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По умолчанию Today - Shpalikov. 25 verses - autographs - at auction Litfonda

Auction # 182
On 3 October 2019, beginning at 19:00
Jubilee fifty
ArtLife at the Winery, 4-й Syromyatnicheskiy lane 1/8, building 6, 1-й FL.

Accepting absentee bids up to 15:00 on 3 October 2019
[Manuscript collection of poems] Shpalikov, G. 25 verses. Rough and autographs. [M.], 1960-е century [145] S. 17,5×11,5 cm In Notepad. In addition to the manuscripts of the poems of the notebook contains many personal records (names, phone numbers, etc.), and fragments and fragments, possibly from the future poetry and scripts. 25 poems written in Notepad in 1964-65 years. Further Shpalikov began to fill a notebook in a few years the remaining free pages.

1. A wide bend of the river —

Take me in your arms,

From this life distract me

river, friend and buddy...

2. Writers bury the dead,

Go live in the corridor.

Ministers brisk broom

Sweep the needles and litter...

3. Snow in April

And I come like in a dream

flying in at sunset, the snow...

4. In Leningrad

Tell bridge,

All squares belong to you...

5. September

What in the dark screaming owl?

What are her words?...

6. Poems about the phone

I know how old

Poems about phones...

7. Wings

There are wings artists

Tailors and railroad...

8. Three dedications to Pushkin

Like Derzhavin's ode,

Through a difficult verse will flash line...

9. Krajinska

You hit me with the wing,

I'm not offended — to share...

10. Garden ring

I see you, I remember you

And this night,

Everywhere when the lights went out,

I wander around the city...

11. I to you the grass will sprout,

I'll try to reach out to you,

As the kidney stretches to the sheet

Waiting to Wake up...

12. People lose once

And the trail, losing, not find,

And the person staying with you

Says goodbye and in the night goes...

13. I wish I could write seriously

About the remarkable frost

About you never know, about, little,

But it's not the same...

14. Blooms himself, not dyed,

the tree among the ages,

where frankness young

and the frankness of old...

15. As frozen fish...

Sheremetyevo night, I'm sorry —

from flight to flight interruptions

begin to elongate and grow...

16. I step through Moscow,

Like walking the plank.

What is — square to the right

And left too square...

17. Invisible the New year

I love his coming.

Mid-December —

Is the beginning of January...

18. We were bored

The green water

Birds home rocked

The Patriarch ponds.

19. Barking furiously the dog

In the fading distance,

I came to you in a black coat,

Elegant as a piano...

20. All summer, the weather is bad,

the sounds this waltz with the ship

over the beach, over the gateway, on the house

and Tushino airfield...

21. I lived as he lived,

Hurried, amused,

I even served in the army.

And the not at all proud of...

22. Tishinsky market, my

Ah princely market...

23. With work, traveling people,

Tired from all the worries,

From factories and film studios,

Trams and soldiers mouth...

24. This street is so good

Amazing this winter —

Independently and slowly

Returns the street to the sea... [2 options]

25. People change addresses,

Move, depart,

But only the autumn forest

The white light stay...

All the poems were published after his death Shpalikov discrepancies. Manuscripts this volume presents for the first time. Lot has a collection value of the Museum level.

Sale on one of Russian auctions — 1 600 000 RUB (the manuscript of one poem).

Additional photos of the notebook, you can explore the link: https://yadi.sk/d/S6DM7mTw9vsaOA

Estimate: 1 800 000 – 1 900 000 RUB to Leave an absentee bid ↓

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