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По умолчанию Christies, Russian sales in London

London, King Street

Russian Art

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In the upcoming Russian auction Christie's, which will be held on November 29, 2010. The attention of collectors will be more than 500 lots, including paintings, works of decorative art and unique furniture items. About this in a Russian office of Christie's.
So, for the forthcoming auction will be on display section of the four paintings, written by Peter Konchalovsky (1876-1956gg.). Top lot of the canvas is 1908. under the name "Versailles. Alley," which has never appeared on the market. His estimate (preliminary expert evaluation before the auction) - about 1,3-1,9 million dollars in the upcoming auction catalog also included two recent works by the artist - "Still Life. Oranges and radishes. Kislovodsk" 1934. (Estimate - about 565,4-726,9 thousands of dollars) and "Still Life. Tobacco Leaves" 1931. (Estimate - about 161,5-323,1 thousands of dollars). The fourth of the works put up for auction - one of the first experiments, impressionistic artist formerly canvas 1904. entitled "Sadiq near Rome. Peaches in Bloom (estimate - about 323,1-484,6 thousands of dollars).
As noted in the message, a real event for the art market would be an auction of work by Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900gg.) "Great Pyramid of Giza, which was created in 1878. (Estimate - about 484,6-807,7 thousands of dollars).
At the auction also will feature two paintings by Konstantin Korovin (1861-1939gg.): "A girl in white sitting in the garden" (estimate - about 1,3-1,9 million) and "In the studio the artist (estimate: - About 484,6-807,7 thousands of dollars).
In addition, collectors will be offered the job of Alexander Yakovlev (1887-1938gg.) "Aua, a woman of the tribe gang" (estimate - about 1,2-1,5 million dollars).
At Christie's auction will feature painting of Isaac Levitan (1860-1900gg.) "At the water's edge" (estimate - about 484,6-807,7 thousands of dollars).
For the upcoming auction will feature the painting "Sailing boat on the background of Cubist Landscape" (estimate - about 403,8-656,4 thousands of dollars), written by Boris Grigoriev (1886-1939gg.) In the early 1920's.

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November 9, 2010 RBKdaily

«Best Buy»

Advises the managing director of Christie's representative in Russia Matthew Stevenson

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Название: Мэтью Стивенсон.jpg
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ID:	1016252  

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По умолчанию

"Russian auction" brought to Christie's 15 million pounds and two records

LONDON, November 30 - RIA Novosti, Elena Pakhomov. Two sessions morning and afternoon auction of Russian painting and applied art auction at Christie's in London on Monday raised a total of 14.9 million pounds, bringing the total the result of "Russian Sales auction house for the year 2010 to 30 million pounds, reports the press service of Christie's.

The most expensive lot sales began a couple of porcelain vases Imperial Porcelain Factory in the middle of the XIX century, the price of which has reached 993.2 thousand pounds Estimé at 600-900 thousand.

At the auction was set two world records - at unprecedented prices have gone two imperial snuffbox.

Presentation snuffbox of Faberge craftsmen with precious stones, enamel and a miniature portrait of Nicholas II, in 1913, presenting Turkish diplomat Turhan Pasha, with preliminary estimates of 400-600 thousand was sold for 937.2 thousand pounds. Thus the auction set a world record price snuff Faberge.

Another presentation snuffbox with the stigma of the master Friedrich Kehl at a maximum estimate of 350,000 pounds was sold for 505.2 thousand pounds.

In the painting the most expensive lots were works by Konstantin Korovin and Pyotr Konchalovsky. "The girl in white sitting in the garden" Korovin was sold for 892.4 thousand pounds (estimate: 800,000 - 1.2 million pounds), Versailles. Alley "Konchalovsky - 881.2 per thousand pounds (estimate: 800 000 - 1 2 million pounds).

"Section painting was sold at 73%, demonstrating how popular now rare works of high quality, put up for sale the most significant private collections. Most of the paintings included in the top 10 lots of trades, not previously appeared on the market and enjoyed (at auction on Monday ) active demand from international collectors, "- are given in the message the words of Sarah Mansfield, director of the department of Russian art at Christie's in London, and Mark Merka, Director of Russian decorative arts in London and New York.

About 76%of buyers came from Europe, of which 46%- Russian collectors. During the auction have been implemented 67%of the lots, proceeds amounted to 83%of the preliminary estimates.

Thus a grand total of two annual sessions of the "Russian auction" - the summer and autumn - the auction reached £ 30 million - growth of 33%compared with 2009.


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