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Mount Sainte-Victoire

Запись от MrVitt размещена 10.06.2010 в 15:36

One ordinary evening, which was occupied by including scrolling album with reproductions of Cézanne, not focusing on any work, but simply resting his eyes, suddenly appeared before me an unfamiliar sensation. Inside his head the image of the picture, look at which slid a few pages back. But this image, unlike the others, which remain in short-term memory for a while after watching, persistently knocking at my mind, surfacing with soft spots and blurred contours, replacing all that has been recently seen, detracting from the view, demanding to myself attention. No, not demanding. This way he took away this is the most attention, not asking for any permission.

Flipped a few pages back. It is this very image, which now took definite form.

"Mount Sainte-Victoire above the road in Tolon.

And then time stopped. There was nothing around. Just me and the picture. On the same wavelength mood. The mood of absolute calm. The feeling is so unusual, that seems impossible. But no, here I am, here's a picture. Which calls into their world. A world where very reluctant to return. Thoughts are deep, deep into themselves, away from all that surrounds. For once there is no picture, there is only soft waves of spots before his eyes, which make up from somewhere in the subconscious feeling of complete strangers. Or friends? Yet there is a feeling that this had once been, occurred.

            And then came a guess what that feeling. This feeling of sadness of something forever lost and very pleasant at the time and good. Understanding whether this is an adult on forever lost childhood? What exactly then, in early childhood, and was the same composure, the same inner peace and confidence, in which persistently covenant this masterpiece by Cezanne? That same feeling, have either consciously or unconsciously, we want for the rest of life.

I can not say it confidently. But I think that this is so - that he wrote this scene in the last years of his life Cezanne tried to return the icons go where no one and never fall - in the very distant past tranquil childhood.

Try to catch this wave. You do not want to come back.
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