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Ovcharenko and Guta opened the Red October Gallery

Запись от Vladimir размещена 04.09.2012 в 18:53

eve of the exhibition, Bersenevsky Lane 2/1 ( where the TV studio "Rain" <- ~ 6 ~ ->, held a press conference to mark the opening of a new art space - Red October Gallery. gallery it will be true in the same sense as the Tretyakov Gallery & ndash : the format is declared as a non-profit gallery.
project progresses gallery owner Vladimir Ovcharenko (chapter gallery Regina) and a group of Huta, which is interested in the development of the territory and the appearance of the correct energy. Artyom Kuznetsov, which is metaphorically painted Guth of responsibilities as follows: He - CEO and Ovcharenko - Chief Designer.
I understand the idea Ovcharenko, his plan - to make the area of ​​contemporary art exhibitions, are understood by most viewers. in a friendly, popular format to teach people to contemporary art, and not to keep them on an irresistible intellectual distance. Without snobbery. To generate interest and help to understand. So we will focus on the exhibitions is not for curators, and for the people. planned in the future workshops, lectures and presentations - all as adopted in such formats.
first exhibition of the new space was "Homemade Russia" Vladimir Arkhipov - assembled his collection of objects of peasant life, ready-made. These things are not made by artists and not for the audience. Formally are not inherent reflection of the creator, but the power of their charm is endless. Sometimes villagers have happened at all attacks postmodernism. That there is one only a shovel made of road znakak "Repair." Or shovel with the handle of a crutch. canister or boiled in the form of "intellectuals" of the portfolio. Russian poor as it is. sincerely for themselves.
already known and future plans. in October at the Red October will bring the installation by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, previously shown to Kiev Biennale. in December will be a special project with the work of Oleg Kulik Dmitry Gutova, Anatolia Osmolovsky Valery Chtak and the Oleg Kulik. A year may bring an exhibition Erwin Wurm, but this is too far away to think.
< div> What do you get with a Ovcharenko Guta - we'll see. should get too serious drivers involved. Moreover, the non-profit status is less formally binding. Certainly not interfere sell, with the emergence of concomitant demand. question now - to ensure high interest and attendance. place quite untwisted, but in terms of accessibility is not perfect. From the underground as did 10 minutes of dense step, parking-wise, especially in the winter - the theme fierce.

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