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For Sale:

Yuzko Vasily
1. Sunflowers, 67 x 82 cm, 1999, ogalit /oil
2. Still life with pumpkin, 42 x 54 cm, 1966, canvas /oil
3. Gardener, 37 x 47 cm, oil on canvas /oil
4. Horses, 38 x 46 cm, oil on canvas /oil

The work of artists, called "School Sidlin" remains one of the most remarkable and, perhaps, the mysterious phenomena in Leningrad painting. And this is rare in the art of this period, the simplicity of plot (mostly still lifes). On the background of the "spectacular directions" Leningrad underground work sidlintsev look anachronistic. Scarce, soft colors, a poor set of depicted objects, full ostutsvie attempts to surprise. And all of this is involuntary magnetic attraction felt by even inexperienced viewer of these paintings. That's the essence sidlinskogo "education" that the painting speaks its own language as untranslatable language literary and associative.

Vasily Yuzko

He was born in 1938. Free and artistic painter, decisive composition concise and accurate picture, leaving unpainted pieces of ground, appeared in the 90's, many years after the death of a teacher, after years of self-study. Yuzko - of his favorite students. Sidlin appreciated his talent, a natural sense of color. If sent, it is not on "the way Sidlin", and the "way Yuzko."

School Sidlin

Creative team unites followers Sidlin Osip Abramovich (1902-1972). OA Sidlin - student A. Savinov, AA Osmerkin, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and Pavel Filonov, Head of art studios in the Palace of Culture. VP Kapranova (1935-1939), Palace of Culture. Lenin and the Palace of Culture. First Five Year Plan (1949-1972). Sidlin school was influenced by the evolution of the art teachers and consisted of several periods, the orientation of the creative approaches of the old masters, especially Rembrandt - to new searches in the color-composite construction picture. The school has not received official recognition, and its founder is constantly criticized for "formalism" The sides of the DC management, test and commission LOSHa Arts. Most of the work after the death of O. Sidlin was destroyed according to his will. In 1970 representatives of the School (Anatoly Basin, Eugene Goryunov, Igor Ivanov, and others) are actively involved in the organization of exhibitions of nonconformist art. In 1987-1995 on the initiative of artist and teacher George worked Nashivochnikova gallery "School Sidlin" in association "Soyuzstroyservis." In 1992, on his own initiative, was established art group "Temple wall", whose members are developing creative and pedagogical ideas O. Sidlin. Pupils O. Sidlin: A. Basin, D. Basin, A. Golovastov, E. Goryunov, V. Egorov, Lark, Ivan Ivanov, Ivanov (Sizov), A. Michael, J. Nashivochnikov, S. Sivertsov, N. Toreeva, M. Trushin, N. Fedotova, V. Yuzko. Exhibitions: 1968-1969 - three shows at Club Association. NG Kozitskogo 1994 - "O. Sidlin, his disciples and followers "(Museum of Urban Sculpture) 1995 -" 60 years of the School OA Sidlin "(as part of the exhibition" Petersburg-1995 ", Central Exhibition Hall" Manege "). Lit.: Gazanevschina: Gazanevskaya culture currently.
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How much are the Sunflowers?

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