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The history of mankind in the famous photos

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These two books could be called "The history of humanity's famous photograph" because the photographs did not play here the first violin. Each of these images carries a story, it did not arise just from scratch, and even today, after many years from the date when it was made, continues to interest the viewer. Moreover, for two reasons: firstly, because of the aesthetic value of the photo, and secondly, due to related stories.

Both volumes are arranged in chronological order. The first includes images from the birth pictures until 1926. The second - the work to date. First described in the book of photos (who would doubt!) - "View from the workshop" Nicephore Niepce, that is a snapshot of who is considered the first "real" photography. Signed under the illustration not only tells about the circumstances of the appearance of the picture, but interestingly depicts the then situation of the photographer (for example, the fact that Niepce before you engage in a picture, working on an internal combustion engine, and later invented some kind of bicycle). The authors speculate about why the first images made by Niepce, imprint species from the window of a photographer (they believe that it was so convenient - no need to carry heavy equipment and answer questions from curious onlookers).

In the text we also find the conclusion that the search for a method of capturing images were not artistic quests, but rather the demand of the time: need a quick, cheap and widespread way of documenting patterns and events. In addition to these socio-historical narratives in the text are described and techniques used by Niepce, and how over time the photographer to modify and develop his own method.

Each of the images described in the book is technical specifications, biographical data of the author, a cultural slice of the era surrounding the appearance of it, down to anecdotes and legends that have arisen around this photo.

We find here pictures of "art", such as a portrait of Kiki, a model of avant-garde artist Man Ray (1926) or model images of Helmut Newton's 80-ies of XX century. Find shocking photos, such as images Kuwait Sebastian Salgado, or portraits of Americans time of great crisis of authorship Dorothy Lange. Here are pictures of important historical events: Otto von Bismarck on a bed of death, and Max Priester Willie Wilke; series of portraits of Che Guevarra Renee Berry; picture Brezhnev meeting with Willy Brandt, Barbara Klemm, and more.

In both volumes there are pictures just fine, is causing shock and revulsion. On them - great politicians, victims of wars, seductive models and famous personalities - Andrew Warhol, Coco Chanel, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

But there is something else. They clearly show that in less than 200 years of existence has taken a picture of human history is extremely important and that it is not only aesthetic purposes and is not only a document of the era - is the only picture of the arts, which seamlessly integrates these two tasks . And often - in only one shot.

The story of mankind's famous photograph-1
history of mankind in the famous photographs-2
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