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По умолчанию Valentin Vorobiev about Leo Nusberga

Valentin Vorobiev - Doctor of Science biographical, legal illustrator and underground artist, art historian, collector and educator. Hobbies - the fate of Russian culture.
Arriving in Paris, just to get oriented and understand that the pure art of life did not earn, resulting in abandoned easel painting and turned to book illustration.
He knows everything about everyone, but not everyone says. According to rumors, wrote and illustrated "History of the Parisian art skvatov.
An ardent fighter for the restoration of historical truth.
A friend of the French Education and Justice.

Valentin Vorobiev
Kinetic game futurist Nussberga

European culture has grown on the eternal rocks of ancient civilizations, heated gentle Mediterranean sun. Fine art in history - refined and manly Ellada Rome, severe medieval Gothic, Renaissance warm, precise rules of Academies of baroque and classicism, and finally, after the radical avant-garde was the democratic pluralism of our time. Creator of the present day form is not the cardinal, no academy, and capital. The man who has studied the habits of the capital, after the ruthless competition can get into the elite club creators of modern "isms".
Russia is not there. In Russia, bitter cold, roads and drinking. Instead of the Latin alphabet, some Slavic Glagolitic. The people in perpetual bondage. King - a tyrant or a fool, and the general secretaries worse. It cut through a window to Europe, then hang up on him the iron muzzle. In the culture of feuding enemies of the West and his supporters. Russian art, from religious icons to the modern academic, can not be modernized. Sole arbiter of huge public funds remains Academy of Arts, with her subordinates "unions", "hudfondami, publishers, special schools, institutions, homes and art exhibition facilities. Russian Academy of Fine Arts - an old-fashioned, reactionary and hostile to pluralism and democratic institution, having gone through all the bend and the excesses of Russian life, governs the ball over two hundred years, keeping in service and the hereditary pattern of popular realism. Academicians, tied by kinship and mutual responsibility, are mafia clans like-minded people with their secret connections laid down time. Log in there with strangers, and so suspicious of new aesthetic ideas firmly closed. Individuals and clubs, trying to reform the academic practices and structures, the system ruthlessly destroyed or tamed and transformed into a subordinate species.
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The Art of Russia is doomed to a long stagnation. While the monopoly power of art mafia manages the spiritual health of disadvantaged people, while the pillars of the simple-realist family or individually run educational business of the country, yet in their hands will be the purchase and sale of works of art, Russian art is not transformed and not released to the world stage as something original (what a Russian avant-garde 1913-1920 period).
Leo Nussberg was born in Russia.
Russian Asia. Dusty backwater Tashkent. Uzbeks. Tajiks. Jews. Russian. Germans. Antediluvian Islam, the Soviet government and weak shoots of European civilization.
Comedian Ilya Ilf, who visited there in 1930, wrote: "To Tashkent we drove through the apricot and apple, geometrically arranged gardens.
This is the work of scientists of the Germans, including gardeners von Nussbergov. One of their sons - Waldemar, loss of noble prefix "von", and along with the letter "c", becoming an architect, had built a new, Soviet life in the same coveted Turkestan, efficiently and unselfishly, as a direct characteristic of the German nature.
In salted winds of the south Berdyansk kid leather factory owner's daughter and granddaughter of the Tatar Murzas Raisa Bespalov, she studied at the then-fashionable courses technologists. What made the attractive singer and technologist to withdraw from their homes - their parents die of hunger and thirst for adventure, a love story - we do not know. But in the 35 th she found herself in Tashkent and brought to the mind of the architect and the chief building office Woldemar Nusberga. They were married on legal marriage, and June 1, 1937 a son was born, in the Orthodox baptism named Leo.
On the monstrous evils of Soviet civilization written by piles of documentary books, but a clear answer to the question of humanity - "why she has devoured itself?" - No, and probably will not be long "on mystical reasons. Why exemplary proletarian regime repressed and destroyed the loyal devotees and builders of the "new type", as, say, architect "comrade Nusberga? In the 38-m naive builder Turkestan was convicted under Article 58-6, "spying for a foreign power", and with broken teeth and kidneys sent to the cyclopean construction of communism - in the North-UralLag. After the second arrest in 42 th Battalion was in death, but managed to disappear, adhered to the "Forest Brothers" in Lithuania.
The end of the forties - the time of unusual geographic zigzags hedgehog Raisa Nusberga-Besspalovoy. In the crowded trains tried to cross illegally in Poland: Baku, Smela, Kiev, Ternopil: Failed. Then, with emptied suitcases and wayward son ended up in Leningrad. The search for housing, frequent change of work, ration cards, the eternal misery and a desperate fighter, while continually draw - son Lev.
Beginner artist, lost in the Russian Museum and the magnificent Hermitage, copies of the classics of world art, constantly draws from nature Leningrad and writes his own compositions, and sickly in the summer, and the fierce northern winter. His sketches are amazing. He paints not the city humiliated and insulted by Dostoyevsky, not courts of slum dwellers and garbage, and the city of architectural ensembles, with the inevitable Summer Garden, openwork cast, cut lanes, Mikhailovsky Garden. Or his watercolors - perfect shape Alexander Column, the prospects of granite embankments.
In December 1949, in a snowdrift at the Russian Museum, took fateful meeting benumbed draftsman with his grandfather, Roman ", the grandson of the famous artist Vasily Perov, Peredvizhnik and academician of the XIX century. This surname classics ( "dark hair sleek appearance, as a merchant's daughter noticed a patron Tretyakov who buy his paintings) was not Perov, and the background Kryudener. The brother of the painter, known in St. Petersburg physician, and stayed AG von Kryudenerom, and Vasily, deftly painted quill pen, became "Perov, Russian art.
Roman A. Perov, a romantic and a humanist old leaven, who lived in the courtyard of the Russian Museum, without delay watered chilled tea lad and appreciated his tenacity and talent.
"Father" and his wife, Baba Tanya, who served in the Russian Museum senior researcher, were people with a true and old ties in academic circles. They could go "to spark" to the influential people of the Soviet art, academician I. Grabar, or academician KF Yuonu, or the chief inspector of all Soviet theaters, Akademik Fedorov Fedorovsky.
Lev Nusberga poorly studied. Hobnob with yard punks, smoked, played cards, constantly fighting, but that never stopped drawing and a passion for reading. Raisa, very good at drawing and who believed in the genius of a son, collected his sketches and watercolors, dating and kept them in an archive folder.
Appearance in the life of Lev's "grandfather Romana highly connected promised head-kruzhitelnoe future. Life, painted in advance, with the prizes so orders, to honor the grave of "academic jetty" Volkov cemetery.
On the road of glory and honor of the Soviet naturally entails tedious routine of academic disciplines at least ten years, then marrying a granddaughter of Grabar-toed, or crooked daughter Fedorovsky; architectural or theatrical project under the Stalin Prize, the apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, the dacha in Tsarskoe Selo, and direct a life line of the Soviet welfare.
The hot summer of 1951, for lack of Grabar and Juon, "grandfather Romana adopted without delay, Academician Fyodor Fedorov, leader of the powerful clan theater mafioznikov, winner of five Stalin Prizes. After reviewing the folder with pictures Foundling Nusberga, immediately, without examination, identified him in two particular school of drawing - Moscow and Leningrad in the selection, the case is called, fantastic! ..
"Seven years of wolf-life, half-starved, in Stalin's boarding school at the Art School" - notes LV Nusberga in his "Notes", excerpts of which we will sometimes use.
Entrant Nusberga chose the capital, Moscow.
Again for fidelity.
Queen Elizabeth, in establishing the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts (1757) for the glorification of the heroes of fine ancient and modern, have believed that a handful of hired foreigners and serfs painters outlive perpetual autocracy, communism is eternal and everlasting "democracy."
Traditional academic style Russian cut was not hostile to the new rulers, as the naive thought Futurists, on the contrary, it is necessary and reasonable for the visual propaganda of Soviet power. In a special school for specially gifted children, where Lev came on the recommendation of Acting President of the Academy of Fine Arts, FF Fedorovsky seven consecutive years, cross-trait he studied casts of Greek and neat touches, in a spirit of Ilya Repin (artist of the XIX century, declared a genius and a model to emulate), paint nature. Movers cases fell into the institute in the same direction, where they continued to do the same for another six years. Thus, Soviet "izosektor" from year to year, supplemented by performers and educators of the Soviet way of life.
In the first five years of study at the Moscow Art School (MSHSH, 1951-56), student work Nusberga no different from the foremost academic. In 1954 he won a prize at the World painting competition in India, with admirable articles in the newspapers, to the incredible and long awaited happiness "of Roman grandfather" and "women-Thani"; not to mention maternal pride.
He noticed and rewarded.
First exemplary student art school!
Do not deceive the hopes of teachers and mentors!
The award-winning Nusberga an example to be emulated in drawing!
Jubilant communism!
The Soviet school of the most progressive, most indispensable, most art school in the world! ..
In fact, the school "Stalinist orphanage" has done little to broad view of life and culture. They methodically grown shoals convinced conformists family of socialist realism, "elite", toadies, the cynics and scoundrels. The situation of particularly gifted, links at the top of the Soviet "izosektora, beautiful looks, an athlete's health, work, are welcome teachers, fellow students and the press, is offering an ambitious young man, the prospect of well-fed and secure career in the camp of the fortress of Soviet artists.
In the West boomed Pablo Picasso. One of the founders of Cubism, a pacifist and a favorite of world capital. Decoration of the French Communist Party. His drawing "Dove" became the emblem of the defenders of peace throughout the world.
Courtier journalist Ilya Ehrenburg persuaded the Kremlin gerontocrats show the creativity of the famous artist-Communists of the Soviet people. The exhibition was allowed, despite the vehement opposition of academics and professionals of the brush and chisel. We must pay tribute to the audacity of the organizers of the exhibition. Who was there at the helm? Certainly not liberals, and provoked a "rebellion in the minds! ..

Similar exhibitions Russia did not know, either before or after the October Revolution.
Communist Pablo Picasso was terrible potato beetle and the atomic bomb. The Soviet people, for decades locked up under lock and communism, did not see and did not know what's going on in the bourgeois world, as if spellbound for hours staring at patterns of free art and hotly debated - sometimes it came to fighting.
The fate of generations. Sixties. Westerners. Slavophiles. Black-marketeers. Temporarily discouraged by KGB agents.
Artist Veisberg brought to mind Cezanne. Student Ginsburg captured "human rights". Spiv Jan Rokotov-Kosoy dreamed of "beautiful life". Sensitive gift nineteen Nusberga stumbled on an unusual affectation Picasso.
Prompted by a passionate enthusiasm for the novelty band, behind the backs of educators and academics, Nusberga started full swing "Picasso".
Soviet government miscalculated.
Sixth World Festival 1957, from July 28 to August 11, 2700 brought together all sorts of works of art in Moscow - another miscalculation convinced Communist Khrushchev.
Perekovyvayuschy Nusberga themselves stuck in the workshops of the Central Park where the sight of hundreds of onlookers workplaces of painters and sculptors of all races and peoples, and build bridges between East and West in its own way, famously drawing a network of young love and the seductive foreign.
In his "Memoirs" is the juicy details of the festival's adventures:
"I met Komsomol from Paris." Elegantly dressed, in French. Communicate on the fingers and - with kisses. On the seventh day they were in my charge is not French, and Soviet-Russian seed, juicy! Someone is jealous of me. Today, I go with them to the Kremlin . The spiritual hunger - Forest bondage!
The common people were right - criticism of Stalin, an exhibition of Picasso's quack, a youth gathering in the 30 000 people with nagryanuvshimi from around the world degenerates and prostitutes - the Kremlin and irreparable mistake obyavivschihsya there renegades. Soviet society in the eyes of the world slips out of soldafonskoy barracks communism. Appeared refractory reformers and followers of "socialism with a human face. In a clumsy attempt by the government Russify western plague - to put it in the freight and send to the virgin lands - parasites of the proletarian state responded strongly protested. They drove to Kustanai after the ruble and in the mist, and dance till you drop shrill boogie-woogie and twist and brazenly mowing service in the Red Army to simulate the creeping schizophrenia.
In Soviet art imperceptibly creeping modernism.
Student Nusberga not met expectations of senior comrades. He lost interest in the compulsory academic study. Extracurricular experiments were the main occupation of wretched rebel. Brewing a serious conflict with the management of the Art School: or complete obedience, or a wolf ticket dropout and the impossibility of entering the institute. Nusberga foolishly chose the latter.
"I was feeling pretty confident and independent in art - recalls L.V.N. - and in my life I had three years he was closely acquainted with the girls: Festival Exhibition finally consolidated vague confidence in the way."
In 1958, posle semi let academic shtudirovki and "Stalinist orphanage, Leo Nusberga" removed "from posescheny custom-made courses MSHSH: painting, drawing, sculpture and composition. And the scandal expelled from the Komsomol.
Began muchitelnoe "bluzhdanie to hang out and bezuderzhnoe tvorchestvo. Arenda housing in okraine Moscow. Sluchaynye earnings.
"Abstraction pek nights like pies. I took two or three element to them and built their own variations, using voobrazhaemoe ritmicheskih space structures, and all this are the music of Bach, Palestriny or jazz."
Poverhnostnye connoisseurs of contemporary "isms" navernyaka pushed "pikassizm and pervye abstraction young artist in razdel veschey, lishennyh hudozhestvennogo interesa, but we look inache. In nashem consciousness, cultural geografii vast country, polveka zaklyuchennoy in kontslager nevezhestva and spiritual darkness, they were experiments pervostepennogo znacheniya, nastoyaschie islets free tvorchestva in okeane court realizma.
MSHSH them. VISurikova not gave the right ofitserskogo title, "starleya. Yunoshey twenty-let, lishennyh status studenta, a man called at voennuyu service. Veteran scholar "Nusberg, openly reviled sovetskuyu power, painted abstractions and upoenno pretending boogie-woogie, competently simuliruet shizofreniyu and under 8B and 12B priznaetsya negodnym to neseniyu voennoy service.
"I lived at Falcon Gore. Once or twice in mesyats priezzhal to the poet Mishke Grobmanu in Tekstilschiki neskolko days ahead and had lived in nego. We talked about ikone, Pasternake with Mandelshtamom, smotreli ART-albums and mechtali of mighty buduschem. Ko unto me often zaezzhali Sergey Yesayan, Vadim Kosmachev, Asker Izmailov, our kvartet that time. There have been lyubitel tsennyh books Slutskin Zhenya, who had suddenly become a poet Ternovskim. coming into the composer of abstract music Vadim Stollyara, I watched with admiration how to draw poluslepoy Vladimir Yakovlev, pretending remarkably force gouaches . Poseschal I became a fashion in barracks Lianozovo, Where are inhabited by "barachnye" Artist: Lev Kropiwnicki, Oscar Rabin, Masterkova Nemukhin in okruzhenii closest friends, "shanty" poets Choline, Sapgir. Pozzhe in 1961-63, respectively, from the underground journalists Alik Ginzburg and Sashka Vasileva received forbidden books, samizdat poetry. That ye Ginsburg in 1961 predlozhil unto me, and Vechtomovu Kropiwnicki exhibit work at the nego house, next to Tretyakovkoy.
Serdtsevina artisticheskogo underground end pyatidesyatyh:
Fenomen underground art in the Soviet Union - Moscow, Leningrad, perhaps, Tallinn, Riga and Tbilisi - dobrosovestno not izuchen and podaetsya of contemporary Moscow falsificators with unthinking support of Western Russists in izvraschennom video inputs, prichesannym kommercheskim grebeshkom.
Pochemu odarennye and molodye, polnye enthusiasm and ambition of the people down at the bottom of the underground bezumschiny, hudozhestvennoy shizofrenii and domestic decay, with the plug besprobudnym drunkenness, drug, primitive bordelem on masterskim and beskonechnym trepom samouchek of buduschem chelovechestva and world culture?
Because they originated real life, was dne yarche and chische, whereof at the shiny, but cowardly verhu, where people revealed wide open bez rear mysley, there zrelo buduschee new Russia.
"Shizofrenik" Nusberg, prezrevshy monotonous akademicheskuyu kareru recognized kazennogo realista, their compositions abstraktnye not SELL, although the possibility of individually Bazaar uzhe appeared, and gives many zhelayuschim. At the underground dne, sredi her, he ostaetsya vyshe miserable trade zahvativshey artists and wittily named "dipartom.
He studies hard. Book Dobyvaet zapreschennyh authors. Albums and catalogs Western artists. The plates most of contemporary music.
Amerikanskaya National Exhibition (Moscow, Sokolniki, 1959) with "geodezicheskim" dome uchenogo and inzhenera B. Fullera was to nego esche one sereznym lesson. He found himself there, perelezaya cherez high fence, almost every Day, not yet fallen into the clutches of the police.
"They are two or three trailer hidden in the bushes-derevyah Sokolnikov, and there have been interrogated and beaten with the toe of his boot in the pit of my stomach, prichem masterski, And naturally, seized books and records, podarennye amerikantsami.
Knock force Fullera they not succeeded.
Russian eksperimentator, charmed by a miracle western tehniki a long time to enter a name amerikantsa Fullera in the number of spiritual mentors (pozzhe perepisyvalsya with him).
"With 61-year bolshe I have not engaged in painting as such," - briefly and clearly rezyumiruet LN
Beglets of the camp pobediteley and conformists began to sozdanie pervyh kineticheskih proizvedeny on Russian earth (we are not unmindful of Gabo and Tatlin).
In 1961, we Edicom Shteynbergom, then a novice artist, visited the Lion Nusberga in Izmailovo in komnatke metra three by three, чeтвeртый floor with balcony overlooking the golden osen. One corner was masterskoy zavalen pile of books, Where are pobleskivali koreshki Pasternaka, Hlebnikova, Berdyaeva, Bergsona, Kant and Freyda, Dostoevskogo and Nitsshe: In another corner of the belevoy verevke visel bright okrashenny "the lens" faked out of the cardboard waste and pressovannyh egg packages.
"Vse raskrashennye these boxes and the balls should be pet, and tantsevat svetitsya - veselo started by a red rubashke. - At remeslennuyu work, however, takes lots of CDX, and it is in obrez. Unto me want to gramotnye and sposobnye assistants.
Edik lit and poskreb in makushke. I grinned. Boss prines tea and turned radiogram. Above the gold lesami, Where are esche lowing cows, and the night wandering pyanye robbers, poleteli vozvyshennoy sounds of music. The final was so powerful that it seemed stenki little room parted, and the world froze in anticipation volshebnyh events:
Sredi zapreschennyh piles of books, folders, rolls, paintings, relefov, skrestiv chest muskulistye hand fighter, stood sozidatel new estetiki and vdohnovenno smotrel the world mischievous eyes pobeditelya.
The fact that it was nastoyaschee art, we are not somnevalis on krayney mere, I. Lev Nusberg prevoshodno painted from life, convenient and stylish deformiruya image up, had a special scent composition and jauntily disposed of colors. Not embarrass me and the plug tainstvenny "kinetizm" - then I uzhe knew that the "isms" menyayutsya on sezonam, but genuine gift ostaetsya nevyrubaemym - confused Others: how art srabotannoe in podpole, beyond the season of official orders, voydet kommunisticheskoy space in Moscow?
Who is he - an eccentric? Moshennik? Geny?
The path chosen Nusbergom, was on udivlenie simple yasen and unikalen. He was not rushed as ugorely in the lucrative trade "diparta," Where are osnovatelno zakreplyalis kollegi: Sitnikov, Neizvestny, Rabin, Zverev, Nemuhin, Plavinsky, Vorobev, Rukhin and poshel an open attack on the main citadel sovetskoy estetiki. Pryamolineyny, but the experienced and wily, leader shel not alone. Behind him and tagged along goryachie yunye posledovateli.
Year 1962-th - Extremely year in the history of Russian art. In oktyabre on shodke have Nusberga gathered shestero eãî uchenikov, letom graduates MSHSH. They agreed osnovatelem Russian kinetizma create a "Moscow kinetov orden. "I zavel talk about the new haraktere kollektivnogo tvorchestva, the harsh otnyne distsipline in gruppe, but capable of Misha Dorokhov and lovely Tanya Kalinkina agressivno opposed and will never not participated in our exhibitions - vspominaet L.V.N. - And we met and worked secretly, as most of my uchenikov lived in normal sovetskih semyah - for sectionalism presledovali, and "gebuha" not dremala:
The leader knew that delal. Danger delu threatened not so much sverhu, Where are the enemy was in sight and opredelen long as the bottom of obyvatelskoy dark masses, and oborotney lovkachey berlog utilities, ordinary proletariata informers, and terrified bespokoynyh roditeley Stalinist times.
"In spasenie their erring sons userdstvovali irregularity in false information" which should "mamenki Dorokhov and Infante.
However, nesmotrya utility blockade, young kollektiv secretly in nemyslimyh for tvorchestva conditions bez pozvoleniya roditeley prepared an extensive exhibition of his proizvedeny.
Shock Nusberga all things that time (1962) - polutorametrovy kinetichesky ball with svetodinamikoy, with music and in movement.
Osnovatelnuyu help sborke ball, called "Mars", has a working Leonid Talochkin, became izvestnym archivist and collector of Russian andegraunda.

"I privez ball on the antediluvian" harlee. The lion had the plug on verevke chetvertogo lift to the balcony floor, as he was not dver zhelal prolezat. Lev has brought out nego kineticheskuyu work, and she faltered. My "harley" poshel on pereplavku and rotted away in a suburban kuche metalloloma "- wrote Talochkin.
But like Where are sebya show?
Apply Smeluyu young kinetista favorably received chlen pravleniya Club Tvorcheskoy Molodezhi Serafim Pavlovsky, but with one usloviem - choob lull mastodons sotsrealizma band will play under a cap dekoratorov-ornamentalistov.
Pervoe vystuplenie, vecher "ornamentalistov and exhibition in Central House of Arts pomeschenii passed uspehom March 25, 1963.
Physics and lyricism, abstraktivisty and dudes, black-marketeers and musician, as umeli discharges gustopsovuyu atmosferu sovetskogo patriotism.
Envious people spread rumors about renegatstve Nusberga. Guards ye akademicheskogo mrakobesiya engaged in nego neglasnoe delo. Malochislennye reformatory and modernisty vrode decorator, muralist Serafima Pavlovsky and the plug-son arhitektora, predlozhivshego exhibition in molodezhnom klube "Disc", became allies of Moscow innovator.
Exit out openly, muzhestvenny challenge the powers and neozhidanny uspeh in opposition circles gave Nusbergu esche bolshe uverennosti.
It was snezhnaya winter 1964. Treskuchy frost and coats. Moscow complete with rumors of tainstvennyh "kinetah. Priglasitelny bilet one, and come pyatero. Eleventh dekabrya molodye lyubiteli novelty and scandals: Mischa Levidov and Asya Lapidus, Ira Grobman and the author of these lines out of the house of the poet gostepriimnogo Arcadia Shteynberga, Akimych "and the crowd pobreli in Marino Grove (Club Drive", via Nasdaq, 23) at the exhibition kinetistov-ornamentalistov. The fact that we uvideli, prevzoshlo vse our skepticheskie forecasts. It was not ornamenty and nevidanny ranee and nezabyvaemy celebration of art in sermyazhnoy Moskve and teper kazhetsya that in Evrope. Vse space club "Disc" Nusberg with uchenikami-kinetami prevratil in One God hudozhestvenny and musical labyrinth, from floor to ceiling, from steny to stene rassechenny bright oslepitelnym svetom vsevozmozhnoy configuration. Nevidannye geometricheskie structure and design azhurnye sverkali, spinning, peli, creating garmonichesky nezdeshney world of beauty!
In otsekah remember the work Rima Zanevskoy, "Volo" Akulinina, Paki Infante, Viti Stepanova, Geny Neyshtadta. The Leader himself predstavil fifty geometricheskih abstractions, plans for future "aesthetic structures and svetyaschiysya and singing Mars, rotating from the ceiling.
"Who are they takie?" - Appealed to us a stern old man in potertom mundire. "This kinetisty it - Dvizhenie!" - Otvechal vse knew Levidov.
"What Is tse Take kinetizm?"
"Dvizhenie - is the soul and serdtse kinetizma" - neprerekaemo determines the Lev Nusberg.
Znamenity amerikansky artist Aleksandr Kalder prodigal of abstract sculpture. His metallicheskie blade type propellers, with primeneniem tsepey and ropes, in pyatidesyatye years have become classics of mobile design. Vengersky emigrant Nicholas Shoffer, practices and teoretik dvizheniya in the art, mechtal on trehsotmetrovoy krutyascheysya bashne. Nemets Heinz Makk, dynamic created the lens of organicheskih zerkal and sinteticheskih materialov. Poly Ledneva Kowalski excellent control with neonovym svetom. Functionalism Bucky Fullera was strictly applied and fits in the space of an industrial arhitektury. Shveytsarets Jean Tingeli vnes in kinetiku absurdity and humor.
Kollektiv Nusberga "Dvizhenie" shel plechom to plechu with the world eksperimentatorami kinetizma that was yavleniem Extremely in tverdyne vechnogo and nerushimogo Russian-sovetskogo akademizma (although this has already happened - in the years 1914-1920).
The composition nashego compressed ocherka not include dry perechen mnogochislennyh exhibitions, debates, heppeningov "Dvizheniya" - they were about one hundred and thirty, and almost every worthy otdelnogo issledovaniya, but harakternye, in our opinion, the vehi we udovolstviem fiksiruem.
Kinetizm Nusberga broke into the art of chernogo progress under prikrytiem molodezhnyh Club (MWC), and fought on two fronts: for the recognition of Soviet culture, and a rightful place in the world of art, using open and secret forms of action.
In manifestos, explanatory articles, transcripts of interviews with students, Nusberga slyly and subtly uses different tactics. Soviet authorities, he instills the idea of the nature of the alleged application of the new flow can decorate household workers in the country, but in the western press, "Movement" is served to them as the vanguard of a new culture, a new worldview, the spiritual fire of future generations, that the ideologues of communism sounded dangerous delusions bourgeois utopianism.
"We are looking for new means of artistic expression, we want our plastic finds have been used in an aesthetic decision to urban spaces," - said Nusberga Soviet people, and at the same time (1966): "Look, dedushka Lenin, not only rossiyskie, but evropeyskie of university ended, desyatki not let vylezal from bibliotek, but as a spiritual goon, and stayed cherstvym, bezdushnym dushitelem cultural avant-garde.
A dangerous game of cat and mouse with bezzhalostnoy and temnoy power continued.
Home Arhitektorov Leningrada predlagaet exhibition (1965) - again sold out and uspeh!
Dvorets Culture Institute of Atomic Energii in Moskve (1966): All talk about kinetizme Nusberga!
Ukrashenie city Neve to pyatidesyatiletiyu October Revolyutsii (1967) - not pervy, but the most ambitious state order to bypass vseh "unions", "hudfondov" and "plants" - and neslyhanny ranee uspeh tridtsatiletnego kinetista in Russia and Zapade!
"Chelovek open-minded and sensitive to sovremennosti (for Nusbergu), akademik arhitektury Sergey Borisovich Speransky and chief artist Leningrada architect Vasily Aleksandrovich Petrov (" great gentleman and tozhe own way chelovek) doverilis young, anyone not izvestnomu Moscow kinetistu, tvorivshemu with their young posledovatelyami: that of golubyatne concertina Galkina, under the eye of nedremlyuschim teti Lady, then on balkone Izmaylovo communal, then the kvartire Colonel spetsvoysk Akulinina, then pescherah Crimea:
Pervaya spacious masterskaya - Inzhenerny house "in kreposti Petra and Paul. Obschestvennoe prikrytie liberalnymi architectural circles. Neskryvaemy interes leningradskih inzhenerov, artists and arhitektorov to neobychnym experiments moskvichey.:
Year 1968 - Year special DACs for all, year politicheskih volneny in Evrope, and for Nusberga esche and Český with "Prague vesnoy" under sovetskimi tanks. In Prage - nadezhnye friends Dvizheniya: artkritiki Dusan Konechny, Peter Spielmann, Mirko Lamach, Jiri Padrta, Arsen Pohribnyi, Indrzhih Holupetsky, Zdena Glavova and drugie. What are they there? Podpole, begstvo, izgnanie, prison?
Work Nusberga and eãî uchenikov in this memorable year, and the damned were Extremely important and fate pechalnoy. Net to spread the meaning of what a roundabout way got Nusberg order beregu Chernogo sea, but letom in Tuapse, he teoreticheski developed with prilozheniem conceptual outline, the main one draft svoey life: futurologichesky "Makropolis" or "IBKS (Games Bionic-Kiberneticheskaya Sreda ) around the city buduschego, orientirovannogo in 2030-2050 years.
Detsky world uvlek kinetov. For vosem Sunny mesyatsev they formalized pionersky lager rest "Orlenok: Kinetichesky playing ground, surround the lens nastenny" Flame ", backdrops for teatra and construction" Burning zvezda "vosemnadtsati metrov height.
Official estetichesky template in the USSR is constantly updated.
In the 50-e years, it was opryatnye, bezlikie pictures on vsem disciplines uchenya and razvlecheny: Reshetnikova "Another" F ", Grigoreva" Goalkeeper ", Nalbandian" Vse to elections. " In the 60-e severe realizm gidroelektrostantsy: Popkov Bratsk, Salakhova "Neftyaniki, Ossovsky" Hydrology ". In semidesyatye the romance of space: Krandievskogo "Gagarin in polete, Talberga" Baikonur "Koroleva" astronauts ":
Applied kinetika coincided with the official policy of the parabola ravneniya into space. Bosses izosektora was excellent osvedomleno of dvurushnichestve Leo Nusberga, tesno Associated cheshskimi predatelyami - in words he predlagal "beautify life sovetskogo cheloveka", and the dele collaborated with the enemies of communism, propoveduya "spiritual koster kinetizma" as neobhodimy estetichesky style buduschego chelovechestva dropping sotsrealizm ship as sovremennosti nenuzhny rubbish - so ideologi sovetskogo art and not going with him serezno cooperate, as radical zamena ideologii would mean the ruin and the mode is semeynogo remesla.
Direktiva on unichtozhenie "Dvizheniya and brash leader of the plug-fariseyski was spuschena sverhu. In flOKyMCHT, published in 1992, it is clear oboznacheny niggards Kremlya, ministerstvo culture, leadership Akademii Hudozhestv Sovetskih and the Union of Artists. With tsepi lowered ispolnitelnyh dogs iskusstvovedov in plainclothes agent shall "office" and provocateurs underground. Tehnika baiting neugodnyh izvestna with drevneyshih vremen - pull apart a nation, like coals in kostre and zatem legko put out on otdelnosti:
On instructions from Moscow gigantskoe dekorativnoe sooruzhenie "Burning zvezda" was besposchadno and barbaric in duhe degenerativnyh fires doctors Gebbelsa, sneseno and unichtozheno. Nusberga himself, "like a butterfly pin to stenke (L.V.N.) was dragged to torture in particular otdel Komsomol Central Committee, where sbezhat and miraculously managed to escape in the suburban lesu.
Defeat in Orlenke, interrogations and conspiracy in Moskve hit the nadezhdam utopian, but not broken, but ozhestochili eãî harakter. Had trouble with chlenami "Dvizheniya. Some (Krivchikov, Lopakov), said the patient, went to cherny market; drugie quietly slip away bez obyasneny (Akulinin Antonov Buturlin, Galkin, Strelkova); treti (Koleychuk, Stepanov, Rykunov) sbezhali, taking dorogostoyaschie materialy and elektronnuyu kollektiva equipment. Vmesto sbezhavshih Nusberg prigrel on "new scientific drawn based" leningradtsev Sanya Grigoreva, the glory Borodin, Tanya and Natalia Bystrova Prokuratova, inzhenera Valeriya Glinchikova and others.
In nachale 1969 Nusberg and a number of kinematical nepremenno have decided to join the "voluntary union sovetskih artists", so to speak fully legalizovat its deyatelnost, creating a Soyuze artists SECTION kinetizma.
People dalekim derzhavnoy policy of Soviet government neobhodimo explain what this "union" and podchinennye emu Satellites. This tsentralizovannoe uchrezhdenie with genshtabom, special otdelom and the party office, appeared in 30-e years sovershenno voluntarily. Neskolko thousands professionalov vseh genres (spiske in 1988, he totaled 22 000 uzhe chlenov, including 140 akademikov) razroznennye sectionalism and obezdolennye bloody civil war, poteryavshie to feed samostoyatelno, under the supervision of Communists gathered in one flock, one "obshchak," Where are main distributor - Kreml - gave orders raspredelyaya pensii and premii, according to deserts chlenov Artists Union.
Natsionalnye respubliki, territories, regions and cities to imitate the work tsentra and obeyed emu. Chlen Union cherez hudfond custom-made or factory, Where are the years zasedali povyazannye mutual guarantee cynics and crooks, constantly getting a "tvorchesky order, neobhodimy for professionalnoy otchetnosti and a piece hleba. The strength of such a pyramid, a complete break with the culture of the West, a dull stalemate and only One template drawing the pursuit of beautiful suit dynasty remeslennikov, tselye semeynye clans have long zahvativshie klyuchevye position in the Russian iskusstve and rabote Union deystvuya cherez front of a beautiful, proletarskoy biografiey. Primechatelno that this soyuze consisted of artists, many sdelavshie poleznogo in the past, takie as Pavel Kuznetsov, Altman, Konchalovsky, Tabor, Tatlin, Rodchenko, Filonov Suetin, however, postepenno degradiruya Combining shameful sistemoy "sotsrealizma, svobodnoe tvorchestvo they prevratili in profitable shop their mnogochislennyh rodstvennikov and holuev.

Dose candidate Leo Nusberga in 1969 was formally prevoshodnym. What is called the, mosquito nose not erode: prestizhnye exhibition dekorativnye works, films, articles. And rekomendovali: Valentin Polyakov (renegat Stalinist premii 52-year, and pozdnee abstraktivist!) Zhivopisets and professor Dmitry Žilina (korennoy mafioznik semeynogo remesla!) And Vladimir Kostin (coward and a bounder sovetskogo iskusstvovedeniya!) Dose stranger Nusberga leglo on the table hudsoveta, Where are tucked akademik KI Christmas - prostetsky paren Kostya from Siberia svoe vremya predavshy Malevich and became a servant vernym academic clans. Vse delo dekorativnoe country vse inostrannye exhibitions and orders monumentalnoy propaganda were cherez eãî hands and arms vernyh eãî companions: Elkonin, Iv.Bruni, Vasnetsova, Talberga, Koroleva, Andronov - on the selection krupnye deltsy, moshenniki and podletsy!
Nusbergovskoe dose long studied inside and out.
In the record of spiske candidate stated: nedouchka sredney hudozhestvennoy schools: Saboteur sovetskoy Army: nelegalnye vstrechi and sdelki with cheshskimi predatelyami and French renegatami: chemodannye exhibitions Amsterdame, Prage, Zagrebe, Londone, Lugano, Tsyurihe, Munich: publication antisotsialisticheskih manifestov kinetizma in Evrope: izmyvatelstvo over the way Lenina: sozdatel ordena or sekty clandestine conspirators terema-bordelya in Chertanovo, Suzdale, Crimea: kakie something volshebnye maze kosmicheskih cities: But glavnoe - on orders prodigal side, bez nashego vedoma, ohmuriv idiots from the Komsomol! A teper lezet the Union. Expand the plug from the inside, the simple-minded fool the Russian people their kineticheskimi flashing lights, and we were - where?
Nusberg - a stranger. Enemy of the people. Deny!
Perpetrators of baseness us not be found. There vsegda kollektivnaya meanness. One semya, its people. Very often neschastnye strangers waiting hudsoveta made solution, and received "yes" or "net" disabled, unable to lift a pencil; Inquire Well you were born in blagoslovennom dome Vasnetsova, Golitsyn, Favorskogo thee then recorded into an alliance with kolybeli, bez silly recommendations whatever bezdarnym you may found.
Tradition osvyaschennaya vekami!
Glavnye makiavellisty "union" not limited to simple and rapid resheniem, and allowed dose to Nusberga neopredelenny ispytatelny term, as usual, exhausting veins and nervy artists to predela.
Vertezh-krutezh, tsvetomuzyka and flashers kinetizma liked tehnokratam and higher-ups. Chief Designer of Aviation of the USSR Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov was vostorge from the experience of Moscow kinetov and podtverdil Nusbergu a personal letter, and three years later he tried to help in Kieve in poluchenii order.
Communism in lush dvizhenii! Vpered in space! But zachem drag there incorrigible, alien and nepokornogo Nusberga? Let him podozhdet or umatyvaet to its western pokrovitelyam:
While dragged tomitelnoe vremya waiting a year or three to five of attrition, Nusberg gave lessons of liberty.
"Dating and moves again found!" (L.V.N.)
Obnovlenny kollektiv kinetov famously designed the exhibition "Sovetsky circus" directly under stenami Kremlya - Manezh, 1969. And when podderzhke arhitektora Joseph Shoshenskogo "Dvizhenie" solidnye received orders from the Factory dekorativnyh works. Vmesto pure enthusiasm and somnitelnyh deneg from "deep-art" kinety seli at gosudarstvennoe zhalovane and has brought enormous neskolko kineticheskih ansambley for promyshlennyh exhibitions: Chemistry-70, Stroymaterialy-71 and Elektro-72.
"Break through all this are, yes obtain esche zakonnye dengi - vspominaet L.V.N. - unto me was worth the huge nervov, blood and sweat. This was the maximum chego can be achieved with our delom in the USSR. Nesmotrya on uspeh I okonchatelno understood and bespovorotno have decided - no more, is a dead end, it's time to tear the claws of the West of sovetskogo paradise ".
As sledovalo expect leadership CX USSR ordered from svoemu. Talantlivye kinety Sanya Grigorev and Galina Bitt pass to the Union had not alleged "because of his youth." Proved to be suitable only son of the Spanish Communist - Francisco Infante Arana. Able and glavnoe - obedient. Of contemporary. Zhenat on docheri zasluzhennogo artist of the RSFSR P. Goryunova. Here take the plug and move!
We often zadaemsya prozaicheskim question: Who taught the West to live like human beings? Pope? English king? Voltaire? Napoleon? Washington? Bismarck? Why is there no stampede for food rations and soap, a lot of convenient technology, no one spits in your face in a store, loafers are living allowance, the elderly normally live on a pension, but all together, poor and rich, and live happily, gradually correcting the mistakes of the authorities in the course of time .
And fate smiled West. Not long fierce frost, nor communism, nor Satanism, or the Soviet "mysticism." Culture historically marked up and visible to all from afar.
The best Russian people, and Westerners, and Slavophiles, had fought for the leadership of the nation and state, to pull out "Holy Russia" from the age-old backwardness, drunkenness and robbery could not.
In 1930, the passage to the West Communists closed forever, until the complete victory of communism throughout the world, but after forty years, our old friend, poet and painter Misha Grobman, never get out more cottages in Tarusa, flew to Israel, rather than to her aunt in Konotop .
What does it mean to leave Russia forever?
Once the Jews fled from pogroms, swam to the ships of Leo Tolstoy Russian sectarians, went from the Bolsheviks and Cossacks, aristocrats, hiding driven Vlasov.
Jewish Revival in the Soviet Union began a new, previously unknown sign - repatriation to their historical homeland, in the new Israel, born in 1948. And in this uncontrollable flow of hundreds of thousands of people joined and Russian dissidents, adventurers and eccentrics, with a passionate desire to see and feel the inaccessible and mysterious world and culture of the West, creatively express themselves in a new place. Conscientious objectors secret factories and "mailbox", risking his life, seized the airliner, a few brave souls crawling border, crossed into an inflatable tub, was set sham marriages "to Vienna, and from there - in all directions. The flow of immigrants has grown from year to year and captured the Lion Nusberga with his "movers".
In Leningrad, he had a special relationship. Hungry childhood and early paintings, "grandfather novel and artistic success in the 65 th, 67 th, 72 th and 74 th respectively. Nusberga - part of Peter, direct and sweeping the city with his family hiding places and the inevitable surprises beginning of the century and avangrada. The long-standing relationship with frondiruyuschim underground, fruitful dialogue with the cultural elite of the city spiritually enriched and greatly enhances the aesthetic and intellectual horizons of the artist.
In Peter lived on the shattered fragments of the avant-garde of the twenties. Assistant VE Tatlin old Tevel Shapiro, faithful secretary KSMalevicha Leporskaya Anna, widow of Lev Yudin, son of Elijah Chashniky, Suprematists of UNOVIS Eugene Magaril Khidekel and Lazarus, the disciples of Paul Filonova ... Without exaggeration we can say that Moscow's kinetic energy into practical work relates to the plastic to achieve the remarkable era of native Kineticism Petrograders took as his heir, and always welcome guest (evidenced by their letters, photographs, tapes).
Nusberga and himself became a connoisseur and collector and promoter of Russian avant-garde.
Nusberga - people play, Games!
In 1969, hiding from arrest in the suburban Kuskovo, he wrote a literary screenplay, tentatively called "The removal of the times. In it he summarized many years of thinking about aesthetics, philosophy, politics, history, science. In the early 70's kinetic energy - Sergei Itsko, Olga Bobrovskaya, Sanya Grigoryev, Galina Bitt, Tetyana Bystrov, Pavel Burdukov Klava Nedeljko, Natalia Prokuratova, - were still capable actors, resumed shooting theatrical scenes, mostly outdoors, in gardens Moscow region and in the architectural decoration of Peterhof and Suzdal, in the caves of the Crimea, and the heat of summer and winter of crackly, portraying historical characters and fantastic stories: aliens of other planets, the buffoons, the court know the 18 century, and frankly erotic scenes to the tune of "Adam and Eve" . Judging by the numerous slides and photographs, costumed performances with great dogs and kinetic objects was passionately interested parties, and for the viewer is a special aesthetic value.
Of course, these massive theatrical games to move from one end of the country to another, expensive imaging equipment, rental of old costumes and cheerful life worth huge money, but Nusberga finds them.
"In the spring of 1973 I had settled into the All-Union Design Institute of Travel and shopping malls - there are shops in Russia!" - The position of chief architect of the project with a salary of 175 rubles, and slowly dragged there, five members of its kinetic "brigades" with a salary of 90 rubles per nose, "- recalls L.V.N.
The entire spectrum of modern life in the country, mired in lies, ignorance and arrogance, he was known not by hearsay, but from inside and at close range.
Moscow Greek George Kostaki, the owner of the countless treasures of Russian art and knew the West, warned the young artists:
"You do not need anyone there!"
Any foreigner Muscovites greeted as a messenger reach heaven. Czech students and the Milanese businessman, French and British journalist Slavist cajoled and cherish as a movie star, a minister or a banker. They brought in a wild Russia American cud in a beautiful packaging, cartons of cigarettes and the station brochures, gift bags and taken away Russian antiques.
Leo Nusberga says: "On the West, I knew almost everything!"
Festival kisses fifty-seventh year, the ideological correspondence with French women and German women, stories of Czech friends, illegal transaction with a visiting tourists, with a meager pathetic exhibition catalogs, art prints next to the world's luminaries in art and shadowy European glory first kinetists Russia - and that's all the knowledge of the western world .
Featured exhibitions wild underground artists 74-75 years: Moscow, provoked by the "bulldozer performance" and a one-day festival in Izmailovo, gazonovschina in Leningrad and scandalous stupid apartment exhibitions in literary bones Kuzminski not escaped the attention of Leo Nusberga. He immediately grasped the essence of false liberalization and cunning deceit of those in power. Indeed, all the organizers of these presentations will soon have the Israeli calls and left the country, except VN Nemukhin and burned in his workshop Eugene Rukhin. Piterskie troublemakers, often not knowing where the East and West, too, one after the other emigrated.
Nusberga received thirteen calls through an old friend, the artist M. J. Grobman, which became in 1971 an Israeli citizen. Does this mean that the entire last part of the "Movement" was ready to move to the West? .. They left only: Galina Beatty, Paul Burdukov, Valery Glinchikov, Galya Goloveyko, Anatoly and Luda Putilin, Jacob Freidin with family ... Others - Alexander Grigoriev, Tanya Bystrov, Natalia Prokuratova, Sergei Itsko, Luda Orlov and others - for unclear reasons, stuck in the Soviet paradise.
In the year of definitive emigration (1975), digging into the archives of his father in Tashkent, suddenly discovered that he was not simply "citizen Nusberga", and "Kurland nobleman von Nussberg!
Funny: ha-ha-ha! But the document - a stubborn thing.
"From the Greek" Nussa "means the core of something, the essence of apple seed, the genetic core of walnuts - interprets L.V.N. - well and" Berg "- is on the Germanic" mountain ".

Leo Nusberga not "add a second letter" s "for the importance, as gossips talked and he was without his knowledge or consent reinstated in Vienna, in Tsentralpolitsayamte, historic justice.
Torrential rain and cold June 30, 1976. Sheremetyevo Airport. Accompanied eight friends and acquaintances. A small suitcase, but filled to overflowing - photos, drawings, letters, avant-garde work, shirt, razor, toothbrush. Crying loving "Lariska" from the post-K-12! ..
Behind the Soviet paradise, and thumbed his nose with pepper, and ahead - alluring and full of suspense.
Or - freedom, equality, fraternity?
In the artistic heritage of Russian utopian were conceptual designs: traditional Russian Kineticism starter and futurological dream - "Makropolis" or "IBKS.
And in Europe: Western fastidious customers every day lose interest in the thundering 60-s kinetic flow in ART, directly associated with the industrial boom in electronics and synthetic substitutes. Generation "68", the generation of colors, drugs, love and peace fled to the nature of nirvana, in the environment. Long-haired bearded flatly rejected the consumer world of capitalism. At the fashionable wave of environmentalism rose sharks kontseptarta. An Italian hero of the new "ism" expensive sold for its own exhibitions, canned shit in the banks. Paris conceptualist Christian Boltanski selling tickets punched underground and quickly became famous. German celebrity Joseph Beuys came to the best museums in the world with an ax in his hands to smash on chips dozen bourgeois televisions. A pair of British nudists, Gilbert and George, just showed the audience naked asses! ..
Well, a Russian gang in Europe?
First, the aesthetic program emigrant Nussberga with its kinetic games, with their collective creativity and action too late, and secondly, the Russian presence in the art of business leaders flatly rejected. By feverish to efforts (without language, without money) device in a whole new world was added icky behavior of Western European friends. Influential Victor Vazarelli Pierre Restany, Frank Popper, Nicholas chauffeur, Gunter Yukker and Pontyus Hulten (director of the National Art Center in Paris - the Pompidou), trumpeting the praises of Russian innovator, as he sat in the muck of Soviet Russia, suddenly turned tail and does not help .
France, the city of Paris, all the Russian dreamed in the rays Louis Katorza: Versailles, gardens, fountains! Then the glare of Fine Arts, where in front of Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso, as a mystery, shock and call!
In the late seventies, the period of swarms of Soviet emigres, Paris was not a "city of light", and the outskirts artbiznesa. As always, a well-fed experts "eternal realism": "portretniki", "zhopniki", "buketchiki", "cat-lover", "peyzazhniki", etc. For people with high ideals, and even pribludnykh, from the East, looked at how to have escaped from a madhouse madcaps.
Paris housing Nusberga, ironically, filled with typical Russian decor. On the shelves were not read out to the hole writings of Bergson, Sartre, Heidegger and Nietzsche, and books Avtorhanova, Solzhenitsyn, Sinyavsky, icons, and a samovar. Strange retreat to the rear of Russia? Sly move from the West in Slavophils?
The interest of foreigners to Russia Lev Nussberg clearly exaggerating. During his forty years he had never been abroad - not allowed! In the museums of Paris struck by the complete absence of Russian art. Its just no one has ever bought or collected. Soviet Russia remained a blind spot of backwardness and bezkulturya. Piles of directories and dictionaries with articles about the "Movement" were unnecessary., Fantastic Russian futurist plan on the improvement of mankind through kiberromanticheskoy aesthetics and collective creativity uppity Paris did not take. Large firms and the famous museums, throwing fortune Nudist from the British Isles, environmentalists with axes and by shit, with great suspicion by looking at the grandiose and naive romantic intentions Russian utopian.
"We are ahead in their work all over the world, 30-40 years, and not just ideas, but even in the projects" - confidently wrote L.V.N.
Timidly supported the Germans. They gave the money to build a test of a kinetic "Labyrinth", the main part of which was an eight-dimensional structure of the colorfully lit compartments in an atmosphere of space and the mysteries of music, called "ichthyo. In the implementation of the project involved members of the "Movement": Galya Beatty, Paul Burdukov, Dick Goloveyko and Vova Berman. Helped naezzhaya from Munich, engineer Valery Glinchikov. Months of hard work: "The Labyrinth" in the spirit of kosmichekom was built first in Wiesbaden (1979), and then in Berlin (1980).
The audience immediately got into a cool mixture of past, present and future - in the Gothic style in Europe, the exoticism of Tibet, the snowy Russia, Japan, Shinto: All these compartments are saturated or anti-universes, embedded in a geometric plastic, organically combined with pure, natural forms: tapping a water , live singing birds, with burning candles and the battle of the bells. A mysterious blend of kinetic images surrounded by numerous icons, music and video were an application for a big style of the future. This was a new aesthetic concept of space-use Homo Sapiens in the future culture of mankind.
One might think that the Russian hero of Kineticism maze Satellite Fish "has received worldwide recognition and large orders in the years ahead:
Not so!
Yes, there were collective review of the exhibition "The Movement", had two scholarship funds and the German Academy, have been laudatory articles by famous critics in Amsterdam, Venice, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Bochum, Cologne, New York, Paris and Turin, and others, but His Majesty Capital, chief financial manager of orders, grimly silent. Satellite Kiberrybu "Nussberga the applause of the sale of the press put away in a dark basement of the German Museum:
"In the midst of preparing the exhibition Bochum died of a heart attack my favorite large dog, a greyhound" Northwind. "I wept with grief and pity" - Leo wrote, recalling his desperate European escapades.
Not without its pleasant events. Nussberg acquainted with the work of Europeans supremacist IG Chashniki (a pupil of Malevich), he organized several exhibitions with solid color catalog.
Struck deaf Europe, December 4, 1980, zapihnuv in "Boeing-747" Dick Goloveyko wife and two celestial beauty of Russian wolfhounds, he flew to America.
There I flew kinetists and futurist?
Soon from New York, where he landed safely with a smart wife and greyhounds, came an enthusiastic greeting card:
"I am preparing for new battles of the revolution in the modern" arte "!"
Multiplier Walt Disney in the sweet dream is not dreamed that his graphic Mouse "Mickey Mouse" will win a purse and the heart of American democracy. Of the mouse, a whole financial empire with an extremely lucrative Disneyland around the world. It makes no sense to describe the structure and mechanism of this commercial empire, it is in everyone's mind - fun for children and adults emerged from childhood, primitive psevdoigra with the heroes of popular fairy tales for three hours, complete with vulgar foolishness expensive entrance fees and buy souvenirs.
A plan for the spiritual and, most importantly, the aesthetic salvation of mankind, as part of futurological Nussberga concept, developed on the basis of the Black Sea coast in 68 th year, is extremely serious work, it does not feel like laughing, or, say, the laughter there was due to circumstances sound, but truly creative game. Not every liberal Democrat, he will be liked, but we must express its essence in a compressed form, avoiding the extremely complex scientific terminology.
Already in 1965, the kinetic works of "classical" model, in the last five years taken in the West and well-known Nussbergu ceased to excite him. New aesthetic concept, or rather, the philosophy of art of the future, the essence of which can be schematically pass in one sentence - the restructuring of the human perception of art - completely seized him. Designs of futurist, endless calculations and layouts, sketches and schemes were aimed at the development of grand utopian plan, codenamed "IKBS (Games Bion-cybernetic environment).
English humanist Thomas More in 1516 offered mankind the island an ideal communism "Utopia". Record Book chimerical dreams Englishman put in the library, and the author severely punished for heresy. The same fate befell the "Sun City" Italian Tommaso Campanella. Artist Kazimir Malevich, which gave a kerosene lamp, military communism, dreamed of flying "PLANITU beyond all practical purposes." Another eccentric Russian culture, Vladimir Tatlin, ten years sculpted and built the strange construction "Letatlin", conceived for the space mission. Futurist Nussberg, in an age of space stations and moon walks, suggests quite the earth and all available estetizirovanny kibergorod created by the hands of artists, workers and artists, game space or a complex of twenty square kilometers, Makropolis three general routes and the free choice of games, from one o'clock to several days, with visits to thirteen autonomous, but interconnected works of art and gaming zones.
Omitting very special terminology in kibergorode await you rocks and waterfalls, lakes and tunnels, flowering fields and orchards, an illuminated fountains, mountains, underground labyrinth - an ancient Egypt, the water boiling the water inhabited by funny devil-machines - the structure of antediluvian configuration gorge with a kinetic idol, Museum of biotechnology and cybernetics, the palace of color music, mirror the descent into the unknown world, Pavilion sexual feelings, and even aromatic vibrations and, finally, a paradise in the spirit of Bosch. In general, the visitor is waiting for a new, unknown and enlightening the world with a flight in a magnetic field and the wonders of computer control past, present and future (both virtual and real, four-dimensional).
In the devastated Soviet Russia remained a handful of the ashes of the kinetic and mythology. In America the same ball ruled calculating and aggressive His Majesty Capital, which has no case to unprofitable utopian theories and aesthetic reconstruction of the world.
Amazing Russian utopian vision requires substantial testing, particularly its economic and political aspect.
American democracy is dynamic, smart and pragmatic.
Eagerly to live and quickly make money!
American Home Nussberga, 1981-1983, was empty, and even fussy. The gullible futurist immediately descended to the bottom of the Russian New York with a miserable intrigues surrounding the stock Dodge, ingenious eccentric, pick up garbage Soviet culture, copying from tax revenues, with the squabbling underground luminaries with silly antics pathetic editor of ten volumes of Russian poetry Bones Kuzminski, exchanged a his general staff of the St. Petersburg in the American communal den; theft in the Jewish Fund Promotion of the Arts "; exhausting zhlobstvo heroes Sots Art:
All vypendrezhno and terribly fragmented, "- succinctly summed up his participation in the Russian vanity Leo Nussberg.
Following the European demarche with a number of prominent and successful exhibitions (Dusseldorf, Paris - 76, Venice, Holland and London - 77, Bochum, Turin, Kassel, New York - 78 year again, Bochum, Wiesbaden, Germany - 79 year, Berlin - 80 per year) After two capital kinetic structures: seven-cyber "for Italy in the 77-m and the maze Satellite fish - ichthyo" for Germany in the 79-80-m, it is difficult to explain to the American lull strange walking innovator in emigre circles and get-togethers.

Another reorganization of Russia, to the astonishment of the world, opened its borders a huge, half-century closed country. From there, threw a new and fun people: thieves in the law and outlaws, whores Moscow, embezzlers fraternal communist parties, traders, hydrogen fuel, and many are not very talented, but more aggressive and greedy actors: On the contrary, there, in Russia a long-awaited brothel big money and robbery, rushed nimble and resourceful immigrants.
Chief Russian kinetists futurist and not flinched.
The truck with the exhibition defeatists Igor Zakharov-Ross burned near Smolensk. Paris collector of Russian art Basmadzhana killed in an unknown location, and valuable paintings pilfered. Sculptor Unknown sent to the tundra, in Magadan, where instead of the long-awaited glory - mosquitoes, hunger and loneliness. Ambitious Shemyakin exhibited at his own expense and thoroughly ruined.
Miserable exhibition against the backdrop of contract killings, theft and robbery. And the bureaucracy and bribery pohlesche than in Soviet times.
Russian counterparts of Fine Arts, jealously guard their their homes, stripped to emigrate as they could, but then the station is not allowed. Prior to the warm relations far! ..
And in the "white house" tidy town of Orange in the State of Connecticut, surrounded by lush flower beds, living fun, speak and write in Russian: Levvaldemarych dad, mom, Dick and four blooming life and talents of children: Dmitri, Ivan, Natasha and Arina - Florist, artists, musicians, athletes, computer scientists.
And - the sounds of gentle beasts!
"I sent all of her mother and went away from the modern hustle and bustle of all these shows, hangouts and dirty, cynical traffickers art, men broke his hands and soul," - says Nussberg.
Why does Kiberromantizma and the great plan "IKBS" hanging in the air?
Why dispersed "Movement" and its creator breeds roses? And where the Institute futurology? .. Where working model IKBS? ..
Successful academics ineradicable realism, cowardly imitators artifacts and crafts Kineticism, incompetent envious of the Russian emigration, flushed sponsors a fast profit, casually flipped through the application Nussberga, to frighten us another "Egyptian slavery" concept and plan Nussberga, disguised totalitarianism, and even the death of democracy:
However, in the explanatory texts of our futurist naively avoids pitfalls estetizirovannogo kibergoroda. We are wary reckless utopian faith in the supreme intelligence of other worlds and galaxies, in a harmonious future for humanity, today mutilating our planet. Excessive his confidence in science and technological progress - not yet chooses to hunger, disease and natural disasters - it seems somewhat hasty and ill-advised until the end. And what about the pirates computer games, voruyuschimi plans for military campaigns, and cannibals in Tasmania, living under the laws of the Neolithic? Even adherents of academic dullness or banal pop art not voluntarily enter the romanticism of the game and creative Nussberglenda. Where to sell a couple of British nudists Gilbert and George with their worldwide renown innovators culture?
For the Russian oligarchs, as well as for Soviet ideologists, the project Nussberga - usual Manilovism, grandiose and futile dreams of a beautiful, harmonious world of art, games and knowledge.
In 1991, in an open letter to Vyacheslav Koleychuk, pragmatists Russian life and kinetists has received a sympathetic registration and support in Russia, Lev Nussberg emotionally jokes:
"And you, Glory, napeysya cold water and start to read my texts. First go tight, but then it will be easier."
We have read the open letter, which outlined futurological concept. Good Nussberga genius, a caring family man, gardener and sobachatnika did not offer a "bombardment of Mars" and the Egyptian slavery, which we are afraid Koleychuk, Infante, and Zakharov-Ross, and envious of his implacable opponents, but a necessary earthlings cheerful and attractive art and game town with a lot of educational and entertaining places of harmonious and beautiful sculpture of music, color, movement and fantastic images.
In his literary sketches of the future gaming zones estetizirovannyh architecture of the whole ensemble is depicted in the form of lacy patterned branched circuit, where the landscape is organically intertwined with human-made creation, so that the gentlemen environmentalists can sleep calmly - to bait the nature and the animals will not be, but inside - fun or risky adventures , cognitive situation and materialized four-dimensional world of fantasy!
World charm, knowledge and education!
In polemic fervor our futurist rejects contemporary art, the whole business trends and "isms" with the garbage in favor of cybernated "planetary plastic language. But is uniformity over two thousand years, and the power of the style of ancient Egypt did not conquer us today?
The tragedy of Russia - in the cult of power, the center, the academy. There is no place projects and plans of strangers and outsiders experiments. American democracy requires the same from any project of a fast profit. Conspiracy skeptics, careerists and profiteers of all levels and of the thick wall of misunderstanding and stigma has surrounded the mighty works of the artist, thinker and futurist, but to bury the original project early - I need it all.
  IBKS: Games Bionics cybernetic Wednesday - in constant development!
: Day after day, year after year:
"The next century - is ours!" (1966)
Let us believe the artist at his word.
Biographical sketch was Valentin Vorobiev May 10, 1999 in Paris

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