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Аватар для Синица
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По умолчанию

Сообщение от SergeiSK Посмотреть сообщение
in her gallery is not one hundred works by famous artists
Sergey, please tell me the name of gallery?

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Этот пользователь сказал Спасибо Синица за это полезное сообщение:
Старый 07.09.2009, 14:46 Язык оригинала: Русский       #52
Регистрация: 12.10.2008
Сообщений: 2,424
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Mostly popravochka, I am not the author
crooks managed to sell the whole collection of fake pictures
Grandiose fraud with paintings by famous Russian painter Vladimir Yukina provernula couple of crooks in Zelenograd

  I just copied it from MK and gave can credit the source of information, the truth of the article is not clear who the author.

Tana вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 07.09.2009, 15:22 Язык оригинала: Русский       #53
Сообщений: n/a
По умолчанию

Author to label pre-trial - a clear zakaz.Da and what surprised MK.RU - yellow gazetenka.Osobenno like "Not quite sure of the authenticity of works of the deceased woman's husband did manage to persuade, and she put on a few canvases his autograph. Then the criminal duo sold "unknown collection Yukina, in part, rescued a total result of this swindle more than 9 million rubles."
Its that hot iron "persuaded"? And behind the doors suchili feet from neterpeiya crowd of buyers? . They still had to be found. And he had, that they "saw the light" at once! Rubbish and Mentovskie pattern of "attacks".
After the widow has put on several canvases his autograph "all claims only to her.

  Ответить с цитированием
Старый 07.09.2009, 15:49 Язык оригинала: Русский       #54
Аватар для Кирилл Сызранский
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Сообщение от VYACHESLAV Посмотреть сообщение
Author to label to court - a clear order.
A Celite article is not in B. Igolkina, but the lady from the publishers:
She presented an employee of a solid capital publishers, specializing in the production of catalogs and fine art (by the way, so it was). Under the pretext that the publishing house is going to release a magnificent catalog of Yukina, the lady won the trust of widows.
Subject imitations of fashion, the evidence difficult to collect. I do not think that buyers of these paintings Yukina gathered, somehow realized that they had bought counterfeit and suffered a statement to the police. Although now it is written:
A few days ago, operatives of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes ATC Zelenograd district tied gang leader. His accomplice managed to escape, and now she is being sought.
While all too vaguely what a "tie"? Operatives can delay, but
grounds of detention of suspects and accused, against whom a preventive measure detention, is a judicial decision rendered in the manner prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of Russia.
And absolutely unacceptable, human VYACHESLAV, to write this:
crooks managed to sell the whole collection of fake pictures
Suspects and accused of a crime are presumed innocent until their guilt is proven in line with federal law and established by a law court.
Found some reason, probably, possibly for this Igolkina something was.
Man, he is known. Many know him. Even on this forum he has a friend.
Сообщение от SergeiSK Посмотреть сообщение
Boris I know personally. He incidentally is registered on the forum. There is nothing bad I can not say. The man gathered all his life "Vladimir" school, personally acquainted with many well-known of its representatives. I quite a while with no contact.
Yes, and I mentioned at the forum about it I remember:
Сообщение от SergeiSK Посмотреть сообщение
I want to say thanks to Boris Igolkina from Vladimir, who has long and successfully engaged in the Vladimir artists. This picture Osipova I bought it. Yes, and you too can buy:

Кирилл Сызранский вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 07.09.2009, 16:52 Язык оригинала: Русский       #55
Аватар для SergeiSK
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По умолчанию

Boris Igolkin normal guy! On the "gang leader" really does not fit. Something is wrong here ... May God grant him less sit.
And the promised advertising kvass with Yukina. Colorful man was on a character from Russian fairy tales like. Here is his portrait and took on advertising. Only clothes changed.
Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: Реклама с Юкиным 1.jpg
Просмотров: 340
Размер:	125.1 Кб
ID:	388796  

SergeiSK вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Эти 5 пользователя(ей) сказали Спасибо SergeiSK за это полезное сообщение:
fross (07.09.2009), Georgi Mikhailov (23.06.2010), Serega (29.07.2010), Vladimir (08.09.2009), Аркадий (01.07.2014)
Старый 04.01.2010, 11:43 Язык оригинала: Русский       #56
Регистрация: 15.09.2009
Адрес: Киев
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По умолчанию Specialist counterfeiting Madame John's

Works of John Madame, successfully created about 300 paintings by the work of famous artists in the 19-20 cc
   It's a shame that at first he just sold the work "under" someone (in the sense, not falsified) by price is 3-4 times cheaper than today's pictures of the interior of the CIS.

Article from Ogonyok: "In London, The Air Gallery hosted an exhibition, perhaps the most famous counterfeiter of paintings by John Madame. Many of his forgery experts to take over the originals. His work of English artist has sold a London art dealer John Ap, which, in its turn, forged certificates of authenticity. International art market was flooded with fake paintings of Monet, Matisse, Chagall, Picasso and other famous contemporary artists. Director of the New York Museum of Modern Art Glenn Lowry described the activities of Madame "one of the most massive cases of fraud in the history of painting" . In the end, in 1999, John Madame landed in jail, but freed a year later, continued to create clever fakes, though, with no deception. newly renowned Madame receives now a huge number of orders. With a brilliant falsifier talking correspondent Ogonyok.

Mr. Madame, how did you become engaged in forgery of paintings by famous artists?

My wife had two children. However, it left me with the children when one of them was three years old, and another - and a half. I had the most take care of them and educate. I tried to find some source of income, but stay at home. I gave the ad in a magazine, which wrote that the offer "genuine fake" painting XIX - XX centuries, approximately 200 pounds. I thought it was pretty easy money, because usually most people are not averse to purchase copies of the work Monet, Picasso and other artists. One day I phoned the customer, who introduced himself as a professor of Dru. He began to order me a lot of pictures. And their number is constantly growing. After I wrote to him 14 or 15 pictures (and I must say that it is little understood in the art), he asked me what I myself would like to write. I replied that I would like to write a few paintings in the style of little-known Cubists. After writing them, I thought that in this our cooperation will end. However, after two or three weeks, he looked up to me and said that showed these Cubists experts at Christie's or Sotheby's, and he was told that they could sell them for 25 thousand pounds. Dru asked whether I get 12,5 thousand pounds - half of their value if they are sold. I agreed. At that time I found it a good idea - way out of poverty. That's all we have started, so I became a criminal. I wrote picture after picture, and he sold them.
Читать дальше... 

How does Professor Dru worried about fake certificates of authenticity of your fakes?

The problem he faced, having sold the first three or four scenes, was that customers wanted to know the history of these paintings, their past. And he began to create the story, working in archives and fabricating fake certificates of authenticity. For this purpose he found in London were already closing the gallery and insert into alleged their web sites on your computer reproductions of my paintings. So he showed the non-existent previous sales of paintings that I have for him wrote.

How much fraud you managed to sell all this time?

I would say that approximately 250 - 300.

Why did you chose to fabricate only modern painting?

From the outset it was obvious that the more modern painting, the easier it is to invent her story. You do not have to climb into the depths of centuries. Now write pictures in the style of masters XVII - XIX centuries, but while I did not do. Just because John Dru was very difficult to create history paintings over two centuries ago.

And the experienced experts, and prominent critics could not tell your forgery of original works by the artist, which you mock? How do you explain this?

I find it hard to understand, if only because I never used at work authentic materials and never even wrote to oil, and used the quick-emulsion paints - so enjoyed painting kitchens and bedrooms. I can not believe that, when John Ap showed my paintings at auction houses, experts took them for originals. For me it is too unreal situation.

Well, today's experts simply incompetent?

In some cases, they still noticed a forgery. But most of my paintings were for the originals. Some of them did not like the experts, and John Ap encouraged them to others. At that time - in the late 80's - the first half of the 90-ies - in the midst of a booming art market. Prices incredibly rebounded. Many art dealers sought to obtain and sell running gear painting. Frankly, I find it hard to explain all this. I must say that some experts were quite professional. I'm not offering them a copy. At that time, as it is now, I studied the technique of a particular artist, and wrote in his style completely new picture - whether Giacometti, Ben Nicholson, or someone else. Of course, we tried to somehow wear out now, to make it not a new species, making cracelures patina, or using an old canvas. So on the first or second glance, the picture could cheat you.

You are forged and signed by the artist?


Does this mean that modern art in general is difficult to attribute?

Perhaps, yes, rather difficult. Many contemporary artists associated with art galleries, which publish catalogs of their works, created over a lifetime. In these directories recorded all of their work until the last thumbnail. However, there are always pictures that seem to be "fell through the crack in the floor."

Based on your experience, what do you think about collections of contemporary art in major museums: what it the percentage of fakes?

Of course, this is only an assumption ... I would say that they had from 10 to 20 per cent of painting XX century does not correspond to what it claims to be. I think that every tenth painting painting XX century - a fake.

Known that in prison you called Picasso ... Why? Has the you to paint and in prison?

In prison, he was the only artist to which they have heard. Picasso - one of the most famous artists, and so it's nickname bothering me. In prison, I did not write, but a lot of drawing. Writing was forbidden, but I had pencils. Much time was spent in portraits and pictures, use the brush is not allowed. I was not even pencil sharpeners. I had to go to sharpen the prison office. In England, a fairly strict laws about what can be kept in prison. It is possible that, if I served a long term, I would be allowed to write.

Have you forge Russian painting?

Had to, but I can not remember the names of artists. I remember that John Dru very interested in Russian artists. I remember that one of them was a Russian abstract painter.

You write you now for yourself, just for fun?

Yes, I write a lot of portraits. Love portraits. Copies not write. Many have come and asked to write copy, but I refuse. This is very boring, no pleasure to exercise. Much more interesting to create another painting of Van Gogh, which he could write, but not written. A copy can make any artist, but I try not to do.

How did your second creative period - after prison?

When I got out of prison, he decided that never again will be to paint. But a few days later phoned police, who at one time arrested me and sent to prison. Incidentally, he sent me to prison pencils. He asked not agree I bring order to his portrait with his family, and offered me good money. He insisted that I have a very good artist and that I should not abandon painting only because earlier made a mistake. I wrote a portrait with his wife and three children, and then he introduced me to a lawyer who was interested in my case and was on trial. He also ordered now. Then two more lawyers participating in my trial, ordered the painting. And so it went. I was visited by journalists from television and interviewed. After two or three months it became clear that my work is in demand. But due to this police officer I resumed classes in painting. Without him I would not have started again to write.

Recently, in a London gallery was an exhibition of your fakes ...

I like to organize exhibitions every two to three years. There comes the audience who buy or not buy my work. I think if you know that before you fake, then there is an amazing feeling. Many of them often get lost in the form of works of art, they need an expert who would direct them. However, when in front of you fake, you do not need an expert and to rely on their own judgments. That's why I like what I do. Everyone knows that I make forgery.

I must say that some of my customers do not hide the fact that they have on the wall hangs a fake, but many do not want others to know that their Monet or Picasso is actually written by me. They even ask me to anyone not to talk about. And this is also part of the pleasure that I get.

Have you now to give his forgery of original works of other artists?

More I do not. On the reverse side of the canvas paintings are my signature, but in itself canvas built a special chip, which certifies that before you fake. If you want to remove, you will have to cut the canvas. At the same time it serves as the markings of my works. In addition, all my works are registered. So, not only in the course of my life, but also the lives of my children no longer be able to sell my paintings as originals of other artists. "
Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: Poddelka1.jpg
Просмотров: 327
Размер:	96.6 Кб
ID:	565322  

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DSF (04.02.2010), fross (04.02.2010), Georgi Mikhailov (23.06.2010), John Preston (29.04.2010), Serega (29.07.2010), Seriy (04.01.2010), Tana (04.01.2010), uriart (23.06.2010), кистень (21.01.2015), Питер-С (08.02.2015), Элис (12.12.2012)
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Сообщение от fross Посмотреть сообщение
History actually took place to be. 15 years ago, employees of the firm which designed compounding kvass "monastic" order a third-party designer label, and when the drink gained popularity it became clear that the right to use photos of the artist designer did not. I do not know whether relatives could receive some compensation, but the label has since changed.
Why do families, he Yukina got a very decent sum in those days.

FARC1967 вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 23.06.2010, 01:02 Язык оригинала: Русский       #58
Аватар для Georgi Mikhailov
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"...И это моя свобода,/ Нужны ли слова ясней?!/ И это моя забота,/ Как мне поладить с ней! (Александр Галич, 1970г.)

Georgi Mikhailov вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 29.11.2012, 23:03 Язык оригинала: Русский       #59
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Pavel, hello Paul want to ask you to e-mail as an expert please advise your email address my respectful tengoretro@rambler.ru Tengiz

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authorship, Akun, copy, original, forgery, falsification

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