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Photography in the 20 century. Museum Ludwig in Cologne

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The photographic collection of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne - is one of the most famous collections of contemporary photography in the world. The book presents a total of 860 works of almost three hundred of the most famous photographers of the 20 th century.
The aim of the book should have been a "short trip around the world pictures of the 20 th century on the basis of a museum collection." The authors decided to choose the photographs from the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, where, due to procurement and donation, was assembled a collection of European and American photography from 1900 until the present day. And in 1996 came the publication for the publishing house Taschen.
Alfred Stieglitz, founder of the magazine The Steerage, based on experiments in painting at the turn of 19-20 centuries, broke with traditional realistic perception of reality. His fellow Alvin Langdon Coburn came to his famous series vortografy. Russian constructivists interested in a model of peace, which could correlate with the new society. Experimenting with 35-millimeter film, Alexander Rodchenko immortalized parades club "Dinamo", and George Petrusov - military parades. Man Ray, the creator of the cycle reyografy, by direct exposure of objects on photosensitive paper did the so-called "tubeless shots. Avant-garde experimental photography were also engaged in El Lissitzky, the creator of collages, as well as Herbert Bayer, Christian Schad and UMBO - artists from the circle of the German Bauhaus. August Sander in his series "The people of the twentieth century tried to combine a dispassionate look at the person with the conceptual photographic series" It's not the camera sees objectively subjective element, and the photographer's eye "- claimed by Henri Cartier-Bresson, the representative of the movement of author photos. Specimen of this view was a series of "Sunday on the banks of the river Marne" - photograph of middle-class families.

The American photos 20's and 30's dominant themes of social documentary. Lewis Hine created for the National Committee of Child Labour famous series of photographs of working children, the builder of the 102-storey skyscraper, the Empire State Building in New York as well as immigrants from Ellis Island.

 Representatives of this school were also working for the Administration for poor farmers in Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, author of the famous photograph "Migrant Mother", the most frequently Reproducibility snapshot from the collection of the Museum Ludwig. Tradition of "concerned" photography is also supported by Werner Bischof, Margaret Burke-White, Eugene Smith, and portraits of Che Guevarra authorship, Rene Burri, or a picture "Death of Spanish Republican" Robert Capa, depicting the slain rebel bullet Spanish, entered the history of world photography.
Japanese Photography from the collections of the Museum Ludwig presents, among others, works by Hiroshi Hamayya and Chisinau Shinoyamy. The book is also present and contemporary art photography, for example, Andreas Gursky, Woods Crims, Robert Mapplethorpe, Philip-Lorca di Corso and Cindy Sherman. A Picasso portrait, made by Robert Otero, portraits of artists, photographed by Benjamin Katz, pictures GDR - these are just some of the most precious relics, which became the property of the Museum Ludwig in the past 20 years.
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