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We were all sent to the Foundry Bridge

Запись от Olga777 размещена 09.11.2011 в 14:06
Обновил(-а) Olga777 30.01.2013 в 08:08

I would like to once again return to the subject of Modern Art, and remember, THAT has been called "the best work of visual Art "in 2011.
What is this? His tricks snickering officials or Armageddon Russian art? Is it possible to imagine 20 years ago what will turn the freedom granted to us?
Freedom is not synonymous with permissiveness. Freedom - is primarily the responsibility before God and his talent. In Russia, no change in the consciousness of the majority towards the development of the individual. We rushed (or rather, we have omitted) into the abyss of all the low and despicable. In the Russian culture came "fast food". "Art" for an hour - fast, cheap, modern. Why spend your life on attainment of higher mysteries of creation, when you can live here and now.
And is not that terrible, that mediocrity found her voice, scared that mediocrity gained power. Talent has become persona non grata. Money talks. While the majority of dying peacefully in a drunken stupor of hopelessness, and a minority dovorovyvaet Russia that remains to do a talented man? The selection is not great. Who has the opportunity to move to more suitable conditions for themselves, let go. "Mozart did not have the right to remain among the coven." (Rachmaninov). Who does not have such opportunities, better career change.
If you do not see myself out of work, if this way - the only meaning of your life .. then fight on how many have the strength and God will help you!
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