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"Jawlensky" - the first fundamental monograph

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The book , published in 2011 by the publishing house "Art XXI Century " in series "Artists ruska emigration " - first fundamental monograph devoted to the work Alexei Jawlensky, the great Russian artist of the twentieth century . Left Russia in 1896 and settled for many years in Munich , it is very early " natural" way to become a participant in the world of artistic experimentation early XX century - the era when history was made contemporary art. He was one of its creators.

With the name of Alexei Jawlensky associated with the formation of Expressionism in European art , creating important art associations . However , Deeply Russian man , keeping close ties with the Russian artistic environment , he brought in European painting traditions of national culture, especially its high spirituality .

Became world-famous during his lifetime , the artist , whose paintings are valued today at auctions in millions of dollars , forgotten at home . His paintings are practically no Russian museums . This book provides the reader with the opportunity to meet with all the creative periods Yavlenskogo up your mind about his painting, which has no analogues in the world of art . Richly illustrated publication addressed a wide range of twentieth century art lovers .

book " Alexei Jawlensky " IG Devyatyarova
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