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Vadim E. Gippenreiter

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 (156x250, 10Kb)

Vadim E. Gippenreiter - a master of photography, the author of 28 albums. A graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture Surikov Institute became an artist in an entirely different field. He is subject to the fact that few people can: keep the elusive beauty of nature, to stop momentarily. Energetic, easy-going, fanatically loyal favorite places, he "writes" on the film ancient Russian city, the sad nature of the middle band, fantastic hard-Kamchatka region and the Urals. It does not eliminate overseas, although a more passionate traveler than Gippenreiter, there is no light. Simply, he - not a tourist. Phrase that virtuoso of this art pronounce ironically, fits him like a glove: "The great photographer of the Russian land."

VG I did not do a single photograph. I always do a book, regardless of whether it will be published or not. I have only idea I methodically strung on the visual material. First, find a place that attracts me wondering, worrying, is of particular relevance. This may be an ancient city, the nature of a region or just the view from a single point - a cliff on the Volga, for example. I'm attracted to really medieval towns, at least of the XVI century, it's best - XII. Later we are frank decadence of architecture and painting. All that followed the Hundred Chapters Church Council, which were introduced in the canons of iconography and the construction of Orthodox churches, deprived the rights of artists on the creativity, marked the beginning of the fall of the old Russian art.

Boris and Gleb Monastery

(493x690, 212Kb)
Kizhi. Russian winter



NK Does there have been times when an authoritative master Vadim Gippenreiter not think in terms of books and albums, and brought to the editors photography as a simple reporter?

VG Since filing Victor Ruykovicha, famous photographer, most of his life working in the magazine "Soviet Union", I got to the art editor of the newspaper Izvestia named Volchek. Nasnimali hunters in the north, the elderly, marshes, fires and hunting hut and brought Vouchak pack of black and white photographs (the color had not yet filmed). Barely looked up, he offered to turn them into short-exposure windows of Izvestia. This was my first professional school. Then came a couple of my "windows", and I first got good money. Volchek told me: "Take off, how to shoot. Pay no attention to anyone else. All remove their own way. And try to be on anybody not like." Since then, and went to my photo essay in the magazine "Smena", "Spark," "Around the World" and others.

(650x429, 178Kb)

Cyril Belozersky Monastery

NK You really, no one had studied and the camera picked up on their own?

VG Camera in our family know how to use it. When I was 8-10 years, the family was not considered for work to insert the disc and tape and an old wooden camera off their guests or family on a holiday. We charge a red light a couple of cassettes glass plates, put the unit on a tripod, covered with a cloth on the ground glass to build a "frame" and then walked into the room to exercise, too, a red light. Dried negativity in the street, then printed on a daily aristotipnoy paper, then a fixer mocha - and ready. After the war, I started shooting, "watering" - narrow screen camera. My stepfather (his father, a nobleman and a white officer who was killed in 1917 when I was born), quiet, very intelligent man, with no end designed all sorts of cameras, did not trust the new technology and was fond of saying: "It's all toys - all the same cloth nakroeshsya" . In some ways he was prav.Esli I would not become a photographer, could well become a pianist or a professional athlete. I even drove to the famous Helen Fabianovna Gpesinoy, which hit me on the arms for their unwillingness to engage in solfege. I preferred to catch minnows in Setun and was and still am - very restless. More from the cradle could paddle all boats, but later in life began skiing and mountaineering.

(652x482, 86Kb)


NK But the ski - this elite of our country sport, especially in the past. How did you come into it?

VG In Russia in 1934 came the Austrians, the members of the anti-Nazi parties Shutsbund. All of them were mountaineers and skiers. With many I have found a common language. My first teacher - the legendary Gustav Deberle, a professional guide in the Austrian Alps, a consultant firm known for the production of ski Kneissl. With these Austrians began skiing in Russia. I was interested in climbing after the war, when the first climber camp. We hiked, no paved roads there has not been laid, climbed for some like mountains, went to all the equipment. Every summer I spent in the mountains, rising to the top of our Caucasian, visited on Elbrus. Often, the ascent took with him skiing - in the mountains and winter in summer. Elbrus on skis for the first time rose in 1939 ... Let's peresyadem, and I've got against the light, the eye sees poorly. For many years I played rugby and was afraid that I knock out teeth, and kicked his eyes. On the year, I was blinded in one eye, then recovered.

(624x430, 188Kb)

Staraya Ladoga

Pskov Kremlin
< br /> (650x431 , 76Kb)

Solovetsky Monastery

NK My God, this is what - in his youth? When you all have time?

VG In my youth I had time: the rugby play and jump on the ski jumps, and even a marathon run. And learn. That would have time now so much time! I very well studied in medical school, received a dual scholarship. After graduating three very interesting course and got a good fundamental education, I realized that I could not deal with life a narrow medical specialty. His first practice at the clinic made it clear that, for me this is unacceptable. And ended before it began, my medical career. With the scandal left the medical, I went to the Surikov Institute. Graduated after the war, in 1948. But then, the sculptors were paid only for the "faces of the saints" - the chiefs, drummers, Stakhanovites. And I began to work as a coach for downhill skiing, draftsman, took some GTO norms.
NK How do you survive the war?

VG The war I went around quite a strange way. At first I just received a summons to appear with things in the recruitment office, which I did. In the questionnaire, I meant "master of sport of mountain skiing, a certain level in rowing." Documents returned "until further notice" obviously hoping to use me in the hostilities in the mountains. Then institute was evacuated for two years in Samarkand. During the evacuation I was the foreman on the farm work. But the study in Samarkand, we continued. We've had great teachers. I watched how the Falk; next to us worked Tabor, a professor of Industrial Arts College, next door to the Registan lived Matveev. Because many years later I did an album in Central Asia that are well know it, many times to go back, take off. There all beautiful: nature, architecture, people. I even wanted to marry a Tajik. In Samarkand, many Tajiks - open, good, beautiful people. But in the north, in Moscow, they do not live, suffer, and I - not an Asian, living in Asia can not permanently.

(700x519, 150Kb)

Yaroslavl Kremlin

Sypanovsky Trinity Monastery. Kostroma region


Yuriev Monastery. Novgorod region

NK You do not represent "faces of the saints" as a professional sculptor and has always been "free lances" as a photographer?

VG Never ever worked, did not serve. It sounds blasphemous, although it does not mean that nothing is done - on the contrary. Just is not listed in any edition and not sitting in one place. Started shooting sports, who knew thoroughly, and began to actively publish in the sports press. Skiing, hiking, all sorts of challenging treks, rafting. Quite accidentally took off their artistic gymnastics - only because of the friends of girls. Never before filmed indoors and in such dynamics. It turned out spectacularly, with blurry movement and flying ribbons. Immediately passed a few magazine covers. But the more I have of such experiments is not returned, although all were happy: and the girls and myself. Gradually turned to serious topics: sport today withdrew, published tomorrow, the next day dumped. I wanted something more substantial and nesiyuminutnogo.

NK What was your first book?

VG About mountain climbing, called "At the Mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia. And then made a book about the bison in the Bialowieza Forest. Seeing bison for the first time, was blown up what is wonderful animals. Year put out to shoot them, lived side by side, constantly coming. In front of me opened the primitive world in which one could try to penetrate. Because bison have been destroyed almost completely, only a few specimens preserved in private parks. Crossed with bison and bison, using the law of Mendel, offspring were selected for mating with a large percentage of blood bison than the buffalo, and eventually brought nearly thoroughbred breed. Currently it is in the best form of livestock is carried over the mountains, forests, the problem of preservation of the species disappeared. I still do, if given the opportunity to shoot these animals. The album "Bialowieza Forest" is printed with color photos. Arrange the pictures on the numbers and sent along with the text of the printing of Stalin in Minsk. The text was released in Belarusian and under a different name (someone needed a publication), but the money I was paid immediately. Relationship with the staff of the Bialowieza Forest, I still excellent.

(699x521, 135Kb)

Kamchatka. The volcano is sleeping

NK So you have chosen their heroes: the nature and animals?

VG In general, yes. The book "Tales of the Russian Forest" - without a single person, black, devoted to the seasons. Leonid Zhdanov, the famous dancer, Honored Artist of Russia and the photographer, all I sawed until forced to do it. Despite fears of publishers at the "unprincipled and irrelevance," it has not reached the shelves, were sold on the vine from a warehouse in typography.

NK You often write lyrics for the albums themselves. Why?

VG Who, besides me, will write the text of the Commander Islands? Or about bison? Or about volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula? We were pioneers volcanologists study volcanoes in Kamchatka! With us, it all started.

(700x509, 55Kb)

Lightning and moon

volcano, night, moon zip

NK How did you get to Kamchatka? At the invitation of volcanologists?

VG No, the story is quite different. I am divorced, thought that life broken, it's over. And I decided to go to Kamchatka, the brains ventilate. Never before was not there, nobody knew. Only knew that there had recently established an institute of volcanology. He arrived in Petropavlovsk - and once there. I was given the key of residential housing, and said: "Live." Went top of the 60's, volcanologists were waiting for the eruption - except for what was to organize the institute? Just in the year when I arrived, erupted Klyuchevskoy. We have moved there together. Before that, we went to the Keys on vulkanostantsiyu foot puffed Kluchevskoy. Volcano - a height of almost 5000 meters, it is unknown what is happening inside. Sit and wait at the bottom of pointless, it is necessary to climb stairs. Scary, but necessary. Climbed: 400 m deep crater with a diameter of 800, the bottom range, boiling, hissing and gush lava. Gore goes shaking: when you stand on the edge of the crater and shoot, then you notice that everything is moving. Kind of like the whole mountain is on the eggs. The spectacle of awesome!

NK It is terrible to be in close proximity to the erupting volcano?

VG Scared to fall under the trolley, and not under a rock, flying from the crater. In the eruption of all natural. Had run away from molten lava ... Important in the early days of the eruption look around and assess the situation. Explosions and emissions of a red-hot rocks do not occur randomly, and strictly directed. Not central, not vertically, but at an angle. Volcanologists knew about as much and I had to focus on the spot. During the eruption is always bad weather, is released into the atmosphere of water vapor, crushed rock. It contains a lot of gas - the whole periodic table. Constant friction heated rocks, water vapor and the whole chemistry of electrical discharges forms. Broken link on a portable radio - a solid crack. Level did not always visible in the black clouds above the crater. And only a few releases issued lightning, which I managed to capture a series of photographs.

eruption Tolbachek

Birth Vulcan

(430x560, 78Kb)

eruption. Start


eruption continues ...

< br /> (482x650 , 175Kb)

volcano. Kamchatka. Eruption



Love comes ... Eruption in Kamchatka

(567x397, 84Kb)

Ashes ... after the eruption


Above the Clouds ... Kamchatka

NK And for you nothing is dropped?

VG Decreased. Shoot something like closer, that's pestering, forgetting caution. Change might occur in the direction of ejection. Stones flying up for many miles, so have time to forget about them. It was then that they sypyatsya on its head. Once my friend and I got a burst of lava bubble, lumps of which flew over our heads: I ripped down jacket, the stench of burning down was terrible. Once hit a rock right on the wooden chamber. And on the first famous eruption Klyuchevskoy in 1965 and volcanologists, and I spoil all your devices. When the minute dust like crushed glass fray from the sky and hits the rim of the lens, it stops moving. We were hurt - the eruption has just begun. Went to the store in the Keys, there were vehicles "Moscow" patterned "Rolleyfleksa. During a rain roof begun to leak, they flooded, and they are useless, lay in a drawer. We have chosen a more or less suitable vehicles, paid for the ruble, have touched them, put in order. This modest camera I took all the eruption. And still use these slides.

NK And what you still shooting? In the words of your stepfather: "All the same cloth nakroeshsya"?

VG Motion must still camera shoot faster. But I shoot cameras are not narrow and wide, 6x7 - Asahi-Pentax "and" Mamiya RB-67. And all that can be done without haste, make a big old camera: put a rack, cover with a cloth and, while not utryasu frame, from this place will not give up. Manifest itself in the bathroom. Why go to be somewhere across Moscow, if you can do the same thing at home any time of day? I must always know what I was wrong, if with shooting something wrong. I learned this experience with "true." Once I took off Tallinn regatta. My friend Timir Pinegin, legendary figure, the Olympic champion and the world, gave me a boat so I could work in any conditions - and in a storm, and a wave. Yachts turned over, the weather was horrible. I nasnimali such that very few people succeed. Shooting flogged in Pravda. Since I do everything myself.

NK No one. Why?

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