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A wanderer and an animated icon

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Pochaiv... wanderer sits under the Trinity Cathedral before the icon of the Mother of God reading the Psalms and looking at the icon, praying, contemplating the image." And suddenly I see - it tells the next woman, - the face of the virgin Mary begins to stir, eyes moving, she turned her head, looking straight at me. Begin to move and lips. Mother of God, that says something to me. My head has been rolled up scarves I can"t hear, and took a little unwound, exposed ears, and suddenly hear the clear voice of the virgin Mary:" today douris to our lady of the Mountain, and warn of strangers and especially of the man of God hieromonk Theognost, also of the wanderer tramp like us that will come the police will catch us" I came and went in that day upon the Mount of God and warned our" salvation army". No one was caught along the police.

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