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По умолчанию In Switzerland, the authorities killed the dog because of the fact that the owner had not paid tax

In Switzerland, the authorities killed the dog because of the fact that the owner failed to pay taxes

BYRNE, February 7. The Incredible action of the Swiss town has caused a very negative reaction from, among other things, the world community. As the InoPressa referring to the newspaper La Stampa, the authorities of the town Rekonvile killed three pudelka because her mistress Marilena Iannotti forgot to pay a tax of 50 Swiss francs (38 euros) for possession of four-legged.

"Agents, said Marilena brother, took the animal and do not even want to hear that the lady is ready to immediately pay the required amount" - the newspaper writes.

It is noted that at the end of 2010 it was extended message that dog owners must pay an annual tax of 50 francs, otherwise the animals may be killed. Such actions by government legalized the 4 th article of the Cantonal Law on tax on dogs from 1904.

However, the decision the current administration has caused heated controversy and even threats to kill the mayor.

"I wrote from England, the United States. Enraged animal painter, extremists who are ready for everything for the sake of "fairness", - said the mayor of the town Flavio cake.

"But the animal was killed. The only fault of the dog was that she lived in a town mayor who referred to a law passed more than 100 years ago "- the author writes.

Recall, as reported by Rosbalt, Canadian tour operator has destroyed about a hundred sled dogs breed Husky because of the sharp fall in demand for tours, including travel by dog sled.

It became known from the documents on payment of compensation, which demanded that the company employee who shot and killed animals.

During the investigation it was found that the booking of tours immediately dropped after the winter Olimpiysh Games in Vancouver, Canada.

Then the tour operator's manual, not found new owners for the dogs, ordered their murder. The dogs were shot by the company, whose name was not called. Once a company employee has killed about 100 animals in two days, and, by his own testimony, some of them attacked him, inflicting physical harm, he applied for compensation for moral damages, claiming that "this experience was the worst in his life.


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