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По умолчанию Scotty Mikhail Ivanovich (1814 - 1861) Paintings and Graphics

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Historical and portrait painter, son of an Italian, was born in St. Petersburg in 1812, he enrolled at the death of his father in the house the disciples to Professor AE Egorov and living with him, attended classes at the Academy of Fine Arts as volnoprihodyaschim pupil. For his achievements in painting was in 1831 and 1832. small and large silver medals, and in 1835 for his film "" The patriotism of citizens of Nizhny Novgorod in 1612, "" awarded a small gold medal and is out of the Academy with the title of the artist Class XIV. In 1839, together with the family c. Kutaisov, went to Italy, where he stayed until 1844, dealing especially with scenes of local life, popular types and forms of nature. On his return to St. Petersburg went for a short time to Constantinople for a device of its own image of the iconostasis in the Church of Gdańsk Russian embassy. In 1845, he was elevated to the rank of the academician as an artist, has earned fame preceded his work. From 1849 to 1856. served as a teacher of painting and inspector classes at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In 1855, for the image, painted for the church of the Life-Guard Jaeger Regiment, received the title of professor. After separating from the Moscow school, he again went to Italy in order to settle there permanently. He died in Paris in 1861, Scotty was a good draftsman, as skillfully worked in oils and watercolors and pencil. From his works, besides the above images in Constantinople and the Guards Jaeger churches are noteworthy way to the Marble Palace and the Church of the Horse Guards in St. Petersburg and Gatchina the cathedral, the pictures "" L'Italiana in hand with Rosanne "" and "" Three Neapolitan "" (at the Museum of Emperor Alexander III) and numerous watercolors, most of which are in the release of methane gas Imperial Family, in particular "," Religious procession in Rome, during the Carnival, "" and "" arms market in Constantinople. '"

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