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CASE The Hermitage

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About ten years ago, my daughter took part in the exhibition, organized by the very
respected curator. Despite his advanced degrees and authority in artistic circles, he is not "zabronzovel. He allowed himself only a slight irony, allows you to keep distance with the outside world.

Assistant curator had its complete opposite, treating artists as flawed, strange, pesky competitors glory. As if they can give it her!

We waited impatiently for the end of the exhibition, so we did not like its atmosphere, or rather its absence, the fault of staff.

Pick up work on the next day after closing it, we went to the autumn Nevsky Prospect with two heavy paintings in his hands. It began to drizzle, but the home is not drawn. He wanted to kill aftertaste communication with boorish staff.

Legs themselves have suffered us to the exhibition in the Hermitage, which we have not yet looked. After handing over our belongings in the dressing room, we paid the deposit and our carefully packaged cargo. The attendant is not interested in what kind of Paintings and where, they gave us a ticket.

Thank you - Glad we went upstairs to the rooms.

Having stayed at the Hermitage almost until its closure, we rushed to take our things from the wardrobe.
An elderly attendant handed packed pictures. Packing them was intact.

Here, as in the camera store, all integrally nevridimo!

Taking the hint, we gave him a tip.

A dense crowd of tired to leave the museum. The lobby was a scramble. They had to raise our pictures up over their heads. We have heard comments from the crowd:

Look-Look, paintings endure?

And true! Probably the restoration are! "


Before we parted obligingly people.

No one asks the question: What kind of paintings and whose? And why "restorers" render the painting through a common solution?

In recent years in museums around the world committed many thefts. Especially provocative look like the last - a robbery at the Paris Museum of Modern Art. Pictures of outstanding masters of the twentieth century, fell into the hands of criminals. It is hoped that the pictures will, and the kidnappers would be punished.

And I again remembered kazusny episode happened to us at the Hermitage.
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