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The history of mankind in the famous photos (part 2)

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Most of these photos from somewhere familiar to us. Somewhere we saw them. With this edition, we can learn more about the circumstances of their origin, their fate and their related stories. It's like a family album with his own saga transmitted friends and family from generation to generation. Since the only difference being that the story of this album is familiar to us all and operates a code understandable not only a close circle of relatives. Simply put, this history of the last hundred and seventy years, seen through the eyes of photographers.

Each arranged in chronological order of famous photos - landmark milestone in the history of photography, the image that became a landmark in the development of this art form, both technically, as an aesthetic and social aspects. It covers all the main areas of photographic searches - from portrait to landscape, from the act to the reporter's frame.

One of the most famous images - "Nude". This scene has not lost its relevance - simple idea, excellent lighting, no unnecessary embellishments, and typical of the time the entourage. Shot belongs to a collection of 32 acts performed in 1854 by photographer Eugene Durieu and artist ... Eugene Delacroix, who is the author of "staging". Delacroix himself was not inclined to recognize the image independent means of artistic expression, and treat it as something accessory, without the help of photographs to write sketches and exercises in the figure. He did not appreciate the photographic portraits, though not what he happened to be their model. Although it was his artistic arrangement of "nudity" Jean-Luc Daval placed on the cover of the book published in Paris La photographie, historie d'un art («Photography, Art History"). After the publication of a picture and Delacroix Durieux began appearing on almost all shows pictures of nudes.

And here is another famous photograph is related the tragic story. The author is Francois Aubert, the court photographer of the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico. He did not get consent to photograph the most executions execution of the emperor, but he managed to capture the scene of the tragedy, embalmed corpse in the coffin of the emperor and perforated by bullets and blood-stained clothes of Maximilian. Chemise emperor and became this famous photo. The author emphasizes: Ober did not consider his photographs as documentary evidence, his task was to create a scandalous report, which would satisfy the interests of the international community and brings to the audience to the plight of a young man.

The success of Jacques-Henri Lartigue, as one of the major chroniclers belle epoque predetermined event. Lartigue, a child addicted to the latest technology with enthusiasm immortalized in pictures cars, airplanes and motor racing. His most famous photograph he made at the age of 18 years, and it was opened, along with other pictures, when the author was 68. In the photo of the Grand Prix French autoclub "(1912) he managed to capture the fact that today we take as a metaphor for the rate of turn of the century. Speed transferred here because of unintentional "blur" part of the photo due to camera lens imperfections. By accident, the picture was published in 1963 in the pages of Life, "caught the eye of a record number of readers, because in the same issue was submitted a report on the tragic events in Dallas - the assassination of President Kennedy.
Completely different, though no less impressive, and easily recognizable, is a picture of James Dean walking down Times Square. Ssutulenny hiding in the gray cloak, with a "Chesterfield" in the teeth, clearly delineated against the backdrop of fog wrapped buildings and dark, gloomy streets. In the background are visible neon of the cinema "Astor", the same where after the tragic death of the beloved actor's younger generation was the premiere of "Rebel without a cause." This image is not accidental. Dennis Stoke in 1955 on behalf of "Life" has made a series of portraits of promise actor. Dean, from beginning to end oversaw the creation of self-image of the "young angry." And remember this is not least due to the excellent photographer Dennis Stock.

Should refer to the «famous photographer», to check which of them with the greatest honesty and depth tell us about the history and emotions of the past more than one hundred and seventy years separate us from the creation of the first photo. However, we can form and register your own photos, which captured the "fateful moments" of our era. For example, this:
"Omaha Beach, Normandy, France" Robert Capa, 1944
Steven Spielberg tried to reproduce this effect in sveem famous film "Saving Private Ryan."
"Murder of a Vietnamese head of the Saigon police, Eddie Adams, 1968
This picture is, in essence, ended the war and ruined lives of the photographer-General, who was the subject of hatred of millions of Americans.
"Hindenburg" Murray Becker, 1937
Photography, destroying an entire industry. Manufacture of airships, the former while the most reliable means of transportation was suspended, and then stopped altogether.
"Valley of the Snake River" Ansel Adams, 1942
Picture, which saved Kings Canyon in California, which later became a national park.
"The body of Che Guevara, Freddy Alborta, 1967
Picture, which made the legend of Che Guvarru revolution. National Guards look Bolivia SS, and Che - Christ crucified.
"Einstein, Tongue, Arthur Sasse, 1951 Photo, which proved to be geniuses and scholars are not without a sense of humor.
"Atomic Dali, Philippe Haltsman, 1948
Photo taken surreal reality. Philip Haltsman - the first photographer who started shooting portraits of great men in the jump.
"Loch Ness Monster" or "surgeon's photo", 1934
Picture, which gave impetus to the shaft of "sensational" photomontages and counterfeiting. Mystery of Nessie was opened in 1994, when the photographer's son Marmaduke Uezerella confessed that the famous monster shot which was published in the Daily Mail, made from scrap materials, and author of the photos himself, and not well-known surgeon and researcher Robert Wilson .
"Violin of Ingres" Man Ray, 1924
This picture of the great Man Ray, a passionate experimenter and the Dadaists, anticipated the digital revolution in photography
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