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По умолчанию Painting, oil on canvas, 1915, Ballistica.

Good day to all!
To sell the painting in original wooden frame, pattern, oil on canvas, 1915, Russia. Battle scene during the First world war. In the picture the year 1915 and the author's signature illegible. The state average, requires a competent restoration. Size 36х49 cm inner frame size.
Painting during the second world war was cut from the frame, about 10 years stored in the cache, then extracted and stored at home. In 1970-80гг was held "реставрация", the canvas was pasted on MDF sheet and inserted into the frame. The examination is not conducted, but after some time planning to do it, if not wanting to buy it in the condition in which it is now.
Sorry for the photo quality, will try later to upload a photo of the best quality.
Questions to ask in the forums or in a PM. If you are ready to buy @- write your price in a PM.
Thank you!
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1915, ballistica, oil on canvas, painting, sell

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