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German painter of the Antwerp school Johann Amandus Wink (1748 - 1817).

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Still Life with Flowers in glass vase , lemon , cherry and other fruits in porcelain cup , with butterflies on ledge 1797

Johann Amandus Winck was born in 1748 in the town of Eichstätt , situated on the River Altmühl in Bavaria, Germany.A small town in the 18th century, but with the stunning natural beauty of the surroundings.As a little boy Johann Amandus Winck, seeing engravings book botany Basilus Besler, decided to become an artist. His uncle artist Johann contributed desire to become a master of still lifes.Johann education received in the Netherlands Academy of Arts in Antwerp. Holland was at that time the center masters depicting still lifes. The academy Johann Amandus Winck met with Peter Faes (1750-1814). Both aspiring young artist came under the influence of the old masters Jan Van Huysum (1682-1749).

Still life fruit and parrot 1796

Works Johann while studying at the academy made ​​in the spirit of the great old masters of the school.He scrupulously referred not only the composition of the pictures , but also to choose quality materials , and a lot of time to prepare panels. He understood the importance of technology primer and paint.So , after 200 years of his work astonishingly beautiful state.

Fruit Still Life with apples , pears and grapes on marble plate

After studying in Holland Johann returned to Munich to live and find important customers for their paintings.Glory talented artist Johann Amandus Winck, spread throughout Europe. Insects in the artist"s works play an important role.

Roses , chrysanthemum , bindweed , parrot , tulip and other flowers vase , on partially draped stone ledge a Goldfinch



Wink uses the entire surface of the panel with flower arrangements.Drops of water gives freshness and vitality of the picture. Johann Amandus Winck died in 1817.

Floral Still Life in a basket .

Still Life with Flowers in glass vase , fruit two trays and tray gray parrot , snails on stone ledge 1796

Still Life with Flowers in glass vase , lemon , cherries and other fruits in porcelain cup , with butterflies and other fruits on ledge 1797

Small still life with vegetables 1809

Still Life with Flowers , fruit , African gray parrot between grape leaves , flying butterflies , insects and snails 1796

Still life with fruit 1809

Still life with fruit 1809

life with fruits, nuts , with a glass of wine on the ledge 1809

Still Life 1803

life with rabbit 1809

Two rabbits in overturned basket blue tit on sunflower


Still Life with белкой


Still Life with melon , peaches plums , grapes , cherry , pear and monkey on stone выступе 1804

Still Life parrot , dead birds , sea pigs and фруктами

Female Portrait in oval medallion , surrounded by венком 1799

vase with fruit and a mouse eating the nut on the ledge 1810

Still life with a bust , dead rabbit , poultry and guinea pig nibbling арбуз.

Semi натюрморты.

Semi натюрморты.


Still life with dead птицей.


Fruit натюрморт.



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