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Art Kaleidoscope Interesting and relevant information about art. Discuss general art issues and any topics not covered in other forums. It’s only about art — love, politics, sports, hobbies etc. are discussed in “Chatter”.

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По умолчанию "Young children and great art" and "Company" Arcadia "

My name is Elizabeth Lavinskaya. I - painter, sculptor, member of the Moscow Union of Artists, Art Director Workshop "Young children and great art."

I, like nine other artists, members of the Union of Artists, rent studios at "Big Athanasian Lane, 27, pp. 2,3,4."

The day before yesterday, February 6, 2013, at 11:00 am I went to his studio, to conduct training with their young students. While the children undressed and took their seats at the easel, gently knock on the door, then entered two unknown men very masculine appearance, the mere sight of which I, a sculptor and a girl nerobkogo dozen, was somehow uncomfortable. They told me very gently at first, "But we're your new neighbors" and showed a sublease agreement for all our building, that is, the Great Athanasian 27 pages 2,3,4. "Who are you?" - I asked, they told me: "Company" Arcadia "." Internet has given a very contradictory references on this subject, such as "Company" Arcadia "- scammers. Black list. '"

I went to the home of Agriculture (Moscow Union of Artists), where I was told that "It can not be, because it can never be," since All rights for the building owned by the Ministry of Agriculture, and in 1979 settled the communal USDA, which were in the building, he bought an apartment for people especially for devices in this building workshops.
The fact that the building of our workshops - not easy. It has historically always been artists' studios. It was built in the late 19th century, especially for the sculptor Nikolai Andreyev, author of the monument to Gogol (sitting) in the courtyard of the Museum of Gogol in Moscow. The building is a historical monument. In it, besides Andreeva, sculptors worked Drevin, Lavinsky. In it there were many great men, for example, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Mayakovsky. Now it employs painter Natalia Thick, fashion designer Andrei Sharov, sculptors Anistratovy. Here is our Workshop "Young children and great art," which for some years very fond of children and normal children - mental disabilities, which I do.

In Soviet times, the building remained the workshops, and in another part of the people lived in communal apartments, which bought Union of Artists and gave these people separate apartments.

Yesterday (February 7), events continued to unfold as follows: beautiful men of the "Company" Arcadia "," said Head of the Department is working with the creative studios (workshops) USDA Yuri Kurshakova that they - "Management Company". When asked what they run, they said, "your property at Big Athanasian 27 pages 2,3,4." When asked to provide documents said they would provide.

Now a bit of poetry. Deprive the artist studio - is, literally, to take his life. For the artist's workshop - it is not a job, this is the space where he conducts his life. Life without the studio for the artist - is, at best, a precarious existence, and at worst - just the physical death of him and his family from starvation. I do not know what I would do if I was deprived of my workshop. I think I would die.


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