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"Read Art" - art that can be read.

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All of which does not kill us, makes you stronger.

2011 was the turning point in my life, a year of unpleasant discoveries and disappointments. I'm on a new look at the world and the people living in it. My emotions have found a way to created by me (forgive me, art historians and critics) a new direction in art, which I called Read Art.
In fact, thanks to the experience and was born Read Art. One day, after another dose of injustice, I picking up the Bible, I read: "Vengeance is mine, I will repay."
I wanted to type out the words forever, as a reminder of the evil that is going on in the world. At hand was a canvas and paint. I drew this idea, as seen and understood. After a while I realized that this is something new in my work.
Why I chose the English language? First, because I have been studying it, and it is a very interesting process. Second, just because the language is not native, I see it more as a pattern, a certain technique in painting, rather than a word.

"Self-Portrait" 2012

This is not an illustration of the text and design course. This is another attempt to draw ideas, another way to tell what matters to you in a moment.

"Come and See" 2011

Mozart said, "Everything that happened to me - my."

I understand my "invention" is the past. Roots Read Art (a) go back centuries, to the history of ancient Egypt and Arabic calligraphy. Besides, I think, not one I could come the idea of ​​working with text. To appease special nerve critics will say this .. I created a new style, if not, then certainly, the new name for the painting (this painting, not design and graphics) that is based on the word and thought. Read Art - a painting, which can be read. This is my conversation with the audience lurking with paint.

"The Sacrifice of Abraham" 2012

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