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По умолчанию Theodosius Vakhrushev - singer of the Russian North

Theodosius Mikhailovich Vakhrushev is among the artists of the Russian North is one of the prominent places. His little sketches, landscapes can be found in many cities of the country, some of them migrated abroad. Particularly rich in them Totma: the life and work of the artist is inextricably linked with this city. Here Vakhrushev born (February 26, 1870), spent his childhood and a significant part of life.
Main role in his academic education played Professor M. Vasiliev, fatherly pupil who helped develop the skills of craftsmanship. Even later in the workshop Repin largely formed his picturesque style. Accordingly, their success in the classroom Vakhrushev received in 1890 -1891, Mr.. G. two small and two large silver medals for drawings and sketches from nature.
Wherever Vakhrushev - I traveled the dusty roads of the south, I worked in the cities of Russia - each time with the onset of cold weather, he tried to return to the home side. Type Totma - this picturesque, almost entirely wooden, typical of the northern Russian city could not disturb the artist. Here he spent his childhood. In 1906 Vahrushovy built a house, two-story, conveniently-designed by the artist himself, on the site of the former single-storey. The house is well preserved until now.
In 1931, the fall, the artist caught a bad cold. Once transferred pneumonia complications have emerged. A few days later the artist was no more. Vahrushova buried on the banks of the river Sukhona, behind the fence Vladimir cemetery - a place that often and with love he wrote himself.
According to his will, a few portraits and landscapes have been transferred to relatives and friends. The bulk of the paintings, all albums, sketches, watercolors, academic work and a large number of oil sketches were transferred Totemskiy museum.
By the book: S. Ivensky. Theodosius Mikhailovich Vakhrushev. 1870 -1931. Vologodske publishing house. 1960.
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