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Tom Hussey (Tom Hussey).The photo project "a reflection of the past"

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5672813_Tom_Hussey (700x396, 456Kb)

photo Project" Отражение last" has won more than one award. Although Texas photographer Tom Hussey often shoots for advertising, but on this photo project was inspired by one of the veterans of the Second world war, who said:" Не believe that I will soon turn 80. I feel like I just came back from the war. I look in the mirror and see that парня".

the result is a beautiful and touching project, which for each was a revelation.

Model – older people in various professions suffering from Alzheimer"s disease. The purpose of advertising of a drug against Alzheimer"s disease, causing memory disorders.
the Result is incredibly touching, sad, tipping into the abyss of reverie pictures.
5672813_735894_467121609989633_1743547601_o1 (700x464, 69Kb)
5672813_160923205714relectionsofpasttomhusseyctwpkg00000404 (700x393, 167Kb)
5672813_maxresdefault (700x393, 181Kb)
5672813_N46SoldierCrop (700x466, 182Kb)
5672813_tomhusseyreflection1a (700x350, 188Kb)
5672813_32c930292df9b6383b76e9022138165f (700x467, 60Kb)
5672813_reflectionsofthepasttomhussey2 (700x467, 165Kb)
5672813_736929_467121856656275_463545433_o770x513 (700x466, 59Kb)
5672813_reflectionsofthepasttomhussey14 (700x467, 175Kb)
5672813_reflectionsofthepasttomhussey7 (700x467, 224Kb)
5672813_reflectionsofthepasttomhussey4 (700x467, 145Kb)
5672813_tomhusseyreflection3a_1_ (700x350, 177Kb)
5672813_article230155719014170000005DC426_634x422 (634x422, 87Kb)
This touching, meaningful photo shoot, appeals to hidden feelings @- love, responsibility, and sometimes even fear. After all, it really can happen to anyone. We are young, yet feel young.

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