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Taschen - the secret of success

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It's hard not to recognize the success of a man who owns a book publishing house, selling a book every 3 seconds. Benedikt Taschen, also called the King of coffee tables, is now a millionaire and owner of one of the most powerful publishing houses in the world.
At the age of 15 years, through the sale of comic books, he learned to make themselves and managed to gain financial independence. It is not surprising that in the 18 years he was able to open his own shop. Already in the adolescent age he showed outstanding talent to trade, in particular printed products.

As can be concluded from the words of a millionaire, his publisher profile based on his youthful preferences: "I must admit that the child I was obsessed with three things - comic books, sex, art.
But what's really nice Taschen? What is the recipe for his success?

Benedikt Taschen has always stated that sought to ensure that books and art albums are available to everyone. Regardless of whom were his readers - experts or amateurs. That is why the price should be low enough. He has released many excellent publications, which no doubt would have sold another publisher at a much higher price. However Tashena always worried something else entirely. "We have always sought to publish the books that are available to anyone interested in art - he says. - I think that most of these books are able to change the lives of many people. Indeed, thanks to them that people can understand what happens around us is much more things than we can see on television or read in the newspapers. I am confident that these publications can for someone to influence. I also believe that much of our success is based on the fact that our readers will grow with us. Maybe they started with, bought for $ 6 or Bosch Duchamp, and now buy $ 150 books on design of buildings. " Without doubt, there is much truth, especially if we take into Caution, the German publishing house likes price hikes - from the series Icons value of 10 dollars to one of the most expensive album SUMO price up to 10000 dollars and over 30 kg can be bought together with a table, specially designed by Philippe Starck.

Such a policy at the time caused a storm in the publishing market. Many firms, such as Rizzoli, Abbeville, Abr ams or Phaidon, had to make significant changes to regain the lead among retailers album, intended for specialists, resorting to such Drugs, as the dismissal of the staff and the printing of books at a cheap paper - all that their rival Cologne has long been put into practice. Taschen matter how easily and effortlessly put stringent conditions to competitors and they were forced to adapt to the new rules. Taschen also managed to find among its readers a new task force, which no one before him did not take into account. These were the people poorer than the regulars of exhibitions and galleries. In addition, they were less educated and have extensive knowledge in the field of art, but wanted to get this knowledge, even on a shallow and superficial level.

Prior to that, publishers relied on a fairly narrow target group - well-informed and mostly affluent, mostly for those who create or collect works of art. None of them had not thought of that success can be achieved, focusing on people who are in these groups do not belong. And then came Cologne magician who became carry art to the masses. Elitist theme, which basically was based on high prices, he has turned into something quite ordinary, in fact, the massive and affordable to everyone.

In this light, one can understand the many criticisms of the snobbish audience that believes Tashena father of kitsch and bad taste, and its publications - an art for the poor, reproaches, which for the most part osnovanyna that most tashenovskih publications does not claim to be full and complete disclosure of the topic. Many of his books remain at the initial level, while others go a bit further, and yet most of them can hardly be called solid. .
However, its success Benedikt Taschen is obliged not only to lower prices for the publication. Great importance for the development businesses had any photo albums erotic content than, in fact, has become famous publishing house. Books with nudity, with all sorts of fetishes and the images of homosexual nature, are not afraid of censorship and did not pay attention to her, began calling card publishers.

Sam publisher is not inclined to make a distinction between erotica and pornography. Moreover, it is not fond of both of these terms. Many of tashenovskih editions - it's the albums that not only in varying degrees, represent the negligee, or fetishes, but also have an element of pornography, from which a millionaire so denies. If we visit any store in possession of tashenovskimi editions at once, note that albums like, not unambiguous Digital Diares authorship Natasha Merritt, next to books with pictures of hotel interiors. Where does this freedom is taken if the above-mentioned blog contains images that the naked eye can be defined as pornographic? "These books look elegant and expensive, and stand next to Picasso. Nothing in them is reminiscent of the publications "under the counter" - says the owner of the publishing house.

Speaking of the ambiguity of publishing publications, certainly ought to start with the already mentioned album SUMO authorship of Helmut Newton. "I wanted to do something new - says Taschen. ¬ - I would also like to see this new distance is us. And then we got the idea to create a photo album, which by its size and quality would exceed all the existing ones. " And he managed to get her, because SUMO - this is truly a giant book of size 70x50 cm and weighing about 30 kg, which makes demands for itself its own special table. It contains 400 mostly previously unpublished photographs by Helmut Newton. This imagery of the area of high fashion as well as showing nudes and portraits of megastars.
If we are talking about the scandalous publication, we can not ignore Digital Diares Natasha Merritt. How to announce a book publisher, anyone who saw the "Digital Diaries", and touched the intimate world of the author, as well as her friends and girlfriends. However, the leitmotif of the book - the author herself, is removed from all possible situations and do not hide from us any juicy details of his private life, no explicit close-ups and daring angles that everyone without hesitation would call pornographic. Even if you do not overestimate or overemphasize images "in focus", reproducing even the most intimate details of life model, then we must admit that Natasha Merritt was able to bring to his interest, because the scandal is always doomed to popularity. This is true not only of the author or artist, but also the very publisher, Benedikt Taschen while trying to distance itself from this, claiming that an altercation with the censors and critics do not have a positive impact on the development of the publishing house.

No less interesting and equally controversial, as the Merritt book, you can call Terryworld - album of photographs by Terry Richardson. Pictures it is very atypical - as you can read the article in advertising on the site publisher. - They are well-known personalities, porn stars, friends of the author, the animals that make the front of the lens the photographer is what under no circumstances would not do for anybody else. It is in this uniqueness of this album, his originality. And probably that's why Taschen decided to publish this book well in limited edition - and it is not any, and a special, very rare on the shelves of bookstores. Self-publishing is placed in a transparent plastic box, and attached to it brown teddy bear face, Terry Richardson, the so-called Terrybear, as well as one of four pictures (vanessa, asses, batman, panty). This variant is limited edition, published in 1000 copies, each signed and numbered, it is worth as much as $ 700.
The annexes also published book edited by Eric Kroll Fetish Girls , which is attached to an elegant case, signed photo and a special rubber cushion, and is associated with the theme of the book. In this illustrated version of the album is also published Artists and Prostitutes with pictures of authorship by David La Chapel, sometimes called Fellini's pictures. All this confirms the fact that Taschen is not trying to publish only cheap books, but also seeks the opposite - publications with a limited edition books available only to collectors. Such books are not put on the shelf: they are made special tables or frame and hang on the wall.

In addition to these books Taschen has to his credit hundreds of other publications, which subjects were computer graphics, comics, illustration, photography, architecture, arts and crafts. One can not think of such, the series as Icons (representing the "idols" a certain period or style of art: All-American Ads 40s, Classic Rock Covers, Design for the 21st Century, Digital Beauties, Erotica 19th Century. From Courbet to Gauguin, Pin-Ups, Starck, Paris Style, Tattoos, Web Design: Studios , as Basic Art (albums of the most prominent representatives of the different types of Art: Antoni Gaudí, Otto Wagner, Francis Bacon, Bosch - The complete paintings, Dalí, MC Escher - The Graphic Work, Goya, Kandinsky, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Mucha, Picasso, Rembrandt, Rubens, Warhol.

Taschen released as separate publications, which binds non-membership of a particular series and themes, such as: design ( Animation Now!, Illustration Now!, Web Design: Studios, Manga Design, Japanese Graphics Now, The World of Ornament ); film ( The Stanley Kubrick Archives, Erotic Cinema, Roman Polanski, Paul Verhoeven ); «lifestyle» ( Living in Bali, Aesthetic Surgery, Inside Africa, Seaside Interiors ), which proved itself Angelika Taschen, the wife of the founding father of the publishing house, under the editorship of which were produced many publications on architecture and applied art, "pop culture» ( The Playboy Book - 50 Years, All- American Ads 1900-1919, Chinese Propaganda Posters, Men's Adventure Magazines in Postwar America ), as well as sex and erotica ( Tom of Finland: The Comic Collection, History of Men's Magazines Vol.1-6, Erotica Universalis, Araki, Eric Kroll. Fetish Girls ).

Summarizing, we can say that the recipe for success Benedict Tashena was simple and ingenious. Thanks to the publication of cheap albums in the arts of all kinds - from photos to graphics, applied art and eroticism - the publishing house has become an audience who only touched their chosen topics and could not afford expensive edition. However, the issue is richly decorated with all sorts of positions applications, limited edition and at high prices to attract wealthy collectors, for whom these books were works of art. Because of this, Taschen managed to cover two extreme market book trade, leaving the "middle" segment of its competitors. Of great importance is the fact that the Cologne publisher is not closed to a single path to the publishing market: a wide range of topics of his books will always find its reader. And, according to Benedict Taschen, he would never stoop to release cookbook or a checkbook.

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