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Personal exhibition in gallery "Izmailovo"

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May 18-June 3, 2012
The exhibition of young Moscow artist Kozhina seeds held in the Gallery "Izmailovo" in the Year of Russian history, one of the main events of which is the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. This memorial is dedicated to date is the second exhibition held in our showroom. It is addressed to everyone who loves Russian history and honors its heroes.

Simon Kojin in his work pays great attention to the historical picture. The exhibition displays the artist's series of graphic works on the Battle of Borodino, the heroes of World War II in 1812.

The exhibition presents works by the master, indicating the versatility of his talent. The range of creative interests of the artist is unusually broad: the historical picture, portrait, still life, landscape, portrait illustration. "I have led a desire to engage in just such creativity, that would speak the truth about the world. Any image is subjective. But I hope that my painting is close to nature and harmony. I'm doing what I'm wondering what I believe, "- says the artist. Much attention is paid Simon Kojin landscape painting. His landscapes and documentaries have the images that capture architectural motifs, and vivid, the air, harmonious forms of nature, and philosophical, full of deep meaning of the composition.

Numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad, publications in various journals indicate a genuine talent, extraordinary hard work and perseverance of young wizard.

State Exhibition Hall "Gallery" Izmailovo "
Address: Moscow, Izmailovo fare, 4
Directions: Art. M. "Guerrilla", trams number 11 number 34, to stop the "Gallery" Izmailovo "
Phone: +7 (499) 166-44-96
URL: www.gallery-izmailovo.ru

EMail: artizmaylovo@mail.ru, gallery-izmailovo@mail.ru

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