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Replied the woman artist male sculptor

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When God gives a woman's talent - this benefit for her and curse. Fortunately, because the gift of God can not be anything other than the greatest happiness that can be in the life of a person. Damn, because our society is not ready to accept a woman creator. I decided to publish my response to one sculptor, as a response to all those who are irritated my creative independence.
"... when a man is nothing more to say, he usually goes to the offense. I'm used to it.
You feel sorry for my mother. And for good reason. My mother, a talented artist and writer and my work for it is the very grandchildren, the absence of which, are you so sad. I am happy that my mother never to follow the opinion of the majority. She never lived like everyone else and I'm grateful for the fact that in the beginning of my way, she said to me, "Live like it. To get married, have children, work, and in the evenings to be creative." She told me: "Grow! I'll help you."
True, you'll never understand, because your thinking - man in the street is thinking, but not the artist.
Great Jascha Heifitz had several wives, and each wife had by children, but in his will he none of them mentioned. Moreover, neither of them, he did not want to talk as if they did not, for creativity for him was more important than physical.
My teachers - Velasskes, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso. History has proven, children are not synonymous with the talent to continue their parents. At most of them grow good citizens, at worst, they become a curse for the parents. For genius, kids - it's his paintings, books, films, like it or not. In the story can only be creative.
You called my work women. Fortunately, on my way there were many people versed in the art. I remember one journalist saw my work, he exclaimed: "Where Matisse this before!"
You said that, in the end, my work will be in the trash. Yours - maybe. My - will be in the best museums in the world.
I thought you were a believer. But I was wrong. If you were a believer, you would know that for which every Christian should live on this earth and would not insult me, and just said, "Sorry, I'm not available."
It said, "Be perfect as your heavenly Father." God gave talent, and every talented person is obliged to multiply, for this is the meaning of a short human life.
You said I was too Europeanized. Fortunately, yes. I'm glad I did not have the Russian mind, dirty, spiritually impoverished, thinking losers and envious. My mind different categories, categories of Bach, Mozart, Velazquez and it gives me the strength to survive in this country.
I think we do not talk about. I just repeat what you said, "your life is your problem." I no longer care about your thinking ".

PS in the interlinear translation of the Bible from Greek, of which, hardly anyone speaks, reads:
«And God made [COLOR=Blue"]human[/COLOR], the image of God made it, [COLOR=Blue"]man[/COLOR] and woman made them. And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and possess it and control the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth and reptiles crawling on the ground ».
MAN, in the concept of God, it is not Adam (the one and only), and two of them: a man and a woman are called to live in peace and harmony. I'm tired of excuses for that I'm a woman. - Human and I - the artist, and I do not care what people think about it, Adam.
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