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Case in Stupino.

Запись от Гор Чахал размещена 06.12.2018 в 12:23

Here is what was published in the newspaper" Moscow Vedomosti" on 6 March 2000:" Terrible, not amenable to scientific explanation the incident happened with the resident Stupino near Moscow by Vyacheslav Astakhovy. A heavy drinker, read the prayer before the icon" the inexhaustible Cup", spewed from a-то vile creature @- grey worm length 1,5-2 cm with two" horns" on the small head (which, besides horns, it was possible to distinguish a mouth and tiny eyes). Tucked spouses in a bottle of wine, being not only dead in him, but began to grow with astonishing speed: a week has increased to 10 cm When the wine in the bottle is almost over, I decided to add back vodka. From that moment it began to grow even faster.
Wife brought the creature in the bottle Vysotsky monastery in Serpukhov." My brethren have long considered the merits, — says father Nikon, @- and in the end decided that it was — nothing like an imp, who is the mother of God was banished from the bitter drunkards. I took the tube @- from bottles escaped a fetid smell that all attendees became ill. The bottle being left in the monastery: we just didn"t know what to do with it. And then we started having strange things happen: a began to ache, he felt at heart strange heaviness..." the Monks brought the creature preserved in alcohol in Moscow and showed the Professor of the Department of invertebrates, faculty of biology, Moscow state University Vasily Vasilyev. He has carefully studied" an unknown animal", and then stated that nothing of the kind in my practice are not met. The creature showed scientists involved in the mutations. They said that too, nothing like this has ever been seen.
associate Professor Vasiliev has decided to examine the creature, but after a few days was seriously ill and in the hospital. He presented his research zoologist Cyril resurrection, but he soon died. The point in this case is set by father Nikon, learn about what is happening with people who had contact with the devil. He asked scientists to burn it, which was done. However, documentary evidence that this was not mass delusion, but a real fact: the staff of the biology Department of Moscow state University managed to record" the stranger" on videotape.
as for Vyacheslav Astahova, after this incident his whole life turned over: he quit drinking, Smoking, started going to Church, got good work." That"s what miracles happen when people come with sincere prayer and faith to the Mother of God.

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