseus . It was he , strong Basil tells fate to unravel the mystery of Cyril - Kirk . He must resist the magic Kirillovykh letters and know that hid Kirill . This is his destiny ! It is necessary, if odisseevym sword to cut the shackles of ignorance and understand what they dreamed brothers first teacher when writing adapted to the Slavic dialects .

Odysseus threatens Kirk . From album MihailaTimakova . http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/mihtima...012-03-18?&p=2

     Let now Kirill asks him , Basil, as Kirk once inquired Odyssey :
" Who are you from? What are you parents? Where you were born ?
I am in amazement absolutely no effect on you my poison !
Hitherto had no husband , who stood before the potion so would
The first time , like drinking tooth penetrate the fence .
Some overpowering your chest spirit , as I see it . "
     And then he , Basil, Cyril answer : "I want to know not only why your signs Slavic letters lifted my ignorant people to heights of Byzantine , but also to tell fellow secret alphabet , which was guided by you , when was the alphabet ." He will answer the completion of the work started by his brother .

     Basil thought that the secret Cyril he fumbled in the myth of Circe .
     Myth primarily focused on the difference of one from the majority. " The line starts from the point " - mathematics teacher used to say when something was started in the classroom . In some strange way one usually someone has a special property , which others do not. But there is a natural potential to distribute feature at all. So it was with a change in the relationship between men and women from animal to human . So it was with the universal mastery of literacy. So it was with the opportunity to fly in the air and the vacuum of space . So it will be with computerization . Unfortunately , there were no spread of alcoholism and drug addiction . Apparently, philosopher Constantine Cyril for his Name , was a unique individual .
     What else wants to tell a myth? Here are the key story : "At this time there came to the palace of my companions sonorous singing. Summoned my companions from the palace Kirk - tells Odysseus . - She came out and asked them to enter affably . At the palace , she gave them wine in bowls , mixed in a juice magic herb . drank wine my companions , and Kirk , touching each rod , turned them all into pigs , leaving them with only the mind . Kirk herded them into the barn and threw them shed bitter tears , eating acorns. Evriloh only one escaped. He did not entered the palace with the rest. " And not without separating one from the majority . Here Evriloh and found a picture of Arthur Hacker " Circe " with Odysseus . And the rest was most exposed to the juice of Circe . Vasily recently read on the Internet that in the expensive perfume pheromones are added - drive signals the opposite sex. Guessed - twentieth century did the magic of Circe !

Circe . Briton Rivière

So, Kirk informs pheromones. And Cyril taught Slavs inform alphabetic characters . What are pheromones inform Circe - understandable. What inform alphabetic characters Cyril - the big question .
     In this method of informing alphabetic characters - a huge positive addition to the development of the life of Slavs . This idea is embedded in the subconscious of parishioners a variety of crosses on clothes Methodius. After all , (+) - is a common sign of addition.

     But theoretically , just minus plus there ! And many small pluses possible one big, decisive , minus ! The answer to this objection Basil Show images on the sword cut off the head Methodius.

     Negative method? Unsuitable for the intended purpose? Cons Methodius ? It is as if Methodius was in robes with ticks ? After all , (-) - is a common sign of subtraction .
     Basil turned on the computer with internet and pondered over what to drive a search string . Accumulated " Methodius with minuses ." Clicking the mouse on the chain links , Basil came across someone very sensible statement under the name " Take ." Meaning of the text was as follows: the phonetic reading of initial letters detract from understanding the true information. Letters of images embedded in the text , obscure expresses the idea . Since the language - a data transmission system the hidden meaning , the uninitiated into the secrets of the alphabet written words literally perceive and know the system sees the encrypted keys. Reading phonetically , people like to glide over the surface of the information set , without going into depth. And to understand the deep need to master the techniques of compound images. We need to realize that not combine words and images. And then goes to the brain thinking in images , achieving a true worldview .
     Basil hand involuntarily reached for a cell phone , and he found the string " Natasha ."
- Are you awake ? Sorry to disturb you so late .
- No, Cornflower , do not sleep . Read . Say what itch .
- Then , you know , the topic arose . What method of man 's thoughts, words or images? In churches throughout the image , and in the minds of the word.
- You see , this question has one answer - a metaphor . Whatever we may think , seeing the circumstances , and communicate through metaphors. And orally. And writing. Clock hanging on the wall or stand , well, or lie on the table , and we say, " the clock is running ." This is a simple example of metaphor. In life and in literature more complex metaphors . To successfully use them for saying and understanding utterances , one must be highly educated .
- Well, read it. Form ! Goodnight !

     Basil would have liked a lot rasprosov clever, Natasha, but he knew that there were things which the priest must know more and better. Have his mind to comprehend all the things learned brother . Basil laid before him a few more pictures Methodius.

" Well, multicolor , If still searching , the clothes Methodius all colors of the rainbow typed " - thought Basil and immediately realized that this was not an accident. The sum of all colors of the spectrum gives a white light, and therefore colored white robes Methodius - a symbol of inclusiveness . Inclusive method ! Nice flash guesses familiar to him from childhood. Pleasure of insight, comprehension of sacred - that's the real reward for flour search for truth . Father once said : "The light within us. Sometimes ignited ."
     Methodius in green garb seemed particularly liked Basil . What is it? He became scrutinized viewed icons. Opened for a couple of bookmarks books. Noticed that the two added icons are different from all the rest.

     And a new wave of enthusiasm drove away understanding rises nap.
- How is it that I just do not understand ? - Spoke Vasili to himself . - Icon Methodius different painters expressed their attitude , their views on initial letters informing reading on method of thinking Read words. All of them unanimously assumed that the method of Cyril and Methodius did not come out of nowhere , that's portrayed with Methodius Caskets - ark . Within the pages of illustrated icons lay newspaper clipping with a short message " Scientists have found the Ark of the Covenant ." Pencil was tagged date - 08.05.2008 . Text in large print , reported: " In Ethiopia , in Aksum , archaeologists have found the palace of Queen of Sheba . It scientists found an altar and precious treasure of Judaism - Ark of the Covenant . //Queen of Sheba was the bride of the biblical King Solomon. According to tradition Ethiopians , their rulers were descended from this regal person . Ark. , where according to tradition kept the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments of Moses , was transferred to Ethiopia Menelik - the son of the Queen of Sheba and king Solomon . //according to the researchers , the remains of the palace of the tenth century BC . found in Axum under the palace of a later Christian ruler . There is evidence that the Queen of Sheba's palace was destroyed and reoriented in line with the orbit of the star Sirius . Scientists believe that Menelik replaced faith and worshiped Sirius , but kept the ark - a chest of acacia wood covered with gold plates . //Excavations at Aksum began in 1999 with the aim to find evidence of the base of the Ethiopian state and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church . German scientists believe that Sirius cult flourished in Ethiopia with the arrival of Judaism and the arrival of the ark of the covenant and observed until the year 600 BC. e . " So what kind of material collected brother Basil ! So that's what it is time to tell his contemporaries !
     Thoughts and well-chosen phrases tend to leave. They need to somehow popriderzhivat . The most reliable and convenient way - paper and pencil. Fastest - recorder . Vasily was somewhere Japanese diktofonchik pocket . However, he bought it for other purposes . But now , just come in handy. Basil began to frantically search for the forgotten " toy" , found , check the serviceability , insert a blank mini- cassettes .
     Fingers automatically remember the dates of the buttons , and the tape slowly crept katushechki one another. The first few minutes it was very unusual to tell anybody . Then phrases found "written" character , and if I move the view expressed at the paper , then turned to the fragments for a future article . At control listening Clever recorder said: " Gestures . This language hands. How to show silence? Most icons Methodius left hand covered. Neither tells us nothing . Why the left ? ... Shh ... shh ... - Quiet rustling meant that Basil or simply fell silent , choosing the right words or thought. - ... left, left , left ... How are Mayakovsky's " left march" ?
 < ... > Pretty live law
      According to Adam and Eve.
      Nag - story paddock.
      Left !
      Left !
      Left !

< ... > Let
      bared his crown ,
      uplifts the British lion howl.
      Commune not be conquered .
      Left !
      Left !
      Left !
     It can not be his brother would pick up something on the " left /right " . Still pravo_slavie . - At this point, the recorder was turned off briefly while Vasily thumbed books with bookmarks . - Here, found . Let it be as a quote: " In a word metaphysics Leo designated zapped Light Reveal . His Parish is perceived as one of the principles of nature. Parish phenomena inevitable. All unexpectedly coming - left . Mythologically arisen, this concept survived for centuries. Even The credit , debit , merchant page books has always been left . phoneme " lion " in different variations symbolism active, interesting and varied from naming the strongest and brightest named Leo to common noun "left" in a poetic chanting Parish or in political debate , when progressive parties are considered to be leftists. most important , deep undercover meaning phoneme " lion " as a greeting Reveal light expressed in contrasting entities in space and time , called " right-left " .
     Basil turned off the recorder . Written record did not make sense . And it was interesting to read : "Confrontation in time is understood as extremes , on the one hand , the imminent departure of the dust in righteousness , and with the other , desirable aspiration for a brighter future. History of political currents knows how unknown the planned left becomes right held . Connoisseur of ancient myths and pagan symbolism, Maximilian Voloshin , intuitive use category " right-left " . response to the question "Republic or monarchy ? " Voloshin said : "Each State develops itself a form of government in accordance with its national character traits and circumstances of its history. No clothes , rent from someone else's shoulder , never have us on the figure. In order to make this choice , Russia needs above all a personal historical experience , which she does not totally < ... > . Therefore, it is likely that it will be held now through a series of social experiments , pulling them as far to the left, until the extreme forms of the socialist system that both psychologically and historically , it is desirable for her. But this is not the final form , because then Russia will return to their old historical way , ie the monarchy : a modified and improved , but hardly towards parliamentarism . " It is left , then there is a strong light nov bursts into reality , becoming subsequently dying right . What does social right ? Voloshin 's vision : " The situation we have had so paradoxical , that the Soviet government was in the far-right party of Order . At the head of the Council was a port worker - beast beast , but when drunken sailors " Fidonisi " demanded immediate slaughter device bourgeoisie , he found the word for them , full of unexpected political wisdom : " < ... > cut will not allow " setting on this question absolutely correct < ... > point of view. " Here's the answer : " right " - means the right , righteous , s_pra_vedlivy . smylovogo Nature relationship between the concepts " left-right " was correctly perceived Voloshin naming of Greek myths . a tradition in them " waking left " came from the ancient Egyptian mysteries. language training in the mysteries out of the stalemate appeared on the left. describing the procedure of the mysteries of initiation, Eduard Schure talks about emotional stress who decided to go all the way to knowledge and power:" When nastupal vecher ispytaniy two neokora assistant or withdrawn Rk its secret doors of the sanctuary. Vhodom served < ... > At the end of this dark passage < ... > //- You can still go back nazad - pronounced odin iz neokorov . - The door of the sanctuary is not yet locked. Otherwise, you must continue your way cherez it otverstie and irretrievably . //< ... > It is only on pronikal there crawling on kolenyah < ...> kak unto depth dungeon heard golos " here pogibayut insane who were willing to be greedy of knowledge and power ." < ... > But the move was still necessary < ... > Having reached the last step , brave traveler pogruzhal bottomless eyes unto kolodets . < ... > What could I do it ? Vozvrat on verh byl nevozmozhen ; downstairs expected to fall unto the darkness, unto the fearful night. //Bb this moment of great need on zamechal LEFT uglublenie unto the wall. One hand on the ladder , < ... > zamechal steps weakly vydelyavshiyasya unto otverstii . Stairs ! On ugadyval unto her rescue and rushed there. Staircase led naverh ; pierced unto the rock, she climbed a spiral . " This description is suitable for characterizing the state of Russia at the entrance of the third millennium. Who, if not the mystery and mythology , semantically led to the division of political trends on the" left " and " right " ? Unfortunately, many of the current policies , using the surviving symbols are unaware semantic roots, and hence calling himself right or left , are confused about the prospects for the designation . Saving achieved - that once the right direction "left" reformers . "
     Father Basil and did not notice that it was the middle of the night . Read slowly lulled , and at some point text messed with the thoughts , and it was not clear whether the read , whether Basil thought : "what if the method would be useless ? " In response , without saying a word , Methodius raised his right hand and thus showed that this is the case in the folds of his robes stashed another spare casket - Ark . Nearby stood somewhat discouraged with his Cyril Cyrillic.

     Father Basil awoke from bright sunlight , quickly filled the entire room. The first moments were like a rapid flight from the past to the present. Dvuberezhnoe - Natasha - name day - Kirk Odysseus again - Natasha - Cyril Methodius with ... Eyes fell on the recorder , and ... Stop ! Everything fell into place: he - Father Vasily , who must complete the investigation begun brother. Now we have to wash, to serve the morning service and can continue its consideration of images of Cyril and Methodius .
     Open book lying on the table , as if holding it away from you , and Basil could not resist not to look a couple of tabs.


You ?


- Listen .



- What do you mean ?

See that?

So there!

How ? In what way ? How ?
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