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Favorites "vagrants Birds" by Rabindranath Tagore

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If you shed tears about the fact that there is no sun - you at this time you will not see stars!

Similar to the darkness of night the mystery of creation: it is limitless.
Scams knowledge - the morning mist.

I can not choose the best.
The best chooses me! ..

Recreation owned Labor, as eyelids.

Man on the nature of a child, his strength - is the power of growth.

Light, who plays like a naked child, among the green leaves, luckily his do not know that man can lie.

Not Hooley their food just because you're not hungry.

Thank flame for its light, but do not forget candlesticks standing in the shade with constancy of patience.

Evil can not afford to be defeated and the good - can.

Clean - wealth, which is the abundance of love.

Anyone who wants to do good, knocks at the locked gates, the one who loves finds the gate open.

In many died becomes a single and in life is not getting many.

Authorities said the world: "You're mine.
The world has made her a prisoner in her throne.
Love said the world: "I'm yours.
The world has given her freedom in her palaces.

Noises moments mock the music is eternal.

Not slowing down steps, do not pluck flowers to keep them, go ahead - the flowers will bloom in all thy ways.

That ends in the destruction - death, but the true end - in the infinite.

Government that boasts of its atrocities, is laughable yellow falling leaves, past the floating clouds.

And stalk of grass is worthy of the great world in which it grows.

Great man - an eternal child. Dying, he left his great childhood world.

Bee suck honey from flowers and, flying, buzzing them my gratitude.
Variegated butterfly is sure that the flowers must thank her.

To be frank easily when it is not going to tell the full truth.

Asks the Impossible Possible by:
"Where are you dwelling?"
"In my dreams impotent !..»- provides the answer.

If you close your door for all its mistakes, then the truth will remain outside.

The roots under the earth does not require a reward for what they are doing the branches fruitful.

"I am ashamed of my emptiness" - the word of work.
"I am conscious of their poverty, when I look at you" - said Labor's Word.

Flaming fire warns me own flame.
Save me from the dying coals, which are hidden under zoloyu.

Dust of the dead words stuck to you.
Wash my soul in silence.

Great walking with the Small without fear.
The average holding in the side.

Authorities believed the ingratitude cramps their victims.

Enjoying their excess, we can leave with the fruits of joy.

Web pretends to catch dew - and she catches flies.

Love! When you appear with candles in the hands of the suffering - I see your face and recognize in you a blessing.

"Scientists say that the day will come when you go out", - said Firefly Stars. The stars made no answer.

World kissed my soul with suffering, demanding that I replied to this song.

Do you or have it or not his.
When you have to say: "Let's do something" - here's the trouble begins.

Sunflower blushed at the thought to call some unknown flower of his relative.
The sun rose - the flower and smiled, and asked, "Is it good to you, my dear?" .. "

For my bank, I loved the small things: great - belong to all.

Darkness leads to light, but blindness leads to death.

Um, all consisting of a logic similar to the knife of a blade, and he hurt his hand in blood, who take it.

Life is enriched by the whole world of lost people love.

Blow from the land can be achieved only dust, not the harvest.

Do not say "that's the morning and do not let him, calling yesterday's name. Look at it the first time as a newborn child, who still has no name.

Fearful thoughts, do not be afraid of me: I am - a poet.

Man worse than an animal when he becomes an animal.

The reality, meaning that misunderstood, and inappropriate pathos: this is what is unreal.

True, growing in power, yet never will grow in the truth.

I learned to understand the simple meaning of thy whispers in flowers and in the sunlight; teach me to know what you say in suffering and death.

Leave those who want to live in their own world of noisy fireworks.

Blessed is he whose fame does not shine brighter than its truth.

The world loved man when he smiled.
World scared him when he laughed.

Someday we will understand that death is powerless to deprive our soul to something acquired, because it had bought herself - the same thing.

Save me from my nedovershennogo past, it clings to me and making death difficult.
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