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On the art site "FOTOSALON" held a master class by Ivan Gorokhov

Запись от Сергей Владимиров размещена 21.05.2015 в 02:04

[B]may 19, at the address of the refrigerating lane, building 3, building 4, youth project "FOTOSALON" held a master class for beginners, aimed at studying the peculiarities of work with Studio light, Studio and [email protected]

The participants of the master class were about 100 photographers. Leading well-known Russian photographer Ivan Gorokhov.

In the program of the master class included a lecture on how to work with light, the work-shop opportunity for all participants to take photos of professional models, including humans, demonstrating the latest Russian form of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. In the process of shooting Ivan Gorokhov showed examples of the use of studios and light to create professional photos and a certain mood in the picture.

Veronica Sukhareva (event organizer): since the beginning of the project PhotoSave, we went for the third master class from a professional in the field of photography. Aspiring photographers got the skills to Studio shooting, and learned how to work with light and models. The experience will certainly be useful in further work of photographers.

PhotoSave is the project with the organizational support of the national production center Network, focusing on the development of young and talented Russian photographers, free providing them with the best photography equipment and conducting exhibitions. Short-term training programs pictures, targeted at novice photographers.

If project funds are used to support the state allocated as a grant in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 17.01.2014 No. 11-RP

contact person – Veronica Sukhareva (Deputy head of the youth project "FOTOSALON")

phone: +7 (916) 46 062 66.
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