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По умолчанию The winery in July 2017. Pavel Pepperstein. Angelina Merenkov. Sergey Katran

The initials of Pavel Peppershtein identical Pablo Picasso – P. P. and he And the other great inventors. And then off-поехало. Picasso resurrected in the distant future and took up the brush with your Luggage more than a thousand years ago. Out what happened. The resurrection of Pablo Picasso in the year 3111 @- this is the main exhibition of the summer Brewery. As the name, and entertainment. Oh, that, that, and to watch and unravel the pepper is almost always interesting.

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Technically exhibition Sign Horizon is a wall in embroidered cloth, the approaches to which are blocked by metal barriers. At first glance, the fence similar to those used at the meetings. But look at them carefully – every design with meaning. On the panels of large yellow stitch thread embroidered scene in the spirit of Sots-арта absurdist stories with pseudo-советской symbols.

The text for the exhibition of the artist born in 1988 (angelina Merenkov @- a graduate of Bauman and Bases) wrote Valentin Dyakonov. But to understand it, you need to know two literary works – "Marina's Thirtieth love" Sorokin and "the Foam of days" by Boris Viana.

Each panel is 600 euros. Anticipating the question how to hang a format on a wall at home – I would say that for these works, designed a special framing.

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Finally – another beautiful thing. Recognizable chess pieces by Sergey Katran in the form of imitating acoustic chart. And it's a great idea and the technical execution flawless. How much – I don't know, ask at the event.
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angelina merenkov, pavel pepperstein, sergei katran

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