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Gogol "Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends. About the same"

Запись от Ухтомский размещена 24.10.2009 в 22:44

  About the same
(From a letter to gr. AP T. .... th) [1]

Note, though the power of the Church because we have weak, that our clergy has little sleight of secularism and treatment in society, there is such an absurdity, as the assertion that the clergy, we do debarred from any touch with the life of the charters of our Church and is linked to their actions by the Government . Clergy we describe the laws and the exact boundaries of its contact with the light and people. Believe me, if they were to meet with us more often, by participating in our daily meetings and promenade, or entering into family affairs - this would be bad. Spiritual is a lot of temptations, even more than us: just bred to those intrigues in the houses, which accused the Roman Catholic priests. Roman Catholic priests because it does wrong, that have become too secular. The clergy of our two legal career, in which they meet with us: confession and preaching. In these two arenas, the first of which happens only once or twice a year, while the second can be any Sunday, you can do a lot. And if only the priest, seeing a lot of bad people who knew how to time to keep quiet about it for a long time to think of himself as he said so that every word came straight to the heart, he has to say about it so much on confessions and sermons than ever he did not say in everyday conversations with us. It is necessary that he told the man standing among the world from some higher ground to avoid his presence heard in person this time, but the presence of God himself, heeded the same for both of them, and heard a mutual fear of His invisible presence. No, it's a good thing that our clergy is located at some distance from us. Well, that even the clothes of his, is not subject to any changes and the whims of our foolish fashion, they separated from us. Apparel them beautiful and majestic. It is not meaningless, the remainder of the eighteenth century Rococo style and scrappy, nothing explains the clothing of the Roman Catholic priests. It makes sense: it is the image and likeness of the clothing worn by the Savior Himself. It is necessary that in most of their clothes they wore a perpetual reminder of whose image they must represent to us that at one moment had not forgotten and not taken aback and insignificant among the entertainment needs of the world, for with them a thousand times more shall be required than with each of us, to hear all the time, that they - like other people, and higher. No, until the priest is still young and the life he knows he should not even meet with people except on the confession and preaching. If, however, and enter into conversation, it was only with the wise and experienced of them, who could introduce him to the heart and soul of man, to portray his life in its true form and light, but not that in which it is an inexperienced man. The priest also need time for themselves: he needs to work and over himself. He should follow the example of the Savior, who for a long time spent in the wilderness, and not before, as after the forty predugotovitelnogo post, went to the people to teach them. Some of today's wise men have invented, as if to jostle among light in order to learn it. This is simply nonsense. Refutation of such views are all secular people who are pushing for ever among the world and for all that are all empty. Brought up to the light in the middle does not light, but away from him in a deep inner contemplation, a study of his own soul, because there the laws of all and everything: find only the first clue to his own soul, and when you find, then, these same key otopresh soul all.


1. The letter is addressed AP Tolstoy.
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