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Passed away on artists of the sixties Dmitry Plavinsky

Запись от Vladimir размещена 02.09.2012 в 17:09

September 1, 2012 at the age of 75 years He was an outstanding artist, one of the key figures in postwar informal art, Dmitry Plavinsky.

PHOTO: A scene from the film "The Artist Dmitry Plavinsky».

its characteristic very recognizable style of the artist defines as structural symbolism. Contrary fashionable and attuned to its time "fast techniques," the artist painstakingly created busy compositions jewelry careful consideration. Not by chance, the first thing that stops the viewer - it is the highest, is not peculiar to the avant-garde style of the second half of the XX century decorative. It was only the second minute the viewer opens a massive weave of meanings in an impressive amount of philosophical treatise. In Plavinsky a little "business cards" that know the majority of art lovers - its rhinos, turtles, fish and a turtle-Manhattan-Moscow (until it mutated into the body ichthyosaur). Up until recently, he experimented with many techniques, gathering in one work more layered story.

Dmitry Plavinsky. Moscow Turtle. 1996 Oil on canvas, collage, acrylic and oil. 158 x 122. Collection of A. Kronik. Source: www.svoykrug.com

Plavinsky first apartment exhibition was held in 1960, the Ilya Tsyrlina art. Later, the artist participated in many key exhibitions nonconformists, including a group show at the pavilion "Beekeeping" in 1975. In the seventies-eighties artist exhibited in exhibitions in the halls of the famous City of graphs in the Little Georgia. Work Plavinsky highly valued George Kostakis and major collectors of Russian art of the time. Today the work of Dmitry Plavinsky have in all significant non-art collections (including the collection of Norton Dodge, etc.), major Russian museums and major museums around the world (including the Metropolitan and MoMA).

In mid-2000s to work Plavinsky as many works of the sixties came the auction a success. Many of his songs have crossed the bar in the $ 50K current record belongs to the work of the "Cosmic Leaf", which was sold in 2008 to Phillips for 156,000 in dollar terms. In this case, according to ARTinvestment.ru Plavinsky still remains one of the most underrated first-line non-conformists.

Dmitry Plavinsky. Space sheet. 1987. Oil on canvas. 141.4 x86. PhillipsDePury. 28.02.08. Lot number 38. Estimate: 10-15 thousand pounds. Result: 78.5 thousand pounds

and Moscow in the American period Plavinsky creativity has always been the focus of collectors, artists and art lovers. He was surrounded by family care. During the life of the artist albums out luxury, it is mentioned in numerous memoirs. Yes, and Plavinsky managed to record the memories of himself and his artist friends, which reveals the extraordinary and interesting gift for storytelling. In 2011, for the next exhibition at the gallery of the artist Pauline Lobachevsky visitors showed a new documentary about the artist, based in part on archival data. The film is directed by Valery Zalotuhi named simply and comprehensively, "artist Dmitry Plavinsky." Plavinsky listen, now, unfortunately, only the screen - a specific pleasure. Watch the film and be sure to read the poignant memories of great talented people.


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