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In Moscow the exhibition "Days of Slavic writing"

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May 30 opening of an exhibition of children's drawings “the Days of Slavic writing and culture”. It was attended by about 20 Sunday schools, Orthodox associations of the city of Moscow, which exposed more than 150 children's works!

At the opening ceremony with words of welcome to all the guests turned clergyman of the Church of Elijah the prophet in Novgorod compound FR. Alexander Kurnosov. All participants were awarded with certificates after the official part guests and visitors of the exhibition was organized a festive concert. After the concert, all guests were able to drink tea, chat and share their plans for the future. The exhibition runs all summer, in the foyer of the Russian Orthodox University and is open daily.

This event was held under the auspices of the project "There is such a holiday." The campaign to remind people of important for every Russian holidays today who don't fall into the status of "state", but play a huge role in the spiritual development of man. Earlier Orthodox youth congratulated the citizens on the Day of Slavic writing and culture, going to do this on the streets of Moscow.

During implementation of the project "There is such a holiday" was used state funds allocated as a grant in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 17.01.2014 No. 11-RP and on the basis of a competition conducted by "National charity Fund".

Also note that the exhibition "Days of Slavic writing" was held with the blessing of Vladyka Arsenius, Metropolitan and Istra, Governor of the Central and Southern Vicariates of the city of Moscow and with the support of the Synodal Department for youth Affairs, Central and southern Vicariate of the city of Moscow, the Church of Elijah the prophet in Novgorod compound.
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