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About forumskih trolls

Запись от SergeiSK размещена 15.09.2009 в 10:55

If a troll starts to get, then quoting him some excerpts from this:

"Who are the trolls, and how to identify them"
You sure they have repeatedly met. These are people who come to the forums, in order to write a deliberate stupidity, or just Nakhamu obmaterit of their virtual companions. Usually trolls use clearly provocative phrases ( "Death to Jews", "hated by a fag," "Alex - asshole!" Etc.) in order to start a scandal. In this case, the term "troll" does not come from Scandinavian fairy Quasimodo, but from the British trawl - "netting, trawl" - trolls combing magazines in search of attention (trawl for attention).
Troll does not matter what, in fact, is conversation. He has nothing to say on the merits, or simply tell about something interesting. His only interested in attention to his person - and he will do anything to attract attention to himself. If you answer trolls, he completely ignores the contents of your letter and write, or another stupid response, or simply you obhamit. If you did not answer, it would be rude to even more intensively, trying to provoke you, rude or thoughtless statement. Classic reception troll - say that you are scared of it or that you have nothing to answer if you decide to terminate a conversation with him. Sometimes hurt neglect troll begins systematically pollute forum debris ( "Flooding").
Trolls often come in lively discussions in order to turn them into a massive explanation of them, the trolls, they are wrong and, thus, to completely destroy the sense of the discussion and turn it into an ugly scandal.
Many forum members simply prefer to ignore the trolls, considering them a necessary evil. Unfortunately, negative emotions from the contemplation of the scriptures trolls tend to spill into discussions with the appropriate people.
Why should they need it?
Trolls seek attention in such a perverted form simply because they have extremely low self-esteem and have no other means to attract attention (among the trolls are almost never come across intelligent and interesting people - they just have nothing to say.) Typically, in real life trolls sociopathic and often have problems in his personal life. The fact that the troll someone noticed and said to him trolls improves self-esteem. Next desire to troll - pull off talking to your level (and, if possible, humiliate him flow rudeness and innuendo).
Because of inadequate socialization trolls do not perceive their correspondents as men, for them you - just an abstract image on the screen. Therefore they do not consider it necessary to be polite, show respect to the interlocutors or bother to understand what they are trying to explain. Typical troll absolutely immune to criticism in his address to the arguments of reason, or to appeals to morality. So the troll can not convince or rehabilitate.
What NOT to do if you caught troll
Do not enter into any discussions with the trolls. If you have tried something to him to explain - he won, because you have spent on his effort, which he pointedly ignores. If you tried to insult him - he won because he pulled you to your level of communication. If you just stopped talking - he won because he decided that he managed to offend you or that you have nothing to answer (and then he will boast that he is your "merged").
The most useful thing you can write - is to remind other members that they should not enter punctuation in the troll (most often formulated as "do not feed the trolls").
The worst thing you can do - is to complain to the troll in the abuse team. As a result, troll not only receive more attention than his worthless person even ever deserve, but a crowd formed around the defenders of "freedom" - many of whom are lazy to understand who is right and who is to blame. As a result of anything other than portions of the dirt in your address, you will not get.
Can I get rid of the trolls?
Trolls, like cockroaches, until the end of the news is not. Get rid of one, in his place always comes a new, idiots and sociopaths very much. But, like cockroaches, trolls can venture.
The worst thing for a troll - when it was not paying attention. Troll just get bored and go away to new pastures. But before that, he will come out of the skin that still attract attention - in the course will personal insults, flood, etc., etc..
Undoubtedly, skirmishes with the trolls can be quite entertaining and lively, but remember - arguing with retarded, you look no better than him.
Source: http://forum.otzyv.ru/read.php?id=97...021952&p=0

He is among us. But we do not notice it.
We are living their normal lives. We communicate in chat rooms and forums as if nothing had happened. We exchange ideas, news, experiences, telling each other about their troubles and successes, are happy or sad stranger. In short, we live.
And he watches over us.
He never participated in any discussion - he just watches our passions. Long. Silently. I used to think that the Troll is guided in this by some one of his slaves sinister motives ... But no, everything is much simpler: for him to remain silent, just as naturally for us to talk. So he was silent. Yes, it all could be, as they say, to make the brackets, if ... once he woke up.
Awakened Troll ... No more horrible things to the mainstream notebooks forumchan. Even seasoned fighters sometimes takes real frightened at the sight of Troll: Very quickly, literally half a dozen of his remarks, he suddenly discovered that they are very focused on the forum. Troll does not get confused nor names, nor forumskih conflicts of the past years, nor even life circumstances of each Validating - who married, who moved where, who or where the student works ...
It appears from the standpoint of a knowledgeable, experienced and, in general, favorably inclined, though, and hard contact. He wrote an excellent Russian language cues in the feeling of many people - just what the forum and not enough. Troll often says things that are long overdue to say, but somehow it was too busy, everything would somehow seize routine, silenced momentary ...
Of course, Troll by the mere fact of its appearance instantly explodes all hierarchical pyramid of an informal forum, and thus comes once in a dozen overworked in the fighting blisters. But even this is not important: by the holders of these corns, reading the latter-day messiah, sometimes begins to seem that awareness Troll extends far beyond a single Virtual - that is the most that on is the real reality in the most hidden of the e-community's personal circumstances.
The people en masse began to clutch at their firewalls and wool of their event logs - but in vain. Then the people going for the traditional Friday beer in a tavern and its constant sits Duma think. Snippets of conversation and an occasional remark:
- Well, where? how does he know?
- No, he just said nothing to me - but hinted so that everything is clear: know!
- And it's not you, the case? Колись!
- Hmm, you think you have a good joke? I am now almost sure that he - it is just you.
- Yes, pancake, Haha I want it, then?
- That's why I have so far kept quiet ... But see, I am considerate ...
- Guys, do not get fooled! Nothing he does not know - it's all razvodilovo ...
- Yeah, and about the story of Natasha, which the board until his appearance in general, not a word was - also, yes?
In general, clouds are gathering over the entire board. Ominous flashes every now and then scare novices who feel that something is happening, but because they lack the necessary experience, not of the seriousness of the situation.
Tanks are promoted to the front. Northern Alliance methodically took Mazar-e Sharif, Kabul, Kandahar and Herat. Supported by aviation and saboteurs, the Northern Alliance crunched the Massif Tora Bora ...
But there is a long time nobody.
Troll paused again. Maybe disappeared. Or, again watching from somewhere ... Yesterday polforuma fanatelo of messag Troll, yesterday all the girls, treacherously and openly indifferent to their former favorites, recognized him in love ... And today he disappeared - and no vanquished. Leave a long memory as a strong opponent and superman. And some ruins of the old relationship around.
Embarrassed girl timidly cast guilty glances at their old, proven in battle, sympathy: they say, zvinyayte, misled by the devil ... Men just embarrassed begin to restore the former hierarchy of relationships, so swiftly and savagely destroyed. Sometimes long-silent voices serve the old-timers, recalling the familiar way. Gradually the forum again disassembled, who was the alpha, beta someone who omega. Forum ustakanivaetsya, and discussions are in a groove.
But never this forum will not be until the end of the same - because the identity of Troll and remained undisclosed. Doubts and suspicions for a long time will poison the existence of all patrons.
The next time they see the replica of the Troll in a year and a half. If all they see.
... We are talking about. Troll among us. Troll watching.
Source: http://old.russ.ru/netcult/20020418-pr.html

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